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If you are obese, use sunscreen, or don't drink milk you may be vitamin D deficient – March 2012

Development of a Noninvasive Vitamin D Screening Tool

Judith M. Lukaszuk1, Aimee D. Prawitz1, Kirsten N. Johnson1, Josephine Umoren1, Terrence J. Bugno2
Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal; Volume 40, Issue 3, pages 229–240, March 2012

The purpose was to develop a vitamin D screening tool for use in community health/wellness settings. Fifty-four healthy Caucasian women of normal weight (body mass index = 18–24.9) and obese weight (body mass index ?30) had anthropometrics measured, and completed three-day food records, vitamin D screening tools, and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D tests. Findings provided evidence of usefulness of three specific screening tool items (sunscreen use, obesity, dairy consumption) and indicated need for more precision about sunscreen use.

Odds for vitamin D inadequacy were

  • 5 times lower with sunscreen use,
  • 6 times higher with low dairy consumption, and
  • 10 times higher with self-reported obesity, X2 (5, n = 54) = 43.24, P <.01.

The study provided initial verification of self-report items useful in assessing vitamin D inadequacy. Following refinement and testing with larger, less homogeneous samples, the instrument can serve as a useful, cost-effective vitamin D screening tool in community health/wellness settings.

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Possible reasons for reported use of sunscreen associated with increased vitamin D (unexpected)

  1. did not apply enough sunscreen
  2. did not re-apply sunscreen often enough
  3. participants were outdoors various times when not using any sunscreen
    Confusion about how often is "regularly apply"

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