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How mass vaccination may lead to increased COVID-Delta

1) After mass vaccination, most countries eliminate mask and social distancing
2) Vaccination has not been documented to decrease asymptomatic infection for COVID-Delta
3) Vaccines are less effective against stopping COVID-Delta infections
4) Patients with COVID-Delta may have 1,000 times more viral particles than those with COVID-19   July 7 preprint

Summary: Populations not required to wear masks after vaccination become COVID-Delta vectors to both unvaccinated and vaccinated, This was not nearly as much of a problem before the Delta variant that has perhaps 1000X higher viral load

Vaccinated people can get Delta variant, remain asymptomatic and become carriers, but shots prevent severe disease July 13

  • "On 4 July, Dr Anthony Fauci had told NBC that "it's feasible that a fully vaccinated person can be an asymptomatic carrier of COVID, and potentially transmit the virus, including the more contagious delta variant"."
  • "...WHO chief scientist, said, “There are reports coming in that vaccinated populations have cases of infection, particularly with the Delta variant. The majority of these are mild or asymptomatic infections.”
  • The WHO chief scientist said that the organisation is urging people to continue wearing masks and practice social distancing because it "certainly reduces your chances of severe hospitalisation and death significantly”.

COVID-19 cases increased in 26 countries soon after vaccinations - April, May 2021

Israel fully vaccinated. stopped using masks, then COVID-Delta started up
Note: 40-50 % of COVID-Delta infections in Israel are in people who have already been vaccinated for COVID-19.

Top health expert says vaccinated people are spreading delta variant TheHill July 7, 2021
Christopher Murray, the director of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

Chinese study highlights the magnitude of viral load in the early phase of Delta variant infection – Biomedical Realities July 17

  • "Yan Li, Jun Yuan, Jianfeng He, Jing Lu and their colleagues then assessed the level of viral loads during the first positive PCR test. They reveal that viral loads were 1,260 times higher than those recorded during infections with historical strains 19A and 19B on the day SARS-CoV-2 was first detected"
  • "These results resulted in the fact that more than 80% of oropharyngeal samples taken from patients with a Delta variant infection contained more than 6 x 105 viral RNA copies / mL. Only 19% of samples from people infected with historical strains 19A or 19B contained such a high viral load."
    • This seems to indicate that the viral load happened about 4X as often

90 VitaminDWiki pages with VACCIN in title as of Oct 2021

Transmission Dynamics of an Outbreak of the COVID-19 Delta Variant B.1.617.2 – Guangdong Province, China, May – June 2021
Pfizer vaccine half as effective as Moderna after 6 months (fading or Delta) - Mayo preprint Aug 2021
China CDC PDF   no mention of "viral loading" or 1000X

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