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COVID-19 cases increased in 26 countries soon after vaccinations - April, May 2021

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I do not know if this is due to:

1) Vaccinations causing the increase in infections
2) Cherry-picking of the data
3) Infections increased due to mutations/varienty
4) Infections increased due to reduction of masking/social distancing
5) Some other cause

Graphs for countries:

Mongolia, India, Hungary, North Macedonia, Cambodia, Ireland, Seychelles, UK, UAE, Israel, Portugal, Chile, Uruguay, Czech Republic, Bahrain, Slovakia, Bangladesh, Monaco, Bosnia, Philippines, Brazil, Venezuela, Japan, Argentina, Canada, Nepa, Sweden

Example: Mongolia


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  • Of the Seychelles, Israel, the UAE, Chile and Bahrain—respectively the world’s five most vaccinated countries—only Israel is not fighting to contain a dangerous surge in Covid-19 infections.
  • Controlling for population, the Seychelles and Bahrain, alongside other highly vaccinated countries like the Maldives and Uruguay, recorded the highest number of daily coronavirus cases worldwide.
  • The Seychelles, a small island nation with almost double the U.S.’ vaccination rate, recorded 328 cases per 100,000 people, a far higher incidence than India (28) when population is accounted fo

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