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Dr. McCullough on COVID-19: vaccine problems, home treatment – video, slides, transcript – Oct and Dec 2021

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165 minute interview with Joe Rogan interview Dec 13, 2021

includes detailed history since OCT, 2020
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Note: S1 and S2 seem to get confused with who is talking during the transcript

0:00:00.0 S1: Okay, well, served really appreciate it, but I've seen a lot of your testimonies before they were actually taken down, I've seen some of the videos that were yours that were taken down off YouTube, and then I found that very odd that a doctor talking about a medical disease would have videos taken down, an actual expert would be either testifying or discussing treatments and talking about a disease, and have those videos taken down off of YouTube. First of all, if you would please just state your credentials and tell everybody what you do. I'm Draper McClain, internist and cardiologist. I'm also trained in epidemiology, I'm an academic practice in Dallas, Texas. So I see patients about half the time I saw patients yesterday, drove down today to see you here in the studio, and the rest of my time I spend as an author and editor to turpan major journal in cardiovascular medicine, the former editor of an international journal, and the president of a major medical society right now, currently about five years into that position, and I frequently published in my field, I study the interface in heart and kidney disease, I'm the most published person in my field in history.

0:01:18.5 S1: I have over 650 publications in the national library medicine. I imagine that's probably ahead of anybody you've had on the show, you mentioned Paul Merrick, I'm just ahead of Palmer. Peter mentioned him in critical care, I'm just at a... Paul, a lot younger than he is. And in covid, when covid hit, I really dropped everything to put all of my academic efforts on this, 'cause I saw it as an all-hands-on deck situation. Now, when did things start to seem strange to you in terms of the way the information was allowed to be distributed, in terms of the way people were treating patients, and not just that, but the information on how to treat patients was distributed. I didn't see this coming, to tell you the truth, I was pretty happy in life, medicine was moving along for me, and I had a very highly ranked position at a major academic medical center, and traveled frequently and did all the things we normally do in Academic Medicine, meeting, interchanging, challenging, being skeptical with one another, that is the life blood of academic medicine, and things were going great and watched this hit, we immediately took efforts, we thought it was gonna hit Dallas.

0:02:31.8 S1: We started looking at things, how to configure our workforces, I went and got a grant, got a large grant to study a prevention approach to protect our workers at our health care facility, and I work with the FDA over a weekend to get an investigation in a drug application awarded in my name in order to test a prophylactic approach, and things were going great in March, and I can tell you it wasn't, but a few weeks in April, on these taskforce calls, I was on routine health system calls once a week, and I was on one with the nationalists to self. And I asked a question, I say, When are we gonna start to treat the problem I or people are getting sick out there, they're starting to be hospitalized, some are dying, when are we gonna start the... Treat patients is too late for the hospitals, too late to treat people as obvious, they're dying in the hospital, we must start early. And you could basically hear a pin drop on these calls, no one had an idea about treating covid 19 at home, was there no thought about it, was there no discussion, or was it just not a point of focus? Like what was the problem there?

0:03:36.3 S2: I think it was a grip of fear, doctors for the first time in their lives felt like they could get the disease themselves if they actually saw and examine these patients, all the discussion was on personal protective equipment, hand sanitizer, negative airflow rooms. It was all about protecting the health care workers, there wasn't any focus on sick patients, and after the weeks went by, I became incredibly frustrated, I started communicating with our Italian colleagues, I said, What's going on? You guys are getting blasted in Malone, is there anything we can do to treat patients at home and stop these hospitalizations, and

0:04:12.4 S1: Were you alone with this concern.

0:04:15.2 S2: Were there other doctors that were joining you with this, and were there treatment protocols that had been put into place that were being tested, there were no treatment protocols that emerged... We started looking at work done by Didier France, by Latimer ALCO in Monroe, New York, and started communicating very early on with the Italians, and I had great relationships with the Italians in Milan, and what we had decided is we had decided on some principles early on the first collaboration, and my contribution was really to get people together, get the ideas together and publish, and I had the publication strength that other people didn't, and got the first organized ideas together in April, May, June. We submitted our paper July 1st to the American Journal of Medicine, which one of the highly ranked journals in medicine, and it was published in August, and this is the first publication teaching doctors how to treat covid 19 with a multi-drug regimen, and the granules were this we knew it was insufficient time for a large randomized trial, so it's take two to four years... I leave large randomized trials, I've published in The Newington Al medicine, I know what this is about, a monster in committees, we don't have two to four years, this is a mass casualty situation, we use the precautionary principle, meaning that this is a mass casualty event, we can't wait, we're looking for drugs with a signal of benefit and acceptable safety, we knew very early on that this viral infection had three components, it was viral replication, Sidecar inflammation, and then thrombosis, we know a single truck was a kind of handle a problem.

0:05:52.1 S2: No way, it was gonna be a multi-drug regimen, just like with HIV, just like with Hepatitis C, no difference in multi-drugs, so precautionary principle, we used signals a benefit, acceptable safety drugs in a combination, Test, re-test and go. And so at the time we submitted our paper, Joe, there was about 4000 papers in the peer view literature on covid 19... I'm sorry, check that there was 55000 papers in the perverse covid 19 and about 4000 that could have related to certain drugs, but not a single one put the concepts together and how to treat patients.

0:06:26.9 S1: So this was the first one, and it was published in August.

0:06:29.8 S2: August of 2020, American Journal Medicine, the title that paper was the pathophysiology rationale for the early ambit treatment of covid 19, that quickly after August on the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons home treatment guide. So APS, interesting organization is independent doctors, they accept no money from pharmaceutical agencies, they've been around since 1943, they had early on sued the federal government to release the stock pile of... Roxas had the right ideas. Other countries, they stuck by Ohio Cowen, then there was the problem of it wasn't being released from the stock pile, and so during my development work early in 2020, I got a call from the White House Peter and a viral call me. So listen, Macola, can you help me get hydroxylase, Rick bright and others in the FDA seemed to be colluding to block hydroxy Corwin, coming out of this Stockwell in Marsa, France did a riot, was working with hydroxy karun and it was over the counter. In France, they made a prescription and they started making hit it hard for him to use, and then simultaneously in Australia, they had taken hydroxy Korakuen and they had put it up in Queensland as basically an untouchable drug, if a doctor attempted to use hydroxy Arco treated covid patient in early April, that doctor can be put in jail, so these things started happening early to try to prevent treatment of patients with covid-19.

0:07:52.3 S1: Why do you think... Does the case... Okay, and why do you think that hydroxyl would have been affected 2006 forward?

0:07:59.8 S2: There were studies with hydroxy Corwin that demonstrated that it reduced replication of SARS COV 1, the first version of the SARS virus.

0:08:10.6 S1: Yeah, we talked about the other day, I wasn't it.

0:08:12.8 S2: Just Lorena it. Chlorination-ly, there was clerical and hydro-Aquarian. Methuen. So there's anti-malarial, they're similar in terms of their bache property, but they have three mechanism of action, they increase the lysosomal pH, so when the particle is taken into the cell, it doesn't travel so well to the nucleus, the chlorine hydroxy Corwin bring in zinc is zinc ion for zinc goes in and actually antagonize the RNA-dependent polemic, which is needed for the virus or replicate, and then hydroxy or LAN is a well-known an established anti-inflammatory. We use it in lupus, we use it in Ruth itis, and it's obviously an intercellular anti-effective. We use it for the prevention of malaria.

0:08:54.2 S1: Was the problem that... There was a lot of problems with Donald Trump being in office, that when he would approve of something or when he would talk about something, people would attack that thing, and hydroxyl ruin became something that he talked of as a cure and talked about as a treatment for covid, and then it became politicized, and then support for hydroxy Chloroquine became support for Trump. Would you think that that was accurate... I have to look at the time line. Boy, it was quick. Because the backlash against hydroxy Corcoran was so strong in Brazil, in Australia.

0:09:33.8 S2: Why do you think that is, though? No, but the timing of the question is, Did it happen before or after Trump said anything?

0:09:39.5 S1: It happened very quickly, you know, through the course of the year was extraordinary, do you know the second largest producer of hydroxy cork when the plant was mysteriously burned down outside of type... It was extraordinary what was going on, doctors from Africa were telling us that there were some type of mercenary people rating the pharmacies at night and burning the hydroxy Corin now is before the emergency use exemption or the emergency use authorization for the vaccines. The emergency use authorization, in order to have that, you cannot have effective treatments, we have to be careful, the emergency use authorization is a new mechanism or a previously unused mechanism for regulatory pathway, so drugs and my interpretation of it, and everybody's interpretation is, fair game is pretty loosely written, quite honestly, depends on indication, so A vaccine would be indicated for the prevention of covid 19 illness, hydroxy, Corwin or Bamberg, these other drugs we approved for the treatment of... So two separate indications, so the Ashdod not be viewed in my view as competitive, in fact it can't...

0:10:54.4 S2: Because remember, Bama, the Lilly product, as well as Romer, the Gilead product, they preceded the vaccines and they didn't preempt the vaccines come in to the market, but from Dever had problems of its own...

0:11:07.8 S1: Correct, with kidney failure. And render was basically a repurposed failed Ebola drug, and it does have intellectual property types through gallia back to the Chinese, so the Chinese originally, we're collaborating with us very tightly, have tons of emails from the Chinese, they were trying to alert us What's going on with covid 19 Ramesh came up, it's a pliers inhibitor. As a general, I told you hydroxylation has three mechanism of action, you've reviewed previously ivermectin, which also has three separate microsecond, redeemer is a one horse show is a single macros of action, it inhibitors and it unfortunately, as the data have born out, it's given far too late in the illness, so the plumber is, is active early in fireplace ions, so if you gave it on day one, it may actually do something, but if you give it on day 14, by a time someone comes in the hospital, the virus has done replicated at that point in time and that, all it can do is offer toxicity and your right is a five-day infusion of Rom desire. Early on, we heard about the hepatic toxicity. In my experience, I could never get a patient through five days of therapy because the liver function test as an alt with skyrocket, now it's become clear it's been associated with acute kidney injury and the kidney injury is not tolerated and cover 19 'cause any retention of fluid makes the oxygen saturation and lungs far worse, so why do you think there was this demonization of hydroxy Chloroquine, and if you have a theory as to why they would try to restrict the distribution of it or why they would...

0:12:42.2 S1: If someone wanted to burn down the factories that produce it, why they would do that, it was clear that hydroxy Corcoran was the most promising drug that we had for covid 19 by the way, tested toner, pini, HIV drugs, I quickly fell to the side, other drugs were tested, but hydroxy came forward as the lead agent, and currently we're up to 300 completed studies with Drax in 32 early treatment studies, and it does have an effect size or an efficacy early in treatment of about 64% a globally across the studies and its toxicity profile is well understood, hydroxy Corwin, like ivermectin and the other drugs are already FDA-approved, the FDA tells doctors to use drugs off-label, it's in their guidance to us, and actually they have a... FDA has a piece to patients that was published in 2018 saying, Why does your doctor use off-label drugs, and it says when the doctors are fulfilling an unmet need, I ecoregion drugs for covid 19. So we use these drugs, what's called clinically indicated, medically necessary, appropriate off-label use of drugs, hydroxy was a first one up, a giant mistake was to actually place an emergency use authorization daycare.

0:14:00.9 S1: And the original EA that was placed on hydroxy, which I didn't need one because it was already on the market, it, it was a place for inpatient use, and then they're... The interpretation was that it was the hydroxyl was restricted in inpatient use, so once it became restricted and impatient used, then there was messages saying, Listen, don't use it unless somebody is an impatient. Then when we found out the hydroxide like ivermectin works best early

0:14:25.4 S2: And has less of an effect, wait like all the other drugs, 'cause people are too far gone, once those trials were completed, there's five randomized trials of... In patients with a Drouin, as they're about to go on the ventilator, and those five trials are neutral, they don't show harm, they don't show benefit, they're neutral... One of them was the NIH trial. There's only two possible control trials, by the way, so what we've based the entire house on hydroxy Koran on two placebo controlled small inpatient trials that we didn't have sufficient power to see an effect if indeed it was there, having said that they were flat on the outcomes of mortality and progression in the hospital, and so based on that, in June of 2020, the FDA came out across the board and said Based on this, do not use hydroxy Quark and to treat covid 19. They never reviewed the data a second time or a third time, and I can tell you as a doctor, the FDA, the CDC and the NIH are public service agencies to me and you... We don't work for them. They don't issue rulings. They work for us, and I'm telling you, as a leader in Academic Medicine, my expectation was monthly reviews from those three entities and the White House Task Force...

0:15:35.0 S2: Meter at the White House Task Force can do it. I needed a monthly report of what drugs are working and what drugs weren't...

0:15:40.8 S1: We didn't see any of that.

0:15:42.3 S2: Why do you think that is? I talked to Scott Atlas, I presented with him a couple of weeks ago, and I had dinner with Scott, he was on the inside, he worked side by side people for a month. And I said, Scott, what is going on? Skates, I did what Peter Macola would do. I showed up every day with the data, I analyzed things, I had the updates on what's going on, dependency was focused on mass contagion control in schools. But he's an academic... He's at Stanford over Institute. I said, Yeah, I said, What about the other people on the test scores? What about the head of the aid? What about the CDC Director? He goes, They showed up with nothing. I said, You gotta be kidding me, but they're not analyzing any data, he goes, Have you ever seen them come on TV and analyze any studies? I said, No, he thinks that this is a crisis of academic incompetent, believe it or not, just incompetence, not some sort of a conspiracy to demonize hydroxy Chloroquine for profit, for some other means to promote some other treatment or drug... It wasn't me, but someone in the crowd, this was symposium that was held by Pam Popper, by the way, Dr.

0:16:52.2 S2: Poppers got a wonderful book out on covid 19, and so do Scott Atlas. His is about the White House, and someone in the audience asked God, he said, Listen, do they have another intention? Were they directly trying to squash hydroxy caruana at the time?

0:17:07.3 S1: He said No, he said they had good intentions for the nation, he says they're just incompetent, so is it possible that the demonization of hydroxy Chloroquine was because Donald Trump supported it? 'cause I know for the way I had been hearing about it was hearing about it through him, and he talked about it... It's basically a miracle. Remember all that stuff? He was saying there was a miracle, as I recall, that was late March, I think when it was honestly made illegal in Australia was early April. I went on tularosa, we had the same type of discussion, Tucker says, How did the Australians know to make it illegal? So early in April.

0:17:49.6 S2: He goes, That's before all the research was done, we remember Henry Ford came out with a 000-patient study and actually used in the hospital, wasn't randomized, but they got consent. It was very carefully done, I was a program director at have for in the past, I know that institution really well, high quality top shelf, I was communicating with them. They said, Listen, it works. It is clear it works, this is an un-confounded study, and that was one of the studies that in fact, we relied upon in order to put hydroxy in sequence, multi-drug therapy, that was before the data with hyper-acting came in. So ivermectin came in later, and so our update, we published our update in December of 2020, we brought in ivermectin, the Japanese tells about Fay pervert in the Russians head, but a lot of people don't know this, there is an oral anti-viral approved and used in Japan and Russia and four states in India called Fairview, that is an oral plumes inhibitor, so it's like an oil remover, it's very similar to the new drug, molar Vere, this, an oral Plumas inhibitor. So the anti-viral, we actually buy...

0:18:50.7 S2: Our recommendations now had three anti-viral, so that we could recommend worldwide for that layer of treatment. Now, antiviral alone are not sufficient. And they are not necessary to treat covid 19, it's very interesting for people to say this, people wanted to put up hydroxide up on a pedestal and say, Listen, if we can knock down hydroxy count, there will be no treatment for covid 19, and we can promote some other agenda or if we can knock down ivermectin and Dr. Chatty from South Africa and Dr. Branches in South America, given the politician of both drugs, because ivermectin in the next wave became the next target of politician if you want politics, but I have to tell you it's so worldwide, I'll hate that word politician, I think it's some other process. But the point is, they demonstrated that the syndrome is an out-patient can be treated without those drugs, they use a different combination of drugs in a sequence, the chettiar called the time method were an essence, you let the vial write the virus make us run on replication and then pick it up with Montauk as Cirebon and held steroids, oral steroids, and then antiques, they treat the back end of the syndrome.

0:20:01.3 S1: Now again, why do you think hydrochloric was demonized? Why do you think that it was... Especially so early on in Australia, it can't be universal confidence across the board is one of the things that's interesting about over-machines, it's not demonized worldwide, it's distributed widely in other countries, and it's shown some effectiveness... Oh, absolutely, ivermectin now is a first line of Japan, it's attributed to crushing the curves in Mexico, in Peru, absolutely crushed the curves in India. We've been in close communication with them, ivermectin, interesting drug, and I know you've reviewed it in depth on the show, so I'll leave it to experts like Dr. Cory and others there, but I use it every day in my practice. I have no problems with ivermectin is safe and effective. Spend a Nobel Prize awarded in 2015 for ivermectin, but hydroxy Cohen, I think worldwide is still the leading drug used to treat covid 19 just because of its availability. It's known dosing. The nice thing about the interesting thing between hydroxylation is ivermectin has a range inpatient and outpatient and has a bigger effect size in general, both of them have... Are still lacking the 20 to 40000 patient clinical trial as a singular drug, and I honestly don't think we'll ever get there, by the way, we're in the multi-drug space, so we're never gonna go back to single drugs, we're in the multi-drug environment.

0:21:31.9 S1: And so there are no large multi-drug trials even planned at this point in time, so we're left with where we are signals of benefit, acceptable safety, but to finish a thought, ivermectin has a range of effect sizes that are gratifying inpatient and outpatient, diminishing efficacy later, hydrocarbon has really no support on the inpatient side outside the big Camry Ford study, so hydroxy is largely an outpatient drug, the advantages of hydroxy or When are stable dosing 200 milligrams twice a day. We either go five, 10 or 30 days, we even have protocols where it's been done that way, ivermectin, the dosing is 204 or 600 microgram, and the dose intervals still are yet to be standardized or worked out. So it's interesting, so you see an entire range of doses and I liked even clinically today, I don't know. Do I go five days? Do I do 10 days? Do I do every other day? I don't know. We use the drugs, and I'm comfortable with that. I can live with ambiguity in the setting of a crisis.

0:22:31.0 S2: The point is, these are very safe and effective drugs... Are you school drugs? I saw a trend. You've asked me three times. So I'm gonna answer it. I saw a trend starting in April, May and June, where it became clear that anything we were doing to try to help patients with early treatment was receiving a chill, and the chill was coming through academic institutions through the medical literature. I think the capper was in June when there was a fraudulent paper published in Lancet on hydroxy Chloroquine between Harvard and a company called Sir surges Pere, and this never happens. Atlases, like The New Englander L medicine of the world in the editor, major journal. I run a journal, I know what it takes. There are editors, associate editors reviewers, there is pinpoint accuracy, we check references, we check plagiarism, believe me, it's a tight world out there, they basically published a fraudulent paper on hydroxy Carli Elance in 2020 around June, and they let it hang up there for two weeks dating that hydrocarbon was associated with harm when used in patients with covid 19, I...

0:23:35.0 S1: The made this study, it was between one investigator was at Harvard and it was a company called surges here that nobody knew what this company was, and it turned out to be a company that literally dissolved or went away without anybody understanding. So it was a company that was created specifically to do this...

0:23:53.3 S2: I don't know, I can tell you, I looked at the data, Joe, and they had tens of thousands of people they claimed were hospitalized with covid 19 fairly early in the pandemic, the average age of these people hospitalized was in the low 40s. I looked at this paper in two seconds, this is... That makes sense. We were hospitalized people in their 80s, not in their 40s, and so to me, it didn't look right, and then people started writing Lancet saying, Listen, this doesn't look real, and then it started receiving tons of emails, and then Lance basically retracted it and said, we rejected... No apologies, no explanation. I interpret that, and that occurred right before the FDA said Don't use hydroxyl, it almost looked like it was a step to basically try to bury hydroxy, Coquina other

0:24:40.7 S1: AP, but why... This is what I still don't understand. What do you think is the motivation? And why was it so worldwide

0:24:46.8 S2: As a doctor, all I can tell you is the medical literature as we are seeing it come about, there was once the discovery that the spike protein on the virus, discovery in the medical literature now that discover what we learned actually occurred years before this was amenable to neutralization with vaccine-induced antibodies, once that became abundantly clear in the literature, there appeared to be almost a lock step developed where people said, Uh-huh, that's it, that's the solution, we're gonna vaccinate our way out this problem...

0:25:21.0 S1: We don't even need to worry about how to treat the problem, we don't need to hear about drugs to treat the problem, and the enthusiasm in the hubs for vaccination spread across academic medical centers all over the country, but what about the people that were currently sick and they were still waiting for the roll out of the vaccine, so if you're talking about August, the vaccine wasn't rolling out for another four months, and that's just for elderly people. I published an op-ed in August of 2020 in the hill, a Republican journal for Washington people and others in those circles, and the title of the iPad was the great gamble of the covid 19 vaccine development program. And what I saw is I saw a total shift on everything for the vaccines, do you know major clinical trials with hydroxy, colic and Ward dropped, ivermectin, things were dropped. We had programs for savvy Pereira, the Canadians had a big thrust, faroes dropped, I was the principal investigator overall for the rematch band program, that was a Japanese product, it was an anticoagulant... Anti-histamine look very promising. We had great preliminary data, we had a bar that was gonna give us all the doses we needed to treat America, I was on calls between the NIH and the FDA, back and forth, back and forth.

0:26:41.7 S1: I couldn't get any traction in the summer 2020, it was obvious, in fact, I remember one of the Operation Warm speed officers tell me, Listen, sorry, we have everything organized for the current program, I was also the assistive, I was this kind of second in charge of the Moulin program, which was a cellular-based vaccine, that was a vaccine similar to the BCG vaccine, which is given for tuberculosis.

0:27:04.8 S2: We had noticed that regions that were vaccinating for tuberculosis like Haiti and countries in Central Africa, very little covid, and so we have the idea, we got a Dutch manufacturer to actually make this cellular-based vaccine, we're gonna vaccinate healthcare workers, same thing, endless proposals between NIH and FDA got nowhere because it looked like it was already pre-decided that the current set of genetic vaccines were gonna move forward, there wasn't gonna be any discussion... An early treatment, I thought I was at Campbell. I was faced with more and more of my patients getting sick with covid 19 and what I told people all over, so listen, I can't let the Tyrus slaughter my patients... I'm not gonna do it. I said, There's gotta be something I could do. Early on, I used hydroxy Corgan other drugs in combination, once a pure Cory, I give them great credit. His first contribution is actually scare writes in the use of covid 19, so we started using steroids, once it was shown to us, we added steroids. The data started coming out anticoagulants, and that's how I put it together. I tell you, job, every single one of my high risk patients, I've always treated to prevent hospitalization and death of the 800000 deaths that we are right now, I can tell you too, they've received either no or inadequate early treatment, all of them go look in a table of baseline characteristics of hospitalized patients with covid-19 and look at what they received before they came to the hospital, such...

0:28:33.2 S2: In fact, there's one paper by IP and colleagues, first name... The last name is spelled IP. It was published from New Jersey early on, and in that paper, back when there was a surge of hydroxylase in the Spring of 2020, 7% of people had received some pre-hospital hydroxy run before they got to the hospital. They had improved survival. Even some pre-hospital treatment really worked. So what happened is when we came up with our treatment protocols, of protocol that I mentioned, it sounds like describing what you received as a treatment, you basically received the Macola protocol is now being copyright sequence multi-drug, once a monoclonal antibodies came in that became a building block in our program, and we can maybe show that a multi-drug protocol on the screen, if we can look at it. The point is that any pre-hospital treatment was associated with improved survival because we're taking an edge off our application, reducing some of the information preventing some of the thrombosis if we let this thing run for 14 days, so the lungs are filling with blood clots by the time the action saturation goes down this at the virus, the Italian showed us through autopsy studies, very courageous, hard tops to the lungs are filled with micro blog cuts.

0:29:46.4 S1: So in your opinion, if your protocol had been established and distributed worldwide, if people had recognized that this is a way to deal with early treatment, you think that the overall number of covid deaths would have been significantly reduced. I testified in the US Senate, November 19th, 2020, I told Americans under oath that 50% of the lives at that time could have been saved. We were at about 250000 does, based on what I do, I then testified on March 10th, 2021 in the Texas Senate sworn testimony, I up that to 85% of the deaths could have been avoided, we know that because we carried out studies, we did one with Proctor here and Dallas, Fort Worth, where we demonstrated that even the early priority or protocols before the monoclonal anti-bite when we use drugs in combination were associated with 85% reductions in hospitalizations and dot compared to fair. Compared to our groups, and for death, we use the Tricolor in DFW averages a adjusted and for hospitalization, we use the Cleveland Clinic calculator, which is a very precise estimate of the risk of hospitalization, then Esau Ano, Sly, Darwin and silence, showed that from my Road, New York data and then did a real...

0:31:03.6 S1: Showed it from mercari. So we have three different areas showing early multi-drug therapy as an outpatient works substantially, and we've had a giant loss of life, a giant number, millions and millions of unnecessary hospitalizations. And it seemed to me, and I said, I've told Tacoma others, it seems to me early on, there was an an intentional, very comprehensive suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization and death, and it seemed to be completely organized and intentional in order to create acceptance for... And then promote mass vaccination. So you believe this is a premeditated thing that they were doing, so they realized that in order to get people enthusiastic about taking this vaccine, the best way to do that was to not have a protocol for treatment, it's not just my idea, and now it's completely laid out by the book by Dr. Pam Popper, the book recently published by Peter brain, covid, 19 and the global prides. We either pray. I wrote one of the introductions, drill and drill, animal Rancho wrote the other introductions. These books are basically non-fiction, they have a thousand citations in the brain book showing how it was coordinated and plant...

0:32:30.4 S1: Now, Bobby Kennedy has his book out, the real Hythe most mentioned physician in that book. I can tell you that if you wanna find the evidence that Moderna was working on the vaccine before the virus ever emanated out of the lab, if you wanted to find the collisions and the operations between the Gates Foundation and gave an SEP and Pfizer and derna and the vaccine manufacturers and the Wuhan Lab, and the National Institutes of Health, and Ralph Marian, you received North Carolina at Chapel Hill and how all this was organized, if you wanna see the Johns Hopkins planning seminar called The spars pandemic in 2017, where they had a symposium people showed up, they wrote up their symposium fines, they published this, it says it's gonna be a coronavirus, it's gonna be related to MERS and SARS. It's gonna come over here to the United States. It's gonna shut down cities and frightened people, there's gonna be confusion regarding a drug, hydroxylation or ivermectin, and we're gonna utilize all that in order to railroad the population into mass vaccination.

0:33:34.7 S2: It's laid out in the Johns Hopkins spares pandemic training seminar. The only thing that got wrong was the year they said it was gonna be 2025, instead it landed a few years early, how did they organize something like this, and how do you get so many doctors to go along with this?

0:33:52.3 S1: How do you get so many doctors to not speak out against the lack of pre-hospitalization care, the lack of early treatment... We think there's about 500 doctors. Who knows what? What's going on in the United States, 500 it... We got a million doctors, the United States, we got half a million nurse practitioners and physician assistants. I can tell you the nurses are more awake than the doctors, Why is The Doctors appear to be like many of our leaders, by the way, all the leaders of the major churches, every single one of them, the major religious branches are under the spell... Every major global international leader is under the spell. We're in what's called a Mass formation psychosis. This is very important, I give credit to Dr. Matias de smet in the university again in Belgium. And recently, Dr. Mark McDonald, psychiatrists from LA. Mark models got a new book out, the United States of fear, describing how the mass ICOS is developed. What your listeners need to know is a Masako is when there is a group think that develops that so strong that it leads to something horrific, and the examples are these mass suicides that occur in these religious cults.

0:35:03.8 S1: The example is not to Germany, when people walk into gas chambers and were gas these horrific things, and four elements here is very important to, first, there must be a period of prolonged isolation, lockdown number two, there must be a withdraw of things taken away from people that they used to enjoy... That's happened. Number three, There must be constant incessant free-floating anxiety of this new cycle, all the desks and the hospitalizations, more mutant strains, people could becoming scared over and over again, and the lasting number for the caper, the capper is there must be a single solution offered by an entity in authority, and in this case is clear worldwide, the solution was vaccination, everybody must take the vaccination, it's not a US program, it's not a European course, it's everywhere.

0:35:54.0 S2: And you know what, Job doesn't matter what vaccine it is, it could be China at Corona, it could be... No, it could be for a drama, it's interesting that it doesn't even matter what vaccine it is, it's just... Take a vaccine. Take any vaccine. And so, what mass psychosis says is number four, the solution, there's no limit to the absurdity of the solution, other countries have been much more ruthless in their enforcement of vaccinations, and it's kind of open a lot of people's eyes as to what's possible. When you look at some of the European countries, the way Germany is handling it, even though we knew Zeman handling it in Australia for sure.

0:36:33.9 S1: People are terrified when they're seeing these places that they thought of as being as free as the United States, falling into this sort of totalitarian regime situation where the government is telling the people what they must do and literally checking everyone for papers, and people don't seem to think that this is a problem, a large percentage of people don't seem to think this is a problem. They think it's good because we need to vaccinate everyone, but they don't have an issue with what has historically always been a problem with people, when you give governments extreme amounts of power over people, they tend to like to use that power and they don't ever wanna give it up, and we've opened the door to these new levels of power for the government, and people say, Well, that's important because we have to do it because we're in the middle of a pandemic, and we have to treat these people, 'cause some people are silly and they believe conspiracy theories, and they don't wanna take the adequate treatment and that's gonna get everybody else sick, which doesn't really make sense, but the whole thought behind it is that this is temporary, but it's never temporary.

0:37:49.9 S1: Power lost is never regained. All freedoms lost. Unless you fight for them. They're kind of lost forever. And so these people that are giving in to these green passes, and they're seeing that in Israel now, right where Israel used to be, you have two vaccines, two shots, and then you get the green pass and you're considered fully vaccinated, you can enter society. Now they're saying, No, now you have to have a third. And now they're considering a fourth, which is wild, and there's no end in sight, if it was about covid, I would say that the world would have adopted something... What I presented to the American people and the Senate testimony in November of 2020, I told America, listen, there's four pillars to pandemic response, we should have always seen... Teams of doctors in Washington, I would have went... If they called me perfect, I emailed that, they know I am... We would have seen teams of doctors in Washington working on four pillars, the first pillar is reduce the spread of infection, terrific.

0:38:54.2 S2: You know, everything we can to improve air flow, we know it's spread by the air, it's not a hand infection, this focus on hand sanitizer is like we're all getting infected and

0:39:03.3 S1: Say early on the one.

0:39:04.4 S2: Even know you still go on DFW airport, there's hand sanitizer every six feet, there was pictures of people spraying football stadiums with Santos, not spread on football seats, it's not a contact organism, it's not Ebola, it's not clostridium difficile, it's spread in the air, but if we would have focused on contagion control, that was reasonable. That would have been terrific. The most effective can change or control by the way 2021 data is actually using oral nasal veracity therapy far and away. You explain that please. Yeah, World News biosynthesis basically using virtually anything, kill saviors, any disinfecting cossidae kills it on contact. So if we use dilute better dim, and so if you take a battering over the counter, it's a brown bottle, we use it to sterilize ones in the year by any pharmacy and take twos, taboos and successes of water, take a nasal spray or a serology, Brisbane bub and spray it up, you know, snort it back to the points and back of your throat and spit it out... I'm sorry that's gross for your audience, but you gotta get it up their impact that adequately de-contaminates the nose, then Carl with the rest of it, spit it out, finish up with some scope or listen, doing that after you return from a day out with contact with people, especially close contact in close rooms, I'm talking public restrooms.

0:40:26.1 S2: Small conference rooms, you have to be in contact with someone for about three hours, honestly, in a small room, but no airflow to get it, or go into a loaded room like a public restroom or pipe places at small stories that... The bottom line, that's where people get it from, once it gets home, 85% of it spreads in the house, but using oral nasal ViaSat EAP is such a huge advance that any randomized trial by children, colleagues from Bangladesh 303 patients randomized to this biracial therapy, which is all topical, no prescription drugs, nothing else needed versus a control group, which was just warm water, 33 patients in each group, it dramatically reduced the PCR positivity by day three, it knocked it down from 303 down to 24 patients still positive, those who got the control, they're still all positive and markedly reduced by easily 75% chances of having progressive disease, ending up the hospital or death, and it's enormously preventive, and now we learn we can use hydrogen peroxide, hydrogen peroxide with some locals hiding, and believe it or not, the dentists in the American Dental Association God-lines use version virus and Epstein-Barr virus.

0:41:33.7 S2: Gingivitis, they use sodium hypochlorite. That's actually dilute bleach. It turns out it just takes a few drops of bleach in some household water, that's for the mouth, we typically don't use it in the rows around the eyes, but remember when President Trump mentioned bleach and everybody had a big horse life on that, it turns out he just couldn't articulate. Someone was giving him the ADA recommendations for anti-viral therapy for them out. The point is, a pillar number one should have been contained control, it should have been focused on the nose in the mouth, we learned it early, we learned it late, but if we could have used any of that early, it would have helped randomized trials of masks didn't work hand sanitizer and spraying football stadiums. It was even in Europe, they were spraying the sidewalk... That doesn't work.

0:42:14.7 S1: Do you think the masks have any effect on the limiting the spread

0:42:18.7 S2: On... Every time I go on Fox News, Laura in, always tease up some comment on masks and I just... Masks are not my signature focus, right. And the reason being, if two people don't have the virus and they wear a mask... Can I possibly do anything? Of course not. So in randomized trials of mass, the vast majority of people don't have the virus, so if you put Mason people don't have the virus, it's not gonna do anything make expert... Mr. Steven Petty, who I've presented with, he is a world expert on mass, an engineer with a typical mass that someone wears. Do you know much air moves around the ask is 18%. Moves around the mask. Of course, it doesn't work. Masks only filter out about three microns the viruses when Mike run. So the point is, what do masks do do I wear mask? Sure, I'm a doctor, I go into the hospital, I'm in the cathode, contact with people, dentists, hairdressers, people at close range were it may stop a big sneeze, it may stop partially some big emanation of inoculum, but we shouldn't have had the air time and the public health focus on masks.

0:43:24.5 S2: I think if we would have taken all of that energy and put it on treatment protocols and update on drugs, we would have been better off, but that's contagion control. Pillar number two is early treatment, we've talked about that. Pillar number three, which is really important, is trying to improve the hospital treatments, and we should have had monthly updates from our federal officials and our agencies about where we are with early treatments, and for sure, our local medical schools should have all had early treatment updates once a month come on, the medical centers are facing their Super Bowl. Do you know today... Do you know today in America, we have 300 medical schools, Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Mayo Clinic, do not a single hospital has their own unique protocol to treat covid 19, they don't have a single original idea. Do you know that none of those organizations to have ever treated a covid patient to prevent hospitalization and death, I told Turco set, he almost fell out of his seat, I said, yeah, they don't have a single idea how to treat covid 19 patients outside the hospital suddenly our best and our brightest are out of intellectual ammo.

0:44:36.9 S1: I wanna talk more about this. Mass psychosis. Do you believe that this is an organized mass psychosis, this... All these steps that you put about isolation, taking away basic freedoms and then offering up one individual single solution to this, and this is what has sort of fueled this... What's very obvious to people that there's a lot of people that are not acting well, they're not acting normal, they are attacking people that seem to be ideologically opposed to whatever is going on, and they're marching in lockstep with the authoritarian and they're doing it like you would... Like stock home syndrome or something. It's very strange. But do you think this is an organized thing, do you think this is just what happens when you have a massive group of people that are dealing with an incredibly tense and anxiety-written event like a pandemic, where no one knows what the solution is, and a lot of people, a lot of people are terrified of just everyday life, and then all sudden something like this comes along, and those are the people that are more easily manipulated and they fall in line together because there's sort of a tribal aspect, this type of thinking and behavior and you find support from other people that are equally afraid, now the masses is clearly US focused on pillar number four, that was the last pillar that presented to the Americans in November of 2020 in the US Senate, This is before the vaccines came out, and that is vaccination.

0:46:15.9 S1: Listen, vaccination should play a role. I've taken all the vaccines, my kids have taken all the vaccines, I went to India, took extra vaccines, so there you don't have any problem with vaccines. What had happened is, I wanna say by April of 2020, it was clear that the vaccine development program was far more advanced than we ever could have imagined, how could we have actually figured out the neutralizing antibodies and have the sequence to the spike protein and have all that ready to go. We have already figured out how to load it into messenger or anvil DNA, how do we actually get that to run... Remember their 24 of these platforms, they had all previously failed except for Petersen, a lot of people don't know this, there is a messenger RNA product I can use as a cardiologist called Paterson. It's a small interfering Message RNA that we use to treat the amyloidosis, but the previous trials of gene transfer technology, which is what these are, were normally to replace a missing protein. So for instance, I'm a cardiologist, I treat a condition called fabrics disease, it affects the heart. There was a message RNA program to basically replace the missing enzyme, alpha captains, but in this case, to take these platforms and say, You know what, these are ready to go, we're just gonna insert the code for the spike protein, which is...

0:47:32.6 S1: Now, what we've learned is the lethal part of covid 19, the ball of the virus nuclease, a beach ball is relatively harmless, what causes all the damage is the spine or the speckle On the surface, everyone knows a cartoon of the virus that's called the Spike protein 1200 amino acids, but a dozen location sites, it has some hepatology, by the way, to HIV, and so a lot of people don't know this, but the original... One of the original antigenic vaccines that was tested in Australia exposed that HIV epitope, it turned everybody in the trial HIV positive who took a covid 19 vaccine in Australia, these young people were outraged. And so this was on the internet. It was quickly suppressed. But if anybody wants to type this in right now, you can actually learn that one of the very first vaccines tried in Australia actually turned everybody HIV positive, they didn't have HIV, but there was a molecular trickery that was going on having said this... Now, when we look back, we look at the book, Popper, Reagan, Robert F. Kennedy, and now Atlas, it's pretty clear that this was planned, and it was planned and the mass...

0:48:44.1 S1: The elements of the mass psychosis are clearly planned.

0:48:46.8 S2: In fact, the elements of the mass I-CoStar in the Johns Hopkins planning document, they had that up on their website since 2017, once a pandemic kit in March of 2020, March of 2020. They actually published it in the peer view literature. You can see how it was all done. That's how the Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health had The death count up on CNN and MSNBC and Fox as a score board. Do you remember the scoreboard? It was a number of cases in desk. How do they get that? Joe, can I fill out deserters every day? Do you know the average death certificate comes to me six weeks after the death, how are they getting these dust instantaneous numbers picking up every day? It was extraordinary what American saws to...

0:49:28.6 S1: How were they doing them to the state...

0:49:30.6 S2: We don't know. To this day, we don't know. All we know on the CDC website is the CDC website says that about 90% of the desks that have occurred with covid-19 have been associated with significant comorbidities, meaning other major problems that were in the proximal pathway to death. The Italians are just recorded. All of their desk, they say 97% of the Italian test, meaning someone had heart failure, advanced lung disease, kidney disease on dialysis, advanced cancer. A good example was Colin P. Colon POLIS died recently, he was in his 80s, he was fully vaccinated and he died of multiple myeloma, but he was also covid positive, and so the question is how much of the covid did he die of and how much of the Multiple Myeloma... Larry King died the same way. We'd have to go far to find well-known personalities where this happened, the point is the desk would come in and quickly, it may be the fact that the desk, the vast majority of them occurred in the hospital, so we didn't have to have this prolonged outpatient death certificate signing and things were main line from the hospital, we know President Trump's authorization for the testing became the way that the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health got the scoreboard for a positive test, and that executive order said all the laboratories and all their departments of public health doing testing will report positive tests to the center, the Johns Hopkins Center, and they did that means Quest, LabCorp, Avid, all of them started to have a flow of test...

0:51:06.6 S2: Interestingly, there was no reconciliation for duplicates, so if you would have went to one testing center and put your name as Joe Rogan and you went to another testing center and said Your name is Horgan or something, you'd come in as two different tests, it was never any reconciliation, and we understood over time that the number of test positive was in a sense padded, it was patted by duplicate tests, it was patted by this idea of asymptomatic testing. So one of the big discoveries in 2020 is that the virus is not spread asymptomatic Ally, it's only spread from sick person to susceptible person, this is a very important two major papers, one by cow from China, one by mad. Well, nailed this down. Once we learned that asymptomatic testing wasn't happening, it became clear of the Swedes were right, Scott, Atlas was right. The only thing we needed to do was just keep sick people at home to... Are the only people I need to quarantine. And while people could go do what they were gonna do, somebody can't walk into a workplace with no symptoms and give the virus to somebody else, it doesn't happen.

0:52:09.7 S1: The problem is with that, is that a lot of people are not honest about their symptoms. We had a guy at a bar that we worked out that we do stand a Pat, he showed up, he was like, I gotta... Hassan got a headache. And someone said, What do you mean? You have a headache. And he goes, I've just got this headache, and he goes, Have you been covid tested? And he goes, Oh my, I don't wanna test positive, then I'll have to take off work. And they went, What? And so they tested him, he was positive and they sent him home, but that guy was gonna greet customers at a comic... Valid point. Valid point. The new thinking really has to be, either we don't trust people and we... A symptomatic ally tester, everybody.

WHO: Test only if symptoms (97% false positives)

0:52:52.3 S2: But you know the World's Health Organization as of June 25th says No asymptomatic testing. The FDA has never cleared these tests, Ray symptomatic testing, the CDC doesn't give a green light to do this asymptomatic testing, and people like you and me, we just walked in, we have asymptomatic testing that if we get a positive, the chances that the positives... False positives, 97%.

0:53:14.3 S1: 97%. And that is, if you are a symptom.

0:53:17.8 S2: Completely asymptomatic and to make matters worse, so many of us have already had covid 19 and now our CDC admits finally, through a free information act, lead attorney, Aaron Seri pressed the CDC and said, Listen, you're saying you can get covid twice. Show us a case. Show us a case. PERES, finally, the CDS hearer came out and said, You know what.

0:53:38.8 S1: You can't get it twice...

0:53:39.7 S2: We've never had a son have a friend that got a tours... What... You have the issue of a friend who thinks he had it twice, what happened is on one or more occasions, it's a false positive test, or he actually had the dead virus that he's carrying forward, somebody in say, my family circles had covid 19 for sure had it got sick, that person tested positive intermittently 17 times.

0:54:04.5 S1: But this wasn't just a test positive, he got sick, he recovered, and then about seven, eight months later, he got sick again, tested positive again, and I had a much milder case of it, but still got covid twice. Yeah.

0:54:18.6 S2: It wasn't a second case, this is what's happened. For sure, yeah.

0:54:21.3 S1: There's about 100 purported cases like this in the literature, I've looked at them all.

0:54:25.9 S2: What happens is, is we would need a rigorous definition of... You put it this way, if you could get covid 19 twice, we would have seen hundreds of millions of cases, you know, susceptible, the elderly are... This would have swept through the missing home over and over, and we would have seen grandmothers on the ventilator 16 times, I'm telling right now, you can't get it twice, the criteria are... And this reason why the CDC says it can't happen, the criteria would be that you have a positive PCR test at a low Psychotria, less than 28 your pot and you're positive on the antigen immuno-assay test. So the nuclear capsid is there, and you do sequencing and you can actually find the virus sequence there, now you do that on two occasions, you do that on one occasion and someone's really sick and has a characteristic signs of symptoms and you do it again, six months later, then you actually have the first case of recurrent infection, covid 19, it doesn't... There's nothing that meets that rigor to make matters worse, the CDC is now admitted that the methodology they used for the PCR, originally the CDC methodology, that was distributed to all the departments of community health and where the laboratory derived essays for the health systems in the early parts of the pandemic cannot distinguish certain flow and on covid 19, so invariably someone had flu on occasion 1 and tested positive and was pretty sick, and then they had covid 19 the second to revise or...

0:55:52.3 S2: So if that's the case, why is there this resistance to the idea that people have natural immunity, all roads coming to the vaccine... All roads lead to the vaccine. Why has there been... Why is there no single Harvard protocol or Mayo Clinic protocol to treat covid 19 to prevent hospitalization and death. Why? We're two years into it. You mean Harvard won't treat a single patient at home to prevent a hospitalization. I said at the very beginning, I said, there's two bad outcomes. There's hospitalization and death. That's it. If you could get through this at home and not end up in the hospital, the whole world could get through this, and you know, not a single leader could articulate that goal of avoiding these hospitalization that a single leader... Trump couldn't say it by couldn't say it, maroon say, nobody could actually state the problem, This is what's got... Alliss saying There is a global ineptitude where they can... They can't even state what the problem is, if you get to it, you go to any one of these CEOS, these health systems, and say, What are you doing to prevent hospitalizations and desiccant as a composite outcome? They draw a blank.

0:57:03.0 S1: Now, if all roads lead to the vaccine, what is motivating all roads to lead to the vaccine, why is everyone falling in lock step, why are there people who are looking at this logically and saying, you know, even if you get vaccinated, there's a good chance that you could have a breakthrough, particularly now, there was a while back where they were saying that breakthroughs are incredibly rare, they're not incredibly rare at all anymore, I know 12-13 people that have gotten covid post vaccination, and I know a few of them that were hospitalized, trying to avoid hospitalization should be a priority for everybody, including people that are already vaccinated, why is there no emphasis on this... What's the motivation? Like what is the motivation for all roads to lead to the vaccine in this binary approach, so it's only the vaccine that can help us...

0:57:57.8 S2: Well, let's be fair to the vaccines, and I think this is important to mention, I was under oath, testified in the US Titan, they're asking... The very last question they asked our panel was.

0:58:08.4 S1: Do you have any problems with the vaccines timeframe, November 19th, 2020, not of a set of Word.

0:58:14.4 S2: 'cause all we had was press releases, Joe, we learned that the vaccines out of the clinical trials over a two-month period had 90% vaccine efficacy. 90%. Now, what that meant is if you had a clinical trial and you had 18000 people in each group, that vaccine versus placebo, that when you looked at the number of cases, there will be 100 cases of covid in the control group, WSIB group, and 10 cases in the vaccine group, that's 90% vaccine fours, 10. Just giving sample numbers. That look terrific. But interestingly, Wait a minute, 18000 News Group. What's the problem? That meant that less than 1% of people got covid. Now, during that timeframe, our labs were recording 510 15% covid positivity rates, how did the vaccine trials recruit people with a less than 1% chance of getting covid, how did they find these people... I could tell you we were actually in clinical trial center, the most fastidious people, doctors, other people, they were very careful people, upper middle class web exes who were just on WebEx, they were scared, they were in the vaccine clinical trust, they recruited people who never got a challenge with covid, then everyone got exposed to covid, so the vaccine clinical trials were not a good test run...

0:59:29.5 S2: If you got exposed to covid, what would happen? So then the vaccine is rolled out and we had December people started involved, a young doctors in the hospital took it, I watched it happen. Then they went to nurse, no seniors, Rajan, my family, and we got to February. I was like, Wait, where's the report? White House Task Force, or the NIH or CDC or FDA, then you do come on TV and give us a report, how many people have been vaccinated, how many people have failed the vaccine and get hospitals anyway at how many people have been injured with a vaccine or what Susie facts? No report. So we got to February and there was no report with the vaccines, it turns out that we actually never learned what the vaccines were doing on efficacy until much later. Now, once we had August, September and October, this is much later. We had data come in from areas from the spring, and we learned the following a paper by self and colleagues from the CDC said For protection against hospitalization, there was substantial protection against hospitalization. Now, it's confounded by the fact that healthy people take the vaccines, less healthy people don't take the vaccines, and the hospitalization is confounded by the fact of differential testing, meaning that once somebody takes a vaccine, the hospitals don't test him for covid when they come in from call bladders, or they come in for other things.

1:00:48.9 S2: If someone doesn't take the vaccine, the hospital is testing them, and we know people get generate false positives, so the differential testing exaggerated the effect of the vaccines, but even with that exaggerated, in fact, I wanna give your listeners a fair evaluation of efficacy and what we know is that this refers report that came in by self... From M-M-W-R, March through August of 2021. The vaccine efficacy for Moderna was 92%... For Pfizer was 77%, and Johnson and Johnson, 68%. Now, that's bias, that is loaded with a lot of bias, but I'm telling you the vaccines to do something in terms of reducing hospitalization and death, now in the caveat, they say, Listen, we didn't have data on Delta, and it looks like the vaccine efficacy dropped off after six months, now 10-40 came in in JAMA, and this was published in the fall of this year, and they had an 85% protection overall against hospitalization, but again, don't forget, the hospitalization could be influenced by this testing bias, but if we look at the data and figure the... Which is dealing with in this paper. People who really had covid and did they progress onto the mechanical ventilator or did they get worse, and the answer was there was a 59% protection against getting worse, but mortality in the 1040 paper as one of the best vaccine papers...

1:02:13.3 S2: Mortality for those who took the vaccine and we're hospice with covid was 63%, and mortality for unvaccinated, and they just took their chances with covid in the hospital was 86%, and that p value was not statistically significant, so there was a mortality benefit, but it wasn't statistically significant. And so the last paper we have to point to is by cone and colleagues cone from the VA, 780000 individual s7225 individuals in the VA, and they basically demonstrated that age over 65 for non-covid-related deaths, the vaccine is associated with a reduction in non-covid-related to us, meaning people who take the vaccine are less likely to die because they... By selection bias, they had about a 1% overall absolute risk reduction in depth, and then the covid protection from death due to covid or death with covid was about a 15%. That's a risk criteria, solute risk reduction, that's cone and colleagues age over 65. Now, importantly, what happened is in September, the vaccine efficacy fell off a cliff for all the vaccines, and what happened in September, I was very important. September was about the six-month anniversary of everybody, 'cause most everybody took the vaccines early, and September was also the first month of fully shading in on Delta, we got the 99% delta.

1:03:39.9 S1: Which basically many papers show is resistant to the... Of the vaccines. So this is much smaller than any of the reports you have read online or see on television, this is a much smaller avenue of efficacy, what

1:04:02.9 S2: Would you be presenting the data in terms of absolute risk reduction from the survival curves, there's a way of presenting it called relative risk reduction, which gives a much bigger number, but a lot of people wanna know people on the street, I wanna know, Listen, what's my chances? Dying of covid, and I can just give you the number for us veterans, let's have people listen to this, and this is after about four to six months have taken the vaccine, those who are positive, veterans over age 65, who are covid positive and died with covid 19 flippant survival to survive covid 19. The number was basically on it be exact, since fact checkers will be looking at this was 87% for those who took the vaccine and for those who did not take the vaccine, the number was about 78%. So that number, that number was basically... In the mid-part, it's about 15%, and then it extends out at the end of the saiva curves to about a 10% absolute difference.

1:05:25.1 S1: So the vaccine efficacy drop off of six months. Is this for everyone? Or is this for people... There was a study that was recently highlighted showing the difference between the way obese people process antibodies, is this for everyone? Is this is... Is it more effective and healthier individuals, is it more long-lasting... Yes.

Vaccines fade with time

1:05:49.5 S2: The best paper to look at that is by Nordstrom and colleagues, Sweden, 16 million pairs of vaccinated on vaccine, the outcome is symptomatic covid, 19 infection, not hospitalization and death. Moderna starts out at a month at 92% vaccine efficacy... I'm sorry, five starts out at 92% of vaccines and it drops off to 23% after six months. Madura starts out at 96% and it drops down to 69%. And now we have 22 studies showing that the vaccine efficacy basically markedly diminishes after six months, that's the reason why all the authorities have agreed, we have to give boosters at six months, and the groups that do the worst, and this has been published, are those who are immunocompromised, so the immuno-compromised people worry about them the most, but the bottom line is they get the least benefit of the vaccines, they get the least benefit of the vaccine to the people we worry about the most, and there are also the people that we don't criticize their choices, because particularly the obese ones, we don't say.

1:06:53.0 S1: Which I think they should have said right off the bat.

1:06:54.9 S2: Well, interesting, no compromise by the CDC wouldn't include the OB. So I enclose people with blood disorders, chronic leukemia includes those transplant recipients, the most common category that your listeners would fall into is immuno-compromised or people on chronic corticosteroids, so people with severe... All that and stay asthma remains that would be immunocompromised. You're talking about general comorbidity categories like diabetes, obesity, heart lung disease, kidney disease, chronic cancer, those are basically risk factors for hospitalization and death with covid, and there's a reason why, by the way, particularly obesity... You know what it is? Yeah.

1:07:31.9 S1: We talked about it, but please explain it 'cause... I can't repeat it. The virus, SARS COV 2, the virus has got two very unique things as a viral syndrome, the first is the cytokine storm or this Hyper-immune activation, and that cytokine storm leads with the most unique cytokine inner... Look and I, we've never seen this before. In ER, lookin 6 is produced by human fat cells, so the virus triggers human fat cells to produce a ton of inner look and I, which itself is damaging, and so those who are fat have a much greater depot and an ability to produce the cytokine storm that the reason why obesity is an exquisite risk factor for mortality is because the unique site, kind signature of stars CO2.

blood clotting

1:08:18.9 S2: The other thing that's unique about the infection is blood clotting, we've never seen an infection that causes blood calling his blood clotting is in the final pathway to death with this virus because of the spike protein, the spike protein attaches to solace residues on the surface of red blood cells, it causes micro right blood cell aggregation, it trips off the coagulation cascade and interesting way, and we can see this in patients where we see a D-dimer level that's elevated, and doctors learned to actually, as a signature of covid 19 The d-dimer levels when they're elevated, it actually means this coagulation process is likely going on.

1:08:58.4 S1: So the compromise of the immune system that comes about from obesity... Is it scalable? Is it like if you are 100 pounds overweight? Is it much worse than if you're 40 pounds overweight, it's clearly scalable, so that's something that should have been discussed publicly along with the drugs, along with the possible early treatment options. Well.

1:09:22.9 S2: If we could have, in a perfect world, if we addressed four pillars of the pandemic response, if we did what Bangladeshi and just start actually doing the oral nasal hygiene approach.

1:09:33.2 S1: It is not what they did right away.

1:09:34.6 S2: That's where the trials were done there almost down to zero covid, 60 million people that are on top of each other over there, they're down almost zero covid, 'cause I've got the discipline down to when they go out in public settings, when you went out with that guy with a headache, when you came home, just do the oral nasal decontamination, you would have knocked on the viral particles enough where your body probably would have fought off the rest and you don't get the syndrome... Do you know my patients right now when they're coming down with covid, we actually blast with a dilute paved-on ion in the nose, in the mouth, we blast every four hours while awake and we knocked down the viral load, particularly with Delta. Delta has 251 to a thousand times five of load in the nose, so it's replicating like mad, and we can knock it down and reduce the amount of vial inoculum in the human body. I personally had covid how it was in the fall of 2020. I didn't know about this, it baked in my nose and mouth for three days, and I sat there, I did nothing else, scrambling for oral drugs.

1:10:32.4 S2: Why did I knock it down? With some type of treatment in the nose, chronic sinusitis patients have been using NetApp, so they've been using salience, all we have to do is add a little peroxide or a little bit hiding to that and knock down the viral load. I could have had a much milder syndrome.

1:10:48.8 S1: So that would be one way to approach it that you feel is very effective, this other protocol that you have established is another great way to approach it. Are the people that are in agreement or disagreement with you, that you... Disagreement in particular that you respect and you see some merit in what they're saying...

His was the first publication saying COVID should be first treated from home

1:11:12.3 S2: Well, the disagreement would be, don't treat patients. That's... Think about it. Well, when I published the paper in the American Journal Medicine, so I was the first person in the world to put a stake in the ground saying that we can treat covid 19 at home and prevent hospital has anyone said to you, Don't treat patients. So the letters to the editor came in, Joe, there was about six of them, they came in from Duke, from a hash... From, I think McGill in Montreal, from Europe, South America, they said, Dr. Macola, you can't treat covid patients. It's like What? They said, You can't treat... You don't have enough evidence. You can't do this. You could cause harm at the Joe Al partner, macadam. Diane, he let this go on. Every letter came back and I said, overcome your fear, and let's break the grip of therapeutic meal-ism and let's start treating patients to prevent hospitalization and death in our circles. There is no discussion. I was in the endowed lecture at Harvard two years ago as fanfare, me in my life, all these pictures... Everything is wonderful.

1:12:20.9 S1: You know, not a single institution has invited me to lecture on the early treatment of covid 19.

1:12:27.7 S2: Remember, Harvard doesn't treat people. Neuter-Mayo Clinic, neither is UCLA nears a medical school here in Austin. They don't treat a single patient, they have nothing to offer, when did real set up his treatment of program and Ray, he put out... Came outside the medical center there, they tried to shut him down. He goes, I said, I'm gonna treat patients. Because they're sick, they have MARS, if you've been there. So all he's retired, older French citizens pretty well to do, they're down on their French air, they were getting sick with covid 19, he opened up an outpatient treatment center and they started treating people... Started gathering this data, they tried to shut him down, they took hydroxy corn, they made it over the counter, as there's been doctors who was Doctor arrested in South Africa for using ivermectin for quinault, there has been suppression and where we know things really got up to is when we came to the monoclonal antibodies, these monoclonal antibodies, they really work, and let me tell you what, we've got three terrific bones, now we have lilies back with a combination of Amalie and urea, which is wonderful, we have our genera, which Trump received, which is a combination of Indian karaman and how skin may has...

1:13:40.1 S2: So Arima, such rehab is actually antibodies directed against the glycoprotein, so it's gonna be basically resistant to any... But in strains, these antibodies in general, all the studies show given early, have at least a 50%, if not an 85% reduction in hospitalization and death. So

1:14:01.3 S1: I use them every day, I took it when I got sick, and I think it's one of the primary reasons why I got better so quickly... And you got... And what Aaron Rogers got and what President Trump got is basically how I do it up for America in the world.

1:14:15.3 S2: And you know that science is going the right way when people like myself and Percy and did a real... What have you... We're working independently, and we come up with the same conclusions, paper and I did not re-circle did not actually come to much later, and that's exactly what you wanna see, you wanna see external validity, people working independently. Coming up with the same idea.

1:14:36.1 S1: So what is the resistance to the monocots? The resistance has been, in a sense, an opacity to them, meaning I testified in the Texas Senate in March 2021, and right ahead of me was this wonderful doctor, and she talked about her 90-year-old father who is saved by monoclonal antibodies, and I sat through six hours of self-congratulatory testimony by all these department heads and across Texas, they were talking about hand sanitizer and doing evaluations and vaccines. I got up there and I told Copart, who's the chair of the committee, is right here in Austin. I say, Were these monoclonal antibodies? Where are they?

1:15:23.2 S2: Where is the 1-800 numbers that we can access these monoclonal antibodies, where is the list of treatment centers where these monocots are... How come we don't have billboards up there telling the poor seniors where the Monocle antibodies are, do we stack these in nursing homes where people getting sick, do we even know there is a heightened go-see, going out with these monoclonal Es, and I can tell you, in Florida, there's been a big push to use monoclonal antibodies, and they've had the same problem that there was this, in a sense, lack of government prioritization for the monoclonal bodies, what was the last time you saw a feature in the news on the monoclinic... There's no word of them, they're wonderful products, operation war Spear. They limited in any way. Now they limited... How are they produced? Well, they're produced in the same technology that we would produce Humira and radical, all these, they're called fully-humanized monoclonal antibodies, and so they're produced in a method where once there's a fully humanized mouse and the code for an antibody is created in the mouse... That gene is transferred into what's called a Chinese hamster over suspension, and that actually produces massive quantities of the antibody, that's how they're all produced, and anybody's taken home and you just take a redpath or probably went...

1:16:42.8 S2: They know what I'm talking about. And the point is, they're safe and effective in medical economics in 2020, who was already disclosed in the table that we had already purchased a 100 million doses of these, and we had on order 500 million doses, there are plenty of monoclonal antibodies. My point is, the governments almost on purpose and the local and federal state agencies are not featuring these, and I gave a lecture of symposium for doctors and Amarillo and Dr. Symposium amoral country club within the last month. One doctor in the room was wearing a mask, one of us who were writing Masan, I went over early treatment and went over all the signs we talked about today, and he goes, Listen, I'm the Public Health Director here, and I wanna tell you something, that 85% of people dying of covid 19 in our county are unvaccinated. I wanted to make that statement, and I said, Listen, you're running the monoclonal antibody program here, how many of these deaths received monoclonal bodies... He as well, I don't know that. I said, Listen, the vaccines aren't treatment... The vaccines aren't treatment, the monocots or treatment to see the...

1:17:56.5 S2: See, the absurdity of this, this is the mass ICOS is he is completely and totally focused on the vaccine, yet he's got the most important tool right in front of him. What I said in the Texas senate, I said, The most important thing is the sick person right in front of you, that's it. At any given time is way less than 1% of people are sick with covid team focus on the sick person, and then that's how we win the ballgame covered.

1:18:20.7 S1: Do you think that it's possible that people will wake up to the idea that there should be many approaches to this as the vaccines wane in efficacy and as people start to become more resistant to boosters, then maybe they'll look at these things 'cause what's confusing to people is that... Well, if this is all some sort of a plot by the pharmaceutical companies to make exorbitant amounts of money, why aren't they trying to make exorbitant amounts of money off the Monocle or any bodies which are also expensive. Yeah, tell you it's a great argument, we'll see malaria, which is the mark drug, which I think is gonna be modestly effective, the registration Al trials finally came in about a 30% effect size, so a little less than hydroxy or ivermectin. ivermectin is oral drive, probably has the best efficacy of the three, and I think Malaria is gonna be similar to pay per over, we will have to see, but the point I'm making is it... Listen.

1:19:15.5 S2: The monoclonal anti-ice were before the vaccines, their emergency use authorized. They're more impressive results. There's nothing to suggest that the vaccines can have any weird near the treatment effect because so many people take the vaccines don't get covid.

1:19:33.7 S1: So many people who take the vaccines don't get to

1:19:35.9 S2: Never get covid to... What is the VA data to show you? 96% of people who take the vaccines never get covid, so the vaccines are given to a large number of people who are never gonna come in contact with it with a... Remember the restoration? Why would you say never? They just haven't at... We're relatively new in this thing, right, we... The CDC tells us 146 million people who have already had it, have already had it. Now, those data run in arrears, we could be closer to 200 million people who've already had it.

1:20:04.7 S1: Do you think there's any reason for someone who's already had covid to get vaccinated? Now, there's three studies, well, characterizing it, three more that have raiden and pre-print showing harm. So we've already covered the fact that recovered people don't get covid a second time.

1:20:20.7 S2: And even if you argue that you think you can find a case here and there, boy, it's one in seven billion people who can get covid a second time. It's rare as Henty if it even happens. So the point is, if you can't get it a second time, you can only be exposed to harms, so the vaccines, like any other medical treatment are not free of adverse effects.

1:20:42.7 S1: Now, what if someone got a very mild case of covid and asymptomatic test that showed up, or asymptomatic case that showed up as a PCR test, especially when they were running what was like 40 cycles at one point in time, if that person tested positive on multiple occasions but does not show antibodies in an antibody test, do you think for that person, it would be a good idea to get a vaccination... There's three ways to prove your merit, one is you have a concrete case of covid 19, so you have the characteristic signs of symptoms, you were sick, positive PCR test, preferably, low cycle threshold antigen test. I got covid 19. I did the right thing. I was an FDA-approved research, I took hydroxyl, an FDA-approved research, and I tested positive for the PCR, but also the energy. So I had covid 19 is such an important diagnosis.

1:21:34.7 S2: Why don't we confirm it in HIV, we always use confirmatory testing, we don't write on one test alone, but in the case where it's well documented and you're sick, you're done, you're basically have permanent immunity at that point, over 35-135 study support that now, Paul Alexander, man, an immunity, permanent SARS COV 1, which is 90% somewhere to SARS COV 2, it's forever. It's forever if you have symptoms and you recover from those symptoms, likely you have a lifetime unity... Everything we can tell. It's just like sarkodie Saco is 17 years old. It's one and done, supported by 135 studies, and this recent CDC, the CDC is a stakeholder in the vaccine program, they're running it with the FDA, there they are the CDC and FDA are the sponsors of the US vaccine program, and they've been telling people recovered that they should take the vaccine 'cause they could have it again, and as reason why when they were pressed to say, Listen, find a case of someone who really had covid 19 a second time, they couldn't find a case that was the most revealing news that came out of the CDC in weeks, and it was great news for a Mars.

1:22:39.5 S1: You think that recommendation is not based on science, it's based on the idea that they want to distribute as many vaccines as possible... Well.

1:22:47.0 S2: It's based originally out of a concern of caution, don't forget the vaccine recommendations original... Yeah, originally, so listen, we're not sure if you can get it again. Take the vaccine, right. So they were just... Remember the vaccines originally were just offered as they showed their research... The vaccines are research, they are all investigational Research, and so nobody can encourage somebody to take a vaccine by the way, that violates a number code can't do it. Research is neutral. As a doctor, I can never tell somebody they should take the cover 19 vaccine, why? Because the same reason why I can't tell him say, Listen, you should be in my research study, you should take my research pull for diabetes, you know, if I told them that you should be in my research study, I be sanctioned by the IRB. I would call by the FDA, that's out of bounds. We never give any pressure co version or that prize of participated in research Filey stand Nuremberg code, and we certainly wouldn't do it these vaccines, 'cause we don't have all the data yet.

1:23:38.7 S1: So that so many people are doing that. Well, they're a

1:23:41.3 S2: Tie right now, they're walking... Aligned on bioethics, that they will be held accountable. You can't do that. You can't do that. No one can. No good doctor can. No. Good talk to now, getting back to vaccine safety, so the idea here is that we have to reconcile with vaccine safety, so the story is, by January 22, we already had 182 dust after the vaccine, January 22 for all the vaccines combined 278 million shots given each year in the United States, kids, adults, me and you, I took two last year, I took one this year, 27 million shots, the average number of DESI would ever come in to our central database, about 150. We've been keeping this database for 20 years, suddenly we were at 182, and then it was a very important recognition that many of us had say, Wait a minute, the CDC and FDA, they didn't have any safety review, they didn't have an eternal critical event committee, they didn't have a data safety monitoring came and they didn't have a human ethics board assigned to the program, it turns out we had the wrong agencies leading the program, the FDA is supposed to be the drug watch government organization, they don't lead clinical programs.

1:24:59.2 S2: The CDC is supposed to be the outbreak evaluation program, they don't lead clinical programs, so in fact, we actually had the wrong... We had the innocence, the fox guarding the chicken coop, in a sense, we had the wrong people leading the programs, and then we didn't have this independent safety committee, so there was nobody to stop the program in February. Normally what happens is, you get five test after any product is unexplained, black box warning may cause death, you get to 50... Does, I don't care, 50 million, 60 million people take their drug, you get to 50 test is off the market and it gets reviewed for safety, I've been involved with these cell at a national level, we never let a drug go on and be associated with 50 de afterwards, we are at 1-

1:25:42.2 S1: 82

1:25:42.8 S2: And there was no safety review. Remember I told you in February, I demanded, as a citizen, I demanded a report from the federal government, we needed to report an oppressed beef on vaccine safety Faye...

1:25:53.9 S1: Never got it, or not. Positive or in there, but isn't it rare that a group of people as large as the number of people that were getting vaccinated participates in some, if you wanna call it experiment or whatever it is, but this is essentially a mass inoculation, it's extremely large number of human beings, so if you're getting 100 need to be...

1:26:13.5 S2: We had 182 is gonna be scalable. Or... Well, we had 182 at 27 million shots, 82, 27 last... Remember, the standard is 150...

1:26:26.1 S1: At 278 million shots, right? So 150 to 278, we had 12 to 27, so on normal conditions, but the idea was that people were dying from the pandemic and they were dying from covid. So here's the idea, and the best example that was somebody in my circles, Roach came by my house, a guy like you, she came by biking and I, his wife, we took to vaccines, we took... The vaccines were safe. I said, Listen, I'm kind of concerned. By March were at 1200 desk, 1200 deaths. I said, We're at 1200 DES. He goes, What are you talking about? We vaccinated 60 million people, 1200 dust. A small price to pay. I continue the thought in my mind, a small price to pay for the area and race, that is the type of thinking that people... Comes into people's minds, driven out of fear.

1:27:18.7 S2: Driven out of mass ICOS that say, Listen, I took the shot, I took a risk if it kills somebody else, I don't care.

1:27:27.3 S1: There is a thing that people that took the shot and took the risk, I want other people to do the same. That's exactly right.

1:27:33.3 S2: Now, fast forward, where we are today, read 18000 deaths.

1:27:38.3 S1: And this is just the VARS which is under-reported.

1:27:41.4 S2: This is Versace universe Event Reporting System. And we know in that system, these are certified by the CDC, so the red box report comes up once a week is certified by the CDC, that means all these events really happened because they come in as temporary varus numbers and then we get them... So all of these really happened, 18000 dust, there are 30000 individuals who are permanently disabled after the vaccine, 200050250000 emergency room visits, office visits, other healthcare encounters related to the vaccine, we have two separate analyses showing one from MacLachlan from Queen's University in London, one from Jessica rose from Canada, showing that 50% of these desire within 48 a shot, that 80% of the dust occur within a week, they're very tightly related. We now know that the spike protein after these vaccines is produced in the body for an uncontrolled quantity and an uncontrolled duration of time, and because the antibodies to the spike protein after the vaccine are so high compared to the respiratory infection, we now infer that in fact, one gets a much larger dose of the spike protein after vaccination, then the respiratory illness, and in some people, they invariably can't handle the spike protein exposure to human body who dies, Welland, looked at this and found that the vast majority of death are and seniors, the very people...

1:29:11.5 S2: We wanted to protect it, so the desks are current nursing home residents, people in their 80s, high 70s and on down McLachlan, he had 1200 dust at the time of the publication, took them encoded the dust rigorously through the vignette independent reviewers by causality was actually due to the vaccine, and they ascertained that 86% of the time, there was no other cause outside the vaccine, no other causes, 86%, 86%. Now.

1:29:42.2 S1: How they do that when you're dealing with someone who's that old... Well, you have a vignette and you kinda read the vignette, there's been separately nursing home studies, there's one by credo and colleagues that in nursing is in 100 deaths after the vaccine in a nursing homes Canada, so they reviewed the dust, they came up with a number closer to 40% when directly due to the vaccine.

1:30:01.6 S2: But what I'm saying is just like the respiratory infection takes out people who are TV or on the brink of survival... Right, the vaccine does the same thing, 'cause the vaccine and the respiratory ALS are one and the same in terms of the spike protein, We're giving the body back bespoke protein in relatively high quantities, and then a whole bunch of things would come out, so inverse to make sure, your audience has this down... 18000 does. That's everything reported in, we know from a paper by Mister and colleagues before covid that about 86%, 85% of these reports are done by doctors, nurses or other health care professionals, I think the vaccine caused the problem. And also the pharmaceutical manufacturers, only about 14-15% are done by the patient themselves, we know from the data presented in the whistle-blower, there's an FDA whistleblower lawsuit for deaths after the vaccine that was filed by attorney Tom rents using CMS data. So in CMS, we also know when they got the vaccine and who they died, and it doesn't depend on self-reporting, 'cause CMS, the Center for Medicare Medicaid services, they know when people come off the roles and there the under-reporting number was established, so we know VaRs are under-reported by about four to five.

1:31:17.6 S2: So of those 18000 does, 9000 are domestic, 9000 or X US. Would they report through our systems, so if we have 9000 Americans truly of didactic vaccine, and the under-reporting number is about five, we're at 45000 American lives lost, and that's what's in the FDA... That's the lawsuit against the FDA.

1:31:36.1 S1: How do they arrive at that number of under-reporting... There was a Harvard study that showed under-reporting being as high as 1%, how you... Meaning, they only report 1% of rights.

1:31:48.7 S2: The Harvard study with the HPV or human papyrus vaccine.

1:31:53.4 S1: That's all it was about.

1:31:54.7 S2: Yeah, the idea is, Well, parents and kids are getting it and what have you, so it's probably grows, there's probably gross under reporting there, covid people are on edge. Right, and so what CMS... The CMS data basically, you know when someone got the shot and you know when they died, and so we know what proportion of the US population our CMS recipients, so by extrapolation can calculate what the real number is, so the real number at the time they filed the number was around about 45000 compared to what was inverse, that's how we can get to the under-reporting relationship of four to five, and we think that's a fair number... Four to five is probably a fair number.

1:32:31.2 S1: Now, what is the difference between the way the spike protein interacts with the body via infection from respiratory illness versus an injection from the vaccine? Well, we learned July 29th, Bruce Patterson, who's terrific molecular biologists between Northwestern Stanford, shout for the first time with a respiratory infection, the S1 segment of the spike protein is recoverable in human monocytes for up to 15 months after infection.

1:32:59.6 S2: So you had the infection, Joe, you got 15 months to clear that stuff out now maybe sooner, and hopefully lower exposure you got on antibodies, other drugs. I got drugs. Hopefully, we had less exposure to it, we can... Our bodies can be free of the spike protein, the S1 segment, the outer segment, that's the one that actually not docks with the A2 receptor, the as two segments of one closer to the ball, the virus. Now, I interviewed post Patterson for the macular port on America, Lota radio, the macula report. And what Bruce told me, and he had the data, is that in the vaccinated individuals, as long as he can see after the vaccination, they have measurable spike protein, S-1 and S two segments within the monocytes. We knew from a paper by Ogata and colleagues whom Harvard, showed that the free-floating spike protein was in the plasma for on average two weeks after the vaccines, Message, RNA vaccines, but one person in this study, it was measurable in plasma for 29 days. So that spike protein, EMEA in the plasma, the spike protein damages cells, it goes damages cells in the heart and the brain damage these blood vessels causes blood clotting.

Vaccine damage

1:34:09.9 S2: We know the spike poach is dangerous. A paper by volo shows it damages heart muscle cells, parasites, the FDA has warnings on the vaccines for myocarditis or heart damage, so this is biologically cohesive that the vaccines could damage the human body and cause death. So the biological plausibility is there, we know that it's a strong signal, so we have that, we know that it's internally consistent in the VAR system, meaning there are other non-fatal events like heart attacks, blood clots, Marius, and how it's externally consistent. The same pattern is seen in the yellow card system in the UK through the Mehra, and it's also seeing the uterus system in Europe. So what I've laid out for you is we've fulfilled what's called the Bradford Hill criteria for causality, that means it's it... I'm an epidemiologist by training. This is my line of work.

1:35:00.3 S1: I'm telling you, for a large number of individuals, the vaccine has caused death and these vaccine-induced organ injury syndromes. Why is it that it doesn't affect most people, this where if you look at the vast majority of people that have been vaccinated, then that's one of the things that we have to go on in this country, is it literally... What is it? It's over 200 million people, I believe, have been vaccinated, that's an enormous amount of human beings. Most of them are fine. Is that an accurate statement?

1:35:33.6 S2: It's just, again, just like the respiratory infection, we've had 146 million people who've had the respiratory infection

1:35:39.9 S1: Less than 1% state, right. But the ones that have gotten the injection and died or got myocarditis versus the ones who got the injection and nothing happened at all... What's the difference?

1:35:53.4 S2: What happens again? Just like the rest infection. Remember, you and I had the rest are infection, were perfectly fine. We're sitting here talking, 99% of people who got the restaurant on are fined. 99% of people who got the vaccine or find a were 200 million people who got the vaccine, and we have about one million people injured, so it's about... It's the same. They're identically the same. It's the same concept.

1:36:14.0 S1: So what do you think is causing the damage in the 1%, just like

1:36:20.0 S2: With the respiratory infection.

1:36:21.3 S1: It's all about susceptibility, remember in the respiratory infection, it's the elderly, those with medical problems. Those with comorbidities, it's the same thing. So with a vaccine is the elderly, it's with comorbid, for instance, blood clotting, those who have inherited proclivity to blood clotting are gonna be the ones who are likely to conform the fatal blood cuts that happen with the vaccine. Invariably, there's gonna be some determinants of who develops the myocarditis, we have a lead on this, by the way, the Myocarditis is not equal in terms of gender, it's running about 80% boys and 20% girls, so it must be some relationship... Well, I'm glad you said boys and not men, because that's what I'm asking about. These are not people that have a susceptibility to a disease, they don't have a pre-existing condition. They're young people and they're getting Myocarditis. So what is causing that?

1:37:17.1 S2: In a paper from Finland, an important paper done before covid 19 where they collected all the myocarditis cases in Finland before covid 19, they established in who got it and what was the rate? And in that paper, I believe the first authors to show by what it showed was that there is an age gradient that occurs as one goes from age 01 to three, four, five, driver a little, and then once approaches puberty, it goes up after a 12... It really goes up 12 to 17 or 18, and it runs about 80% or 90% boys. And importantly, the number per million, you could actually calculate the number per million per year, came out to four cases per million per year, so if you figure that we have... Let's make it easy met. Let's say we have 70 million kids in United States, and we do... So 70 times, that would be 280 kids at Myocarditis. Some people say, add on teenagers or other people, we could get to 7800 cases of markers per year. Do you know we're in a Affairs right now, Joe

1:38:32.8 S1: 13000 certified cases of myocarditis paradise.

1:38:36.8 S2: I know because I reported some... So some kids have come to my clinic, they've had hard information, we know in a paper by Tracy home from UC Davis, thousands of cases of maladies from fears and be safe, 86% of these kids have to be hospitalized, they're sick, they have chest pain, they have stagnation on the UK, sky high troponin, the blood test for heart injury is about 10 to a 100 fold that of a man having a heart attack, these are kids having significant heart damage, but a quarter have incipient heart failure is seen by echo. I've seen them and follow-up in my clinic, we have to use hard fare drugs and very importantly, to treat myocarditis, no physical activity, physical activity can trigger sudden cardiac death, so... No physical activity for sure. I've done this in my practice, the point I'm making, so is the CDC calls me and says, Dr. McCallum, we wanna review this case with you and we go over it and we agree after we go out or the labs and what have you, 1300the cases of microspheres, that number should be no more than 600 a background. So no physical activity.

1:39:41.4 S2: So when these people do have this heart inflammation and then they have physical activity, that's what's causing... Like do you believe there's been a rash of cases of soccer players in particular, I'm sure you're probably aware of this, that have collapsed or died and it's much higher than normal.

1:39:59.8 S1: Do you think that that's probably... That This is what's attributable to that there is a montage of deaths on the soccer field... Rug refueled, particularly in Europe, overseas. It's interesting, not in the United States, but overseas, that's concerning

1:40:16.8 S2: You... Each case is His own case, did they take a vaccine, when did they take A vaccine, could they have sub-clinical... Could they have taken a vaccine in the last six months, could they have some sub-clinical symptoms? It's hard when you're a young athlete and your sore all over the chest soreness may not be that demonstrable and vigorous physical activity, particularly that start stop, especially soccer particularly, would make me think, but you know, if that's the case. And it was my... Caritas, wouldn't we be seeing? The NBA and NFL and elsewhere. It raises the suspicion, the myocarditis, their strict warnings against is remember FDA has manner warnings of myocarditis. Jessica Rose and I published in current problems of cardiology a paper from bars and the upper tail of the myocarditis for men goes all the way up to age 50. So I'm telling you, I have somebody in my practice was well above the teenage years who has Marder gonna see more and more, because it's now known in the FDA agrees that the vaccines in fact do go to the heart, they get sub-distributed on the body, and in fact, the Koreans, we had the first fail case of Micronesia aware of, reported from Washington University in St.

1:41:31.2 S2: Louis in American who took the vaccine, and now the Koreans have reported one patient of a young lady got put on emishi survives, you got 10 minutes of CPR and got put on Coimbra oxygenation to survive. But sadly, another Korean man died in the autopsy, his heart was loaded with information.

1:41:48.4 S1: Now the heart swells, it gets to be about double the size in a matter of just a few days after taking the vaccine with Myocarditis is explosive. After shot number two. So two questions in regards to what you just said, one, soccer, I think is probably one of the most cardio-intensive sports because it's an enormous field and they're constantly running, they have these long sprints... I don't think it's comparable in the same sense as the NBA, I think the NBA is a much smaller playing field, and I just don't think it's... Obviously, you have to be in great shape, but I don't think it's as cardio intensive... The vaccine causing this. Why would it be that are they getting different vaccines in Europe where these soccer players are dropping, and if that's the case, are some vaccines more... They lead people to be more susceptible to Myocarditis. And then the other question is, Does myocarditis reverse itself? Like if you have Myocarditis, is that automatically gonna take years off your life, even if you recover from it, 'cause you refer to it as a non-fatal adverse event, if that's a non-fatal adverse event, does one eventually get back to normal with Myocarditis...

1:43:13.5 S2: Myocarditis, again, if we're at 400 to 800 cases in the United States per year, and over the course of my career, I've seen one or two cases spontaneous macros before covid, and one or two... One or two, that's it. My whole career... Because it's rear obviously.

1:43:32.5 S1: And what would that be from... What would be the cause of it? The most fatal type is called giant cell myocarditis, it literally is idiopathic comes out of nowhere. We don't know what causes it, there's other forms, adenovirus parvovirus that can cause myocarditis, and these are typically treated just a supportive ly. There was a randomized trial, and actually Dallas Texas played a big role in it called the marca treatment trial, mitt a did biopsies and showed routine cardiac biopsies were not useful outside of trying to diagnose giant cell myocarditis, and then lastly, that routine corticosteroids weren't useful. Having said that, when we try to treat patients, we end up using culture scene, sometimes some other drugs, I wanna get the right citations down. So the paper from Finland was by Rolla and colleagues that came with the estimate of four cases per million per year as a baseline, so that means in the United States, 400-800 cases a year, we've already gotten to over 13000 cases in the United States, and we've seen cases of Bacardi, by the way, reported the US military, then reported from Israel, France and elsewhere, the paper that showed it directly invade the heart, the spike protein, that was by Avalon colleagues in their parishes.

1:44:50.7 S1: And very importantly, the prognosis is what you're asking about, the prognosis paper, it was published by carton Chopin, that was in circulation research 2019, and What I showed is a shell that 13% of Maronites is before covid ends up with Progressive heart failure and worsening. My fear is some of these kids who develop myocarditis will be in a 13% category where they have progressive left in Chile dysfunction and heart failure, so the myocarditis they're experiencing right now is damaged heart tissue, and that damage, hard tissue is not gonna heal, and that it, in fact, my dad wore... The estimates are, and again, I'm applying data from other forms of Maronite before covid, and covid looks like a pretty severe form of it, to be honest with you, because it's putting... 86% of the kids in the hospital. There's Marius that we actually don't hustle... We can treat Maladies in my paradise in the office, but these kids are sick enough to be hospitalized... I'm inferring that its severe forms of it, this estimate from this paper would be 13% risk of in these kids of developing heart failure or needing things like ICD, heart failure, oral drugs, later on, cardiac transplant or cardiac death.

1:46:09.7 S1: When you say cardiac transplant, you're talking about heart transplant... Yeah, yeah, I read... We reviewed the harm case of a 19-year-old girl who was vaccinated wind up having a heart attack, heart failure, heart transplant, and then because of the immuno compromising drugs that they put her on to accept the transplant... She got pneumonia and died 19. I said on national TV in June, when the FDA just had 200 cases, they reviewed FDA and CDC, 200 FDA said two things, I think that weren't your responsible... I'll call them out on it

1:46:45.4 S2: 'cause I can... And that is, they said, it's rare. And they said, it's mild. And I was on national TV saying, Listen, and safety research, we never say the word rare, we say tip of the iceberg, this is probably just the beginning of what we're gonna see, and it's not mild because even in June, 90% were hospitalized and sure enough, now we have 13000 cases, 86% hospitalized, and you know the hog analysis shows that a young boy is more likely to be hospitalized with Myocarditis then ever be hospitalized a covid... 19, the respiratory illness.

1:47:18.2 S1: Yeah, we show that the Sandakan, he was ingredient. When you're looking at this chart in front of you, what percentage of the people recover fully from myocarditis, pre-pandemic, pre-covid 19.

1:47:34.8 S2: In this paper by Shelby, this is good, this is like a medical grand rounds on Joe Rogan. I love it, Joe. So in this figure one from the Toshiba ER, 27% never deviated from normal heart function, so they were good all the way through, they were clinically at macarius, 26% were categorized as recovered, fully, 34% improved, but never got back up to completely normal, and then 13% were impaired. I mean.

Before getting vaccine a person could hold his breath for 10 minutes

1:48:04.9 S1: The heart took a hit and they never recovered, there's a gentleman who he holds was the world's long static breath hold... Is that what you hold... He's done the 10-minute guy. You know what I'm talking about that... We talked about on the podcast before, he got myocarditis from the vaccine, and it severely limited his ability to do that, he had extreme cardiovascular function, because this is a guy, I can hold his breath for 10 minutes and he says that it's caused somewhere it's been... I believe he said it's been eight months plus since having myocarditis and still he's somewhere around 30% reduction of his abilities. Well, getting back to your question of, Listen, 200 million people took the vaccine, you... Why are so many people find it?

1:48:57.2 S2: I think my answer to that, honestly, Joe, is that the body is a miraculous creation, and the body can fight off all kinds of things, so you put some foreign messenger RNA in there and with synthetic analog caps, Tony cargoes, and I have published on this by the way, the messenger RNA probably stays in the body for a few months, the spike protein Patterson is showing us less in the body, at least 15 months. There's a paper by Ban Suan colleague, shown in the vaccinated that you have not only the S1 Samoa, the S-two segments, you actually get both segments in the vaccinated, persisting the body for a long time, almost certainly beyond six months, that if someone took a shot, one and shot two in January, February, and nothing has happened. I'm following my patients carefully, 70% of people in my practice took the vaccine, again, a good doctors don't encourage... Don't discourage it was purely elective because they're in vaccine research, fine. No harm, no fall, but if we start vaccinating every six months, I think to the spike protein never gets out of the body, it accumulates a progressive accumulation of the spike protein is very worrisome for these progressive organ injury syndromes.

1:50:02.0 S1: So if we're doing it every six months, the spike protein will never really, truly have a chance to get out of the body in these cases that you're talking about, where it's still in the body for 15 months.

1:50:11.8 S2: 15 months is on the long side, let's be charitable and say At last in the body, a year, that's what the benzoate and Bruce Patterson in his paper and in his interview on my podcast America radio callar report based on this leading work, I'm telling you, as a doctor, I think the spike protein is in the human body after vaccination at least a year. And so if you have a year to clear it out and you cleared out and nothing's happened, no harm, no fall, the vast majority of people in my practice did fine with the vaccines, now, I don't know if they ever came in contact with covid or not, they did fine. It is my practice experience that when they do get covid, that it's a mild or form... It's easier to treat. Do I still give a monoclinic? Do they get eye for actin... Yes, And Prednisone and all the other drugs and Aquitaine sadly can... Vaccinated patients die of covid 19. Sure, the CDC has told us, the CDC in mid-October had 41,000 full vaccine failure cases recorded by Departments of Public Health, this is just spontaneous reporting, it's not the university of cases, and about a quarter of those were death, so the CDC has large numbers of people who've been fully vaccinated? Who died? It can happen, but it's our experience and I shared with you the data, the vaccines do do something, they provide a modest protection against hospitalization and death, what we're getting to joke is based on the safety profile we've described and based on the efficacy, is it compelling enough to actually mandate it in people, or is it something that ought to be a free choice, and

1:51:44.3 S1: If it is a free choice and you do develop myocarditis, let's say you have an adverse event when you take the vaccine, what can be done to treat these people treatment of myocarditis would be three to six months of... No physical activity. Six months. No physical activity at all. Right.

1:52:02.9 S2: No rigorous walks in outside of daily activities, going to class, going home, this and that, but we don't want any running, weight, lifting, soccer, nothing like that, because where you... We trigger cardiac death, and then for when the heart pumping function is reduced, when we see this by Echocardiography MRI, we use what's called Evidence-Based beta blockers, Carvel be so belong, long idea bitola. And then we use what's called RAST inhibitors as ACE inhibitors, angiotensin receptor blockers, or a new drug called In trusted, that's what I use in cardiac patients who have impaired pumping function 'cause we're trying to prevent slippage and even worsened heart failure, and then for the plural pericardial, symptoms, we use a drug called coaching and cultures, a drug we actually use in the treatment of covid 19 acute illness.

1:52:51.4 S1: Remember, the acute illness is similar to the vaccine allies, they have so many similar, 'cause it's the same spike protein. We use coaching in order to try to relieve some of the pericardial symptoms and our Anime trial suggesting that would help try to extinguish the information in the heart. Is there anything that someone can take... Let's say if your job mandates that you get vaccinated, is there anything that someone can take that could potentially mitigate the negative effects of the spike protein boys, that's kind of getting into this idea of moral hazard and social contract. So people ask me all the time, Yeah, doc, I'm gonna lose my job. My job, I'm losing my job if I don't take the vaccine. And I usually ask you to already ask them, what's the social contract? What do you get if... Take the vaccine. What do you get? Are you getting 20 years of employment, 10, five a year? Are you even getting a guaranteed employment in a... You get a one, six month...

1:53:48.4 S2: Are you getting three months? They say, I don't know, nobody told me the social contract, I'll say, Why don't you figure out the social contract before you take a spin with this vaccine, and people are trying to say, listen, can I have my kicking to... Can I take the vaccine and keep my job for some undeclared social contract? And take some antidote. Well, there are things that have been suggested on the website, DR. Test Lawry from the United Kingdom, who's one of the leaders in early treatment of covid 19, she's one of the ones who did the great analysis on... Iran started a program, and I think it's called World for Health, something along these lines. You'll find it on the internet, it's got a yellow and pink montage color, and in there, there are some published approaches, web, not peer-reviewed of court, there's no randomized trials of things one can do to reduce the inflammation and the trombones, and some of the organ injuries syndromes, I'm leary of that approach, because that's basically creating this moral hazard, meaning that it's okay to take the vaccine and you can just take this anecdote to prevent complications.

1:55:00.8 S2: And so this moral hazard, by the way, I came up in a radio interview I had with hit and after tithes, one of the few difficult interviews I had, and he... He came on and when he invited me on Joe, he said, You know, I'm bringing on Dr. Macola. And I wanna say before he gets on, he let us know, he let me know, he's an attorney, and he said, I'm pro vaccine. I think everybody should take the vaccine, and I think I wish we un the pandemic, whatever, but let me bring on this doctor... And then he asked me the question, he said, Dr. McLane said, if somebody listens to you and they don't get covid 19 and they don't take the vaccine, and they get covid 19 and they die, that's on you because they listen to you and they didn't take the vaccine. I said, Huh? I said, If they listen to you and they take the vaccine, they've been pressured into vaccine research, and if they take the vaccine and they're one of the thousands of people who drop dead within a couple of days of the vaccine... I said, that's on you.

1:56:03.2 S2: I said, Who's got the bigger? Moral hazard here, the bottom line is, you can dodge covid forever, there's people who have never gotten... Cover their dodging covid. Fine. In fact, you cannot take the vaccine and get treatment for covid and survive it... I did, I got covid before the vaccines. For me, it's over with. You got covid... After the vaccines. You got treatment. You got through it. So did Aaron Rogers? So did so many of us. The bottom line is, there's no moral hazard for deferring on the vaccines because the vaccines are research and they're elective, and the vaccines are only to protect the individual, there's no data suggesting the vaccines protect others. This is very, very important. There are now studies, there is a recent study in the journal lancet that is actually asked the question, Do the vaccines actually protect others from getting covid 19 because that is really what's going on. There's people in my circles that have said, listen, Take the vaccine, protect other people, you don't do it for yourself, you do it for somebody else.

1:57:03.5 S1: That was later narrative though, right? I know.

1:57:06.9 S2: But so we need later research to apply to the later area... Haven't you heard follow the science? Yeah, haven't you even heard that someone claims that they are science... Yes, I have. Now, science is a process, and you're laughing, you and I are pretty humble here, but let me tell you... Let's follow the science. So this paper is from Annika Zynga agama, and this is published from the ATA CCC study investigator group in The Lancet, and this paper just landed in the West... Oh, I can't believe you got it. That's terrific. And you know what the storyline here is, 39% of this very careful case contact studies, and it's up on Jason, my... Call it here on my slides, 39% of transmission occurred from fully vaccinated to fully vaccinated individuals

1:58:04.2 S1: Is a pretty large number. Yeah.

1:58:06.5 S2: So the point is, we now have abundant evidence, we had the Barnstable county outbreak in Massachusetts, that clearly showed... And the CDC told us Barnstable County, they told us congregate settings, people got covid 19, it was Delta, Look at two-thirds are fully vaccinated, we had the naval cruise ship 3700 individuals fully vaccinated, they passed a data to each other, then we had these papers here, we have one from Haver, CDC, covenant network, we have filler from the VA, this is data shading into June as an... For Delta really kicked up, we had 23% of Americans in the hospital with core, but they had covid 19. Remember in June, remember that talking point that was issued... 99% of people in the hospital were unvaccinated.

1:58:53.2 S1: Yeah, that's propaganda, that's false information put out by those in position of authority, there was one time, and I was on Loring and they had him on to everybody saying 99% unvaccinated, given the governor of Florida said that President United States said that that was a false talking point, that was issued and everybody said it, I think designed to encourage people to get vaccinated... Well, that's certainly been a lot of encouragement to get vaccinated, something someone... Tell me, told me, I wanna verify with you. If you were a healthy person and you took monoclonal antibodies, would that offer you protection for a period of time from covid...

1:59:36.0 S2: Well, there's been a randomized trial of case contacts, this is important. So runtime, I believe, using the genera product. And so what they did is they took seniors like say, several seniors living together, one of them gets covid 19 and the others are exposed in their high risk, they took the exposed ones and they randomize them to getting subcutaneous injections of the monoclonal antibody versus placebo, and those who got the Monocle advice in this setting of seniors, close contact prevented the development of covid 19. Now, when you got yours, do you get it IV or do you get Ives? What happens is doctors have taken those findings and said, Listen, it's parental administration, we're gonna give a sub-Q injection, it's actually four injections that that's needed to give it, but I want the listeners to understand the monoclonal antibodies are safe, effective, proven. They clearly reduce symptoms, they reduce hospitalization, death, and they are a product of operation warp speed, so not everything that happened with pandemic response was bad. This was a great development, I think, about an anti-viral monoclonal antibody. What a wonderful advance. We've never had it before.

2:00:46.6 S1: So there is an unlimited supply or very large supply, more than adequate for the entire population for monoclonal, any bodies, so what is stopping the distribution of them, because not only if they made it difficult to get in Texas, they actually put these parameters on who gets it and who doesn't, and you have to be in a high-risk ethnicity to get it. A friend of mine went, he had covid and he is a healthy Caucasian male in his 30s, and they told him, You are not qualified to receive the Monica on antibodies. And the lady who was working there said if you were another ethnicity, like if you were Hispanic or black, then we would qualify you. And she was like, Look, this is not my idea. This is, I just have to follow the rules. Why would anybody establish rules like that, like what is that...

2:01:45.3 S2: And they're so arbitrary from center to center, the arbitrariness of the roles I've sent younger patients who have severe symptoms and in trouble for Monica anti-is they've been turned down. I've had other people go from monoclonal antibodies themselves and get them... Find no difficulty. Most of the time, I have to say I've had a great experience. People got the motor clans, but I have to tell you an anecdote, somebody close in my religious circles develop covid 19 and he develops some severe respiratory symptoms, and I had gotten wind... A vaccine, discrimination, Joe, I had gotten wind of this. And this person was not vaccine, I said, We're gonna go from monoclonal infusion. It's late on a Saturday night, he goes from the monoclonal infusion and the doctor at the center and Dallas Lord's over him, arms folded and says, Have you been vaccinated? And this person looks up on and he says, I refuse to answer that question. And the doctor looked at him, he said, Okay, he goes... And the person who came and said, Listen, I just want a monolingual... Go home. He gets the monoclonal antibody infusion. And on the way out the door, he goes, Hey, doc.

2:02:52.3 S2: He goes, What if I would have answered that question? If he told you I was vaccinated. He goes, Oh, I would have given you rim deserve if I was vaccinated. Right, so the example is, that's an example of perverse vaccine discrimination, so he would have been discriminated against getting a high quality therapy and getting the lower quality... It doesn't make a teaspoon

2:03:14.7 S1: Doctor, just a bad doctor. No.

2:03:16.4 S2: It goes to show you the arbitrariness and the confusion that exists out there, that Monica and anterior, safe and effective, they work in vaccinate unvaccinated. There was a previous thinking that if you are vaccinated, you should have already have antibodies to the virus, so therefore we're gonna use or I'm desiderius plain habit or... But it's just faulty thinking Because vaccine breakthrough cases, the virus is basically blown past the vaccine antibodies. And why not give it a shot? Regenerates two different antibodies, GSC an antibody against the glycoprotein, won't use a more intelligent therapy, I can tell you, I've looked at all the data carefully, hands down, the monoclonal ibises blow away room desire, another thing that bothers me is, do you know that when patients get admitted to the hospital, no monoclonal antibodies. Once they cross that line, and I had a sad case in Fort Worth, I broke my heart, 38 old man, he was really sick, his wife is really cue scramble, we get medications. His wife gets the monoliths and goes home, Joe with other drugs. And she survives. He got five kids. He's 38 years old. He's obese. He doesn't get the Monica on antibody.

2:04:22.9 S2: You know what? You're too sick. We're gonna admit you. He never gets to Monica, antibodies, Joe, and he dies in the hospital, they just gave him the moral... Anybody's in the hospital, he has a water, give them in the ER it... This was a matter of what looking...

2:04:36.1 S1: Why is it so arbitrary that once you go into the hospital, they won't give the mark all anybody...

2:04:40.6 S2: It doesn't make any sense. The emergency use authorization gives some general guidelines in an FAQ, the FAQ gives information like says I use as an inpatient and outpatient, but it's not a law. I mean, if I can use Bactrim as an outpatient, I can use back to mapai NT. If I wanna use Regen as an outpatient, is doctors have authority over the FAQ, people are reading this FAQ like it's some type of law, and as soon as they cross the line in the hospital, they can't get this life-saving therapy.

2:05:09.4 S1: So the doctor has the ability once a person was hospitalized to still administer Monica any boys and they choose not to because of this bizarre... The way this is written, and the same reason why they choose not to use ivermectin in the hospital, the same reason why they choose not... Atlassian is controversial, and I'm not letting anybody off the hook, but at least it's controversial, there's a lot of people that don't think it's actually effective. No one thinks that Monica antibodies are not effective, no one that I've heard of...

2:05:38.9 S2: I'd agree with that. I think there are just some unproven concerns, one concern is when the oxygen saturation is lower, if we give them on a cloud antibody, we could create some perfusion changes in the lungs and further worsen hypoxia that's never been shown. There have been other thoughts that if someone gets admitted to the hospital, they're too late for monoclonal antibodies, so I remember the principal with therapy is Joe, the later we start something, the less efficacy it is, so if you wanna show failure of over-Machado and monoclinic apply it very late. So this idea that, Well, they're outpatients now within the FAQ and they're likely to benefit... Fine, my point is, come on, this is a fatal condition, just because we're on the edge of hospitalization, why don't we give it in the ER and declare them out patients and then still admit them. I would be okay with that. I've had another case I advised on where desperate case, woman who was in a car accident weeks earlier had RIP fractures, impaired pulmonary function, gets serious covid, we do everything we can as an outpatient show all the drugs, ivermectin, we were using every vitamin, you name it, the what you call the kitchen sink, that's what we are doing trying to save her life, woman in her 50s gets a hypoxic and sacher husband sick, we tossed in the tall...

2:06:53.6 S2: Call 911, she goes to the hospital. I said, Get monoclonal is in the ER. Oh, they're gonna admit... Or they're not gonna do it. Fortunately, we got to this Tampa General Hospital, the person listening to this will know who they are, and they got to the other side of the admission, and I was relentless, and I said, Get in a monoclonal antibody trail... Thank the Lord, they got into the AstraZeneca monoclonal body trial. We don't know if I got passable monoclonal, but she survived.

2:07:18.9 S1: No innovation. And it was like, Wow, it was that close.

2:07:22.5 S2: This is a little window of my life for the last two years, do you know there's 500 doctors trying to treat the entire country like this, my phone... Once I turn my phone out from this interview, Joe, I am gonna be loaded with cases that all or advise on or try to help on all the way home.

2:07:36.3 S1: Why is it so few doctors... There is a grip of fear over the doctors originally.

2:07:42.7 S2: I think they were personally fearful of taking care of patients, and they wanted someone to tell them what to do, remember doctors... Doctors are not like Navy Seals, doctors are not like police officers or fireman, or World Wrestling champions. Doctors are kind of nerds, there's no check box that says, POM courageous, I'm willing to take some risks. They don't check those boxes, and I think there was a small number of doctors... I guess I'm one of them that I said, you know what, I'm gonna take some risks. I can do this. You know, I can put drugs a... You, Percy talked to him. Precision the guy. He didn't hesitate, I didn't hesitate. Herron down in Houston, he was the whole hospital... He doesn't hesitate. There's 500 of doctors out there that now are basically held out as heroes, you read Bobby Kennedy's book, we look like where American here, it's only because we're treating patients as we should.

2:08:34.1 S1: It's just hard to imagine being a person denying treatment to someone that you know would be effective because you're looking at some arbitrary rules that are written down that once they're admitted to the hospital, you can't give Monica antibodies, and then to cast his judgment on them, why were you vaccinated... We're not gonna treat you mean, but this is what's happening to a lot of patients. I had a conversation one time with a doctor and he goes, It was some conversation about treating patients early. He goes, Well, there's not enough evidence, there's not enough evidence. I need to wait. We need to wait for large randomized trials.

2:09:06.8 S2: Do you know in the US Senate testimony, the minority witness multiple times told us he goes, Now these doctors are trading with these drugs. There's not enough evidence, there's not enough evidence. And then I think on John to ask him, because what do you think the best treatment is? Well, they should follow the guidelines, and the guidelines say you stay at home and wait until you really can't breathe anymore, and then you come to the hospital, then you start treatment, and then I made a comment, I said I want that to be written into the records of Senate testimony that that is a reckless recommendation for America, that it is reckless to recommend nothing in the setting of a fatal illness, every is fatal infection. Must be treated early. It's only gonna get worse. We actually have... For other infections, we have time to the initial therapy as a benchmark of quality of care, why would we let this virus prep the body for 14 days or longer convention you had it. Can you imagine if you were 75 years old, you at heart and lung disease, and you were sitting in your apartment or your kids couldn't come over and look after you, nobody could look after you, and every day you're stewing getting worse and worse and worse and worse.

2:10:16.7 S2: Til finally in your isolation, finally at two weeks, you can't breathe anymore and you toss in the towel, you call 911, you call your daughter, you call your son, you contaminate the virus everywhere, and then you get put in the hospital, you get slammed in the isolation, you get put on room Tessier, you get 6 milligrams a decade, and then to make things absolutely the worst, you never see your loved one again and you die... That's what's happened to 800000 Americans.

2:10:42.5 S1: And so this is why you believe that at least 50% of those people could... At those deaths could have been prevented, that was in November of 2020, under sand testimony.

2:10:51.6 S2: That number is easily 85% now, maybe it's 90%. Now, if we got what you got, if you got the sequence multi-drug treatment, Monica anti is you called it the kitchen saying, so Do I... Bottom line is, it may be refined over time, the Mercantile drug will bring them in if other drugs come along, we'll refine it, listen, it's a process. I'm not saying any one of these drugs is a miracle drug, none of them are necessary nor sufficient to save a life, but the point is, what drives hospitalization is uncontrollable symptoms, it's uncontrollable anxiety. Do you know an anxiety drug itself actually cuts off the risk of hospitalization and that drug is... Flu boxes, yeah, phlox takes an edge off. The disparity have sssis, an SSRI, and it's an older one. But it takes an edge off, they may have some other unique effects, I give credit to those who have advanced it, credit Steve Ronde, the covid 19 early treatment program, and he's now funding the vaccine injury program. Steve cursed, by the way, has a great offer out there for your listeners, I don't know if you know about this... No, who offers anybody from any major academic medical center or any government agency who will come to the table and have a fair discussion on vaccine safety and efficacy, he'll pay him 2 million.

2:12:10.9 S1: Anybody, anybody... You mean anybody who's a high level medical research or anybody who can make the case, even try to make the case that the vaccines are safe and effective, and if they don't make the case that they still get the money... Yeah. Really, that seems like an easy 2 million books. No one got the get your ass kicked for 20 million bucks, and Joe, no one's come forward

2:12:38.1 S2: Alone, come to... To know about it. Is this how

2:12:40.8 S1: It... To about it. A few seconds

2:12:43.2 S2: Now, people know about it. He's made a lot of calls and emails.

2:12:47.2 S1: And the point is, people are under a trance with these vaccines, they actually know they're not safe and effective, they know it.

2:12:56.3 S2: They know when they took the vaccines, I took a risk, now that's a Safety Day, you know the vaccine centers cleared out in mid-April, I drive past one every day to work, and there used to be police officers, they were waving people, and it was consist slowed down to try to get to the hospital because of vaccine traffic, and then it started to thin out and thin out and they're not... We got to mid-April, there's nobody there. You got to me and June, there's moth balls that dust on the cons, they put barriers up there, the vaccine centers have been closed for months, when the word got out that people were dying after the vaccine, people stopped taking it, and there was an internet survey unofficial on Twitter, I think. But it asked the question, Do you know somebody who died after the vaccine or somebody in your circles? Answer, 12%. And I'm telling you 12% and people talk, you can suppress it all you want to... You know, there's the trusted news initiative, you can bring that up on shipping the trusted news initial, the trusted news initiative was rolled out with the vaccines on December 10th, it was rolled out, the trusted news is Initiative announced by the British podcasting company with all the other media, here it is, it all the partners that was all the major media and social media job will work together to ensure legitimate concerns about vaccinations are heard whilst harmful disinformation Miss are stopped in their tracks.

2:14:19.0 S2: Translation suppression on anything that would promote vaccine hesitancy and What would promote vaccine has early treatment, the hope of early treatment, staying out of the hospital, if people knew they had an option, they could defer on the vaccine, and if they got covid good treatment, that would lead to vaccine has and see, how about vaccine safety, how about giving you press briefing on desks after the vaccine, or what are they happening with maternal J and J.

2:14:45.8 S1: Do we know... Is it, Hey.

2:14:47.8 S2: What's the profile of someone who dies after the vaccine... We have 19000 cases, they could tell us to the point I'm making is, if they won't be clean on vaccine safety data, we can never get to risk mitigation, we can't get a safer program unless they are transparent on vaccine safety.

2:15:05.7 S1: Well, this is where the authoritarian aspect of this gets very complicated because they've assumed the government has assumed the role of the parent, just listen to us, we're gonna tell you what to do, and some... Much worse than others, the woman in New Zealand's horrific, there's been a bunch of them that are horrific, where you hear them talk and they're so incredibly condescending and they feel like they have this ultimate power to just force people into this binary solution and the ability also to suppress information, which may in fact be accurate, that the vaccines do carry a risk, what you said today, none of this is wild conspiracy theory, you're obviously incredibly well educated and you're more than qualified to distribute this information, but if this was on YouTube, this would get taken down. We're very fortunate that Spotify doesn't operate like that, and that this can be received by millions of people all over the world, but there's not a lot of avenues for this now, there's very few, in fact, they're randomly, not randomly, just... They're purposely targeting experts and doctors that have opinions that differ from the approved narrative, you are one of those experts...

2:16:30.6 S1: Well, maybe because I looked in the camera and gave a wink in one of the interviews, I think it was Tucker when I said, Bring it on. And this is what I mean about this. This is a giant game, a chicken, and the bottom line is, the people who win are the people with the truth, the truth in the end is kryptonite to everything out there that it's taking too... On a lot of doctor truth is powerful.

2:16:58.5 S2: Can you bring up the graphic of a big public program, it's a picture of a crowd and I'm up in front.

2:17:05.2 S1: There's 500 doctors in my circles, many of us are members of the Association of American Physicians or surgeons.

2:17:10.7 S2: Or the frontline critical care consortium, or American frontline doctors or the truth for Health Foundation. Look at this, this is an American reawakening. We are now going into cities and we'll have meetings typical with law makers, several dozen lawmakers, and we'll go over the issues we've covered today, Joe, we go into doctor's programs, we'll have a smaller program for doctors, and then we go into big public programs. We are getting 500 to 5000 people coming into venues and basically going over the side, like I went today, this is like a medical grand rounds for the public, and what I tell people, I said, Where are the medical schools doing this? How can the medical schools aren't having public symposiums, we've had two years of covid 19, why are there no review of the data, why are we not understanding vaccine safety and efficacy? And I say, Listen, this is all about just understanding it with the vaccines, for instance, about 70%, 80% Americas took the vaccine. I give the data. Do you know the most effective vaccine in terms of vaccine efficacy, you probably have concluded already, Andrade because it's a 100 micrograms of message and a Pfizer is only 3 micrograms of Messenger, it's more than three times a dose, of course, it's a stronger vaccine.

2:18:23.6 S2: It's gonna have more protection. The point is the public in the end is the court of public opinion, and the public wants to know, and you know on January 23rd in Washington, there is actually a march to defeat the mandates. There is a march out there, an American homecoming, do you know it's my testimony and the testimony given by J Bahar that Judge Doty in the sixth federal court in USAA used to overturn the rest of the Biden CMS mandates, and then within a few days, a whole wave of states trigger, I guess, mandates.

2:19:01.4 S1: Why? Because we have the truth and you're talking to one of the two doctors who made it happen for the country, have you personally experienced any repercussions?

2:19:12.0 S2: It's the most interesting thing I've experienced sniping.

2:19:17.1 S1: What I mean, sniping, that means someone's shooting at you, but you can't see who they are. I've never had anybody have the guts to sit across the table for me and have a conversation, if I could bring someone who is a proponent of the vaccines, would you be willing to have a conversation with them, bring them in and we'll have... Steve cash will split the 2 million 'cause I could use it for my legal fees.

2:19:41.0 S2: I can tell you right now, Steve curses been begging somebody to come and just have a discussion on a vaccine, efate, go over FARS, let's go over the efficacy data. Is this enough of a hospitalization and death benefit to consider taking it... So the false... There's been some false narratives that have gone on, that innocence are working to make this for average, if you and I wanna have covid the rest of our lives, we would maintain these false narratives, and this is what they are, asymptomatic spread. You and I could give it to each other and other false Marti, we can get it over and over again. That means you and I sit in here with no masks, we have no symptoms, we can give it to each other over and over again, can you mention these false natives and how about this, take a vaccine and then take another vaccine over six months, but I got covid were... You can get it again. Take another vaccine. Well, does it stop covid? We'll take another vaccine. This is forever. So the false narratives that we have to... Absolutely, if we wanna get past the pandemic that have to go, is asymptomatic spread an asymptomatic testing...

2:20:41.8 S2: Get it out of here. Another one is natural and Merlot complete and durable. Never wear a mask. Never take a vaccine. Never take another test. You're done. It's one and done. I advised the reliant government, they reached out to me, I said, Listen, we're in trouble. We're getting buried with covid, this was several months ago. They said, We're running out of... Ask why do we do? I say, Get your covid recover people out there and man the tent and start handing out the ivermectin hydroxy quorum-based protocols. And that's what they did. And they handled the pandemic. I've personally had the alpha variant, I was in research, I was tested, I've come face-to-face with Delta, somebody read hot at my face, their kids all over me, we actually made videos out there gonna be in two different... I came back eight days later, you can't get it. You can not get it. Do you know today that if someone's on a nursing home... There's somebody in my family in nursing home, they had covid, 19. Do you know every time somebody in the nursing home gets over 19, everybody gets put in lockdown, that port guy has been in solitary confinement six months out of the last year, he's already had covid 19, he's already paid the price, he should have free rein of the nursing up, he should never have to wear...

2:21:46.2 S2: I ask, do you know when someone's covid recovered and they go into... They can't go into the hospital and see their loved one dying of coin the ICU, they can't get covid a second time. See if we don't recognize natural immunity. This is really important, do you know that? Diana harsher from a Republican House of Representatives, congresswoman is basically proposing national legislation for recognizing natural immunity is very important. Natural Immunity is far and away the most important thing we can...

2:22:19.8 S1: How do we establish it though.

2:22:21.5 S2: How do you establish that someone recovered from covid spade initio then what the FDA used for the registration, Al Tris was fine, if someone said they had covid and they had supportive testing that counts, that would be you... If someone never got the support of test, but they thought I had it, they hit an antibody... If you hit Rosh, LabCorp, Quest, Abbot, ortho, clinical diagnostics, you hit one of those, your immune... 'cause those positive controls, Joe, are sets people sick enough in the ICU. What about...

2:22:49.3 S1: I have a friend, she tested positive, I was telling you about her on the PCR three times, but she was completely asymptomatic, but then when she was tested for antibodies, no antibodies, she ran through three different PCR tests just to make sure... asymptomatic tested positive and then now when we tested her for anybody, we've tested her here, she does not show any bet, 15% of people who have symptomatic covid, and she didn't have that, but 15% now said to manic covid, they don't hit the animate 'cause the positive controls are set on sick in patients, most people at home or not that sick, so a lot of people don't hit antibodies on the commercial test and 15% done, and if you don't get the T-detect test, so the teda test go to then detect dot com sign up, put all your information in, once the lab director approves it, you go to LabCorp, get your blood drawn, and that looks for next generation sequencing in the chromosomes of T-cells to see if you've actually had come 19. And so that would be T-cell and B-cell immunity that you would maintain, even though you don't show the...

2:23:53.5 S1: Anybody, listen.

2:23:54.8 S2: The antibodies drop off and everybody, you know, there's a paper by Israel and Jamie.

2:23:59.1 S1: Yeah. But it was rock solid. I'm telling you he see his anybody... Well, I tell you that got covid in October of last year, and he still got... Well, we're pretty sure he got... He encountered it fairly recently and his body fought it off because his antibodies went way up, what super human

2:24:18.5 S2: On the papers in general suggests 15% of people don't hit the animist. I had covid in October 2020. It was by PCR and antigen. I was in research, it was rock stable, I had covid at all the characteristic signs centers, my wife had it... In the research protocol, we had to follow up with Quest and get our antibodies done, my wife has the antibody is fine, I can't hit the antibodies, I go two more times, I can't hit the antibodies, I'll go, What the heck? And I looked into it, 50% of people just literally, if your treatment is so intensive at first, you actually don't get enough spike protein exposure to get such a high antibody titer and affected the natural infection, the antibody titer is much softer than with the vaccines because with the vaccines, you get an ibis against one protein, the spike protein, with the natural infection, you get an ibis against 27 different proteins.

2:25:07.5 S1: Sorry. Do you think that there can be an argument made that this milder form of the virus, this Omicron, which is apparently much milder, the as of today, we wet December 8th, is that today? There is... As far as what I've read yesterday, I should say the summer, so there was zero death attributed to this, so if this is a mild or form and it seems to just give headaches and body aches, would there be an argument that one should actually catch that and that would be safer than even getting vaccinated, it's a little early to say that, but I wanted to give you an update, I don't wanna recommend that to people, I'm just saying now, is that a possible... There's a group in Boston that, and that is absolutely knocking out of the park, it's a company called inference, and the lead author is a venkata Christian, and a paper just came out in pre-print...

2:26:01.6 S2: Oh, by the way, people need to know and was listening, our peer-reviewed literature runs anywhere from six months to four years behind reality, so we actually published something in to Wingate RAL medicine or we published something in these journals... In my journal, I told you I submitted something in June, the treatment paper, which is so important, it was printed online, and August, it didn't appear in print until January, that's a typical publication cycle in covid 19, we all agree. That's too slow. So covid 19 was fair game, is called pre-print, meaning that we get our data out early before it's gone through peer review, just so people can make decisions, and so if I cut a Christian two days ago, just put this out on Omicron... Macron is not a transformer, very important people, I've been... Your kids think it's a transformer, 200 transformer, that's what I call Alexander on his post and Bronson actually on the macular part.

2:26:54.7 S1: That's what I did. I had to put Optimus Prime on there. It's not a transformer job, it's actually the name is a name in the Greek alphabet, but it's interesting, venkata Christian tells us there are 37 mutations in the spike protein, this close off the socks off anything else, there are six deletions, one insertion and the certain... By the way, has some code that is almost for An epitope of another virus, there are 30 substitutions that are not unique, you can find them in Alabama, the other ones. And 16 of the 37 are called surge mutations, so something happened in the surges when there was a lot of prevalence of disease and the virus was replicating being passed to people in the search times where the virus made a lot of mistakes. I was called on TV last week for Fox News, Laura Ingram, a Macola, what's the update on Amoco? I said, I think it looks like an evolutionary mistake, the initial... You can actually do modeling studies based on... Once we know the code and the code is not really quickly, Dr. Santini atone did modeling studies, let it on our networks, we found out quickly the transmissible...

2:28:08.6 S1: To give you a perspective, for the hand wild type, the original virus, the transmissible number transmits index was about two. The transmissible of Delta, which has really been hard to treat... I think Delta's been way harder. What...

2:28:28.1 S2: You may have had Delta, I had Alpha.

2:28:30.0 S1: You may have a delta, you could have still had it, alpha, but transmit data 10, you know what the transmission cranes for the first time, we've actually gone down in transmits ability and probably because the spike protein and the receptor binding domain where it binds to the ACE-2 receptors, so dysmorphic that he actually can't invade the body as much, so that explains... We haven't heard about these famine-Pomona syndromes. We haven't heard about these trombones mild so far. Now, cross our fingers. People always ask me, Is this a mild, mild or variant? I remember what delta is always a mild or I said Wayman, what determines mild versus saber who gets early treatment, be mild or severe is not a natural history of variable what... Early treatment is so transformational. That's what determines death or hospitalization, but what if Omicron shows to be mild across the board, even without early treatment...

2:29:25.5 S2: Right, that's the key. So far, just we can just assume no early treatment, and so far, we're watching the reports carefully, but you're right, it looks like it's milder and this could be... I don't think it's gonna supplant Delta because delta is more transmissible and is very successful and they vaccinated. Now, Omicron has actually arisen from the vaccinated, the kids that were passing the Botswana border, they were fully vaccinated, very symptomatic, but when you do Amoco interesting, when you run a PCR test, there's four primers, there's a host protein, there is the nuclease protein, the envelope protein, and the plumb rise, there's four, the spike protein is so mutated with Omicron that actually primer drops out of the PCR patterns called scene drop-out. So this is the first time based on... It depends on what PCR is done, that actually the PCR itself could get... Give a hint that it's delta. Otherwise, PCs just tell you sarcoidosis or negative, and then we have to wait for the public health labs to do the sequencing to tell us what variant it is, this case, the PCR test could give us a signature, so we'll know... With Amoco will know what I've predicted last week on national TV, and again, science is changing a person is not science, I'm not science, I'm just a doctor interpreting data and it's subject to being better informed with more data, but I'm predicting right now.

2:30:49.5 S2: I think it's gonna be like ADA in Lambda because it's less transmissible and Delta, I think it'll carved its own ecological niche, but there would be no reason for it to supplant data unless it basically becomes almost like an infection of preference for the vaccinated.

2:31:05.9 S1: Wow. One thing that we've been talking about recently that concerns me, and I wanna know what your thoughts on this, we're seeing is you spent your life in the medical establishment. My concern is that corporations, their goal is to continually make more money every year, they'd like to make more money than the last... This year for the pharmaceutical companies, it's been an insanely profitable year because of the vaccines, my... I have a real concern. I wonder if you share this concern that they're gonna try to continue to make the same amount of money, and the best way to do that is to continue to encourage people to be vaccinated and to create new vaccines, even if they're not necessarily the right thing to do if it's about making money, I'd almost prefer the vaccines get full FDA prevalent, the vaccines are FDA approved, even pier is not FDA. Prove that was a false Talking Point, Pfizer has a continuation of the Ewa biotech, which is not in the United States, got a biological licensing agreement, that still means they have to do a lot to get approved, and they have to actually have an approved package insert, they have to commit to post-marketing studies at Marist, have to give safety mornings on pregnancy, they're not there yet, so no product is approved in the United States, they're all emergency use authorized.

2:32:28.6 S1: Everybody needs to know that another false talking point that Pfizer was approved on August 23rd, went all the way up to the President of the United States, since when in history do we have false talking points issued out of FDA meetings. They go up to the President of United States, so they're not approved. So everybody's entitled to make some money, what seems unfair about this... What seems unfair about this is the government paid for the development costs, the government pre-purchased the products even before they knew it was gonna work or not work, and we know that with a new pharmaceutical company, a new product that was developed by a pharmaceutical company when a new company or existing company, we know a benchmark for a blockbuster drug would be a billion dollars of sales in its first year, that's a better benchmark, and typically half of that billion is spent on the sales force, there's an investment of billions of dollars in R-and D... Do you know with the vaccines that Pfizer in his first year hit 33 billion, and now I think next year, 36 billion, no development costs the government, no Salesforce, because they don't have to sell the vaccine, they are just the suppliers to the government program.

2:33:42.4 S1: Is that a dangerous relationship?

2:33:48.1 S2: What's dangerous is not fair balance, if we had FDA-approved products, you see him on TV, what's the last time you saw a drug commercial, let's say you have a drug that's for psoriasis... Oh, my psoriasis cleared. Remember the people diving in a pool and they don't have any serious... They had beautiful skin. They're happy and they're dancing. Okay, you take a psoriasis drug to... It says Warning, may cause tuberculosis get a TB test morning. There's fair balance, that's the US Drug and Cosmetic Act, that's the land man act. We actually have the truth and advertise next, there must be a fair balance, every product has a risk and a benefit, every product has a risk, Abedin. We can never propose a product to anybody in the United States without fair balance. You mentioned myocarditis, and I have to tell you, since you had him on the show, and since we're both graduates of The University of Michigan, which by the way is, I think it's one of the better places in the United States, he went to medical school there, I went to graduate school there, I went to UT Southwestern and I finished top of my class, Alameda, the doctors who are in the Noah tree covid, 19 were no jump change.

2:34:58.3 S2: I went to nurse of Washington and Seattle top medicine residency program in the United States. I'm the most published person in my field in world history, I have 51 publications in covid 19, I have US Senate testimony, but judges relied on my testimony to overturn the entire mandates for the whole country. I'm telling you, when I had to interview a Tucker and he started getting worked up, he looked at the monitor, he goes, If you don't know who I... This doctor is... Why don't you look at him? He goes, he has authority, and he's right, I do have authority. Joe, and the reason why I'm telling you this is because what's going on here is that we have a situation where we have people in positions of authority, the person you had on here, in a position of authority with CNJ Gupta. And I'm gonna pick on me a little bit because an Jaco came on Sesame Street. And I wanna show the graphic, if I don't have it, he came on say Street, and what he did is with another CNN correspondent, he was actually seducing children

2:35:56.1 S1: And taking the face... Yeah, I saw that he's versioning you.

2:36:02.8 S2: No good doctor would do that because there must be risks and benefits, did he tell the kids and the parents, there's FDA warnings that this can cause hard inflammation. Did the other Sean correspondent who's a mother, did you show even show an ounce of concern what's cut Atlas uses in his book, Josh, the term he uses is off the rails. Were off the rails? People in positions of authority are doing bad things, trying to seduce children in a... Taking a vaccine that has official FDA warnings on it without giving fair balance, that's malfeasance, that's wrong doing by people in position of authority.

2:36:39.2 S1: Particularly when you look at the risk versus reward benefit for children, the risk of covid is very, very low for children when they talk about children being hospitalized for covid, they almost all have severe comorbidities.

2:36:54.1 S2: I don't care if it's one case of myocarditis, right. If it could happen, the idea that we would not present something in a fair, balanced manner on TV, there should never be an official on TV that says the vaccines are safe and effective... Take 'em. Listen, they have to be proven. Show us the safety and show us the efficacy and let people make a choice, one cannot conclude that they're safe and effective without showing any data. I would never do that.

2:37:24.4 S1: And this is the only time that's ever been forced on the American people that we were a thing I...

2:37:28.0 S2: The only time it's ever been presented to the American people, you know, I could tell you what, we've got a history in this, if you go back to this... If you go back to this sanjak and the CNN correspondent yet, there was no fair bone there, it's just... I got nauseated when I saw that.

2:37:47.9 S1: It's just bizarre that he would do that, I don't understand it. Well, remember.

2:37:52.7 S2: He parted a talking point that our head of the National aligning branch paraded. They said that there was no data for ivermectin. They said it was a horse de warmer. Now, either they knew or they should have known the 63 supportive studies of the over 30 randomized trials... Hey, that's a court of law, either you knew or you should have known a position... In a person in position authority either knew or should have known... Scott Atlas says they're incompetent. They don't know. That's what He says, Bring them on. He'll tell you. He thinks they're incompetent. I'm not so sure. It's either they knew or they should have... No, either one of those is good. Either He knows. Or he should have known. Either one is not good. Which one is it? To ask him, ask him, give me a call. Which one is it? Do you know about the macarius risks? For

2:38:48.0 S1: Sure. You know, he most certainly knows because I showed it to him on the show, that was a weird moment on the show, in fact, because he was trying to look at the results and spin it the other way, and I had to go over it with him again, saying, No, no, you're looking at this wrong, it's the opposite of what you're saying. There's a four to six-fold increase in myocarditis and children that are vaccinated versus the amount of children that are hospitalized from covid for all causes. So if there are four to six times more likely to get myocarditis than they are to even be hospitalized for covid, which is crazy, right? That's the Hogan-lysis. Not disputed by the FDA. You know, there's another point. It's a nuance, I wanna get this out. There is a, I wanna say basically misleading paper then remarry, so that says that if one gets covid, the respiratory illness, they're more likely to get myocarditis, then take a vaccine. Okay.

2:39:53.2 S2: I can tell you I'm a doctor, I've taken care of hundreds and hundreds of covid patients, I've advised on thousands, by the way, none of the media doctors outside of myself, Steve Smith, and gosh, maybe there's one other on there, I know George for... Maybe, I think there's three doctors that America has seen on TV that's actually seen a covid patient and actually treated covid patient. That's it.

2:40:18.4 S1: You know, the minority witness in the Senate testimony, Ron Johnson waited about two hours into the testimony after he was advising on America and got a handle covid 19. You said, Doctor, have you ever seen a covid patient? You treated a patient. And he said, No, I haven't.

2:40:34.4 S2: And he says, I have no more questions. I'm telling you, there is almost a fraudulent scheme to this, this knowing the General Medicine paper set, it said that myocarditis more likely in those with covid 19 then with a vaccine. What we know is that someone's sick enough to be in the hospital, who's in the ICU can have a small rise in Japan, that's the blood test indicating cardiac injury, but half the people in the ICU have that anyway, from pneumococcal pneumonia, staff, sepsis, etcetera. It's just part of being the ICU. The Chinese never called that Macrae, they called that cardiac injury with covid, the counties were right. It's just a Troponin elevation, that's it, it's largely inconsequential or we don't do anything about it. That's very different than the explosive chest pain, early heart failure, EKG and massive Capone rises we see with vaccine into Smartcard is there are two completely separate syndromes, what the Neogene Medicine paper is... They just use the numbers. If you have lots of adults being admitted to the ICU, you're gonna have big numbers of people who have a trivial rise in Japan and it's inconsequential, that's different than myocarditis after the vaccine, which has a low recurrence rate.

2:41:43.5 S2: And

2:41:43.7 S1: Why is it myocarditis after the vaccine, like Why is the vaccine inducing myocarditis at such a high rate when they're both... It's the spike protein is responsible for both of them... Correct.

2:41:55.2 S2: I think it's lipid nanoparticles and belied nanoparticle is very important. Remember, parts of the body are more lipophilic, they... They take up lipids better than others. The heart is interesting, it relies on about 80% of its fuel is fatty acids versus 20% sugar, the skeletal muscles is just the opposite, they're 80% sugar, 20% fatty acids. So we know that the limit nanoparticles are almost certainly taken up in the heart preferentially, they're definitely taken up in the ovaries and the corporate ovaries take up in the adrenals, we know that they go to their brain. There's been enough autopsy studies of freshly vaccinated people, you can see what gets seeded, the vaccine goes everywhere in the body, within a matter of hours, the vaccine seeds up in the brain into the heart, the adrenals, the ovaries elsewhere, and I think the vaccine actually loads the heart, probably with more

2:42:48.4 S1: Spike protein that one would ambient-ly get with the respiratory infection because of the liquid nanoparticles, eliminating a liminal paros. This is obviously something that most people should know, what you're saying is obviously information that most people... When you're talking about a population of 300-plus million people and 200 plus million people have been vaccinate already, I would like to think that this is information that people want to know... I agree. How much does it disturb you that this is being censored because in every other platform, this conversation we're having right now would be censored, every other online platform, social media, they would censor this for sure on YouTube, but what you're saying is incredibly important censorship that has suppressed for two years, information on safe and effective early treatment and censorship on vaccine safety has led to large numbers of deaths, hospitalizations and permanent disability, there is no bigger public health crisis than the impact of censorship in covid 19. We just had three hours, believe it or not, in that incredible. I wanna thank you a thank you for your courage. Thank you for your dedication, thank you for your time for coming here, and thank you for explaining this so eloquently, it's very starving, but I think we're all better off having this truth.

2:44:35.5 S1: Thank you, thank you. If people want to, do have a website that people can visit, we're more information, you can follow me on America now, talk radio, the macula report, I issue a weekly report to the country. Okay, thank you very afire.


  • Of the COVID-19 deaths in the U.S., none received adequate and/or early-enough treatment. At least 85% of COVID deaths were preventable
  • There are three components to SARS-CoV-2 infection: viral replication, cytokine storm and blood clotting, therefore necessitating a multidrug approach, and treatment must begin early to be effective
  • Research published in 2006 showed hydroxychloroquine reduced viral replication of SARS-CoV-1 (the original SARS virus). It also has well-established anti-inflammatory properties. These two properties help explain its usefulness against COVID-19
  • There were clear intentional efforts to prevent use of hydroxychloroquine against COVID-19, likely in an effort to make the COVID jabs appear necessary
  • You cannot get COVID-19 twice; those with natural immunity have robust, long-lasting immunity. The Pfizer COVID shot, meanwhile, has been shown to have undetectable effectiveness 201 days after the second dose and Moderna’s effectiveness reaches zero around day 121

If you could only listen to one podcast to get up to speed on COVD-19, you are in luck as one of the top clinicians in the world on understanding COVID-19, Dr. Peter McCullough, finally made his way to the largest podcast in the world, Joe Rogan and, as expected, it was epic. You will do yourself a serious disservice if you don't watch the entire, nearly three-hour, interview at normal speed.

McCullough is an internist, cardiologist and epidemiologist, and in this podcast, he reviews and summarizes what we know about the COVID jabs. McCullough also discusses the importance of early treatment, which has been universally suppressed and ignored from the start.

He's convinced, and states unequivocally in this interview, that of the COVID-19 deaths in the U.S., none received adequate and/or early-enough treatment. In short, people did not, and certainly don't now, need to die from this infection, barring some serious underlying condition.

It's treatable, and later variants, such as Delta and Omicron, appear generally milder than the original virus, resulting in even easier-to-treat illness. From early on, researchers and clinicians demonstrated that early treatment, be it with hydroxychloroquine, ivermectin or steroids and anticoagulants — in some combination — resulted in far better outcomes and saved lives.

When you just let the infection run its course without treatment, most COVID-19 patients were riddled with blood clots and other complications by the time they were hospitalized. According to McCullough, we know that at least 85% of all COVID deaths could have been avoided with early treatment.

Early Treatment Is Key

In August 2020, McCullough's landmark paper "Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 Infection" was published online in the American Journal of Medicine.¹

It was the first published report on how to treat COVID on an outpatient basis and described a comprehensive COVID treatment protocol for frontline doctors. Before this, there were about 4,000 papers discussing the potential benefit of various remedies, but none that actually sought to present a comprehensive protocol for treatment.

A follow-up paper, "Multifaceted Highly Targeted Sequential Multidrug Treatment of Early Ambulatory High-Risk SARS-CoV-2 Infection (COVID-19)" published in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine in December 2020,² became the basis for an AAPS home treatment guide.

Importantly, McCullough and the team of collaborators he put together understood early on that there were three components to this infection: viral replication, cytokine storm and blood clotting, therefore necessitating a multidrug approach.

One drug that gained early attention was hydroxychloroquine, as research published in 2006 showed it reduced viral replication of SARS-CoV-1 (the original SARS virus). It also has well-established anti-inflammatory properties. It's been routinely used in the treatment of lupus, for example. But as explained by McCullough, there were clear intentional efforts to prevent use of the drug against COVID-19.

The U.S. government refused to release its stockpiles, and doctors were told they'd lose their medical license if they used it. The largest manufacturing plant of hydroxychloroquine even mysteriously burned down, and in South Africa, "mercenaries" were breaking into pharmacies and burning the drug.

In addition to that, a fraudulent paper was published in the journal Lancet, falsely stating that hydroxychloroquine was dangerous. "It looked like it was a step to bury hydroxychloroquine as a treatment," McCullough says. When focus shifted to ivermectin, that drug also became inaccessible and was widely vilified as "horse paste" in the mainstream media.

Treatment Was Suppressed for a Reason

Considering the overwhelming success doctors have had in treating the infection with these and other drugs, why aren't hospitals everywhere doing it? Why have health authorities fought against treatment in general, and the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in particular? In McCullough's words:

"It seems to me, early on, there was an intentional, very comprehensive suppression of early treatment in order to promote fear, suffering, isolation, hospitalization and death. And it seemed to be completely organized and intentional in order to create acceptance for and then promote mass 'vaccination.'"

The plan to create acceptance for novel mRNA gene transfer technology in lieu of a conventional vaccine by suppressing treatment options has been explained in detail in Dr. Peter Breggin's book, "COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey,"³ and Pamela Popper's book, "COVID Operation: What Happened, Why It Happened and What's Next."⁴ McCullough recommends both, if you want to understand how this was coordinated and planned.

Robert Kennedy Jr.'s book, "The Real Anthony Fauci" also shows, using extensive documentation, that Moderna was working on an mRNA injection for COVID-19 well before the world even knew it existed. He reveals extensive collusion occurred to push this novel gene transfer technology on the world, with devastating effects.

When asked why more doctors aren't using these early treatment protocols, McCullough points out that of the 1 million or so doctors in the U.S., probably only 500 or so actually understand that viable treatments are being suppressed with the intent to drive uptake of the gene transfer shots. Those relatively few who do understand what's going on face censorship and the threat of having their medical license removed if they speak out about treatment.

Questions About Reinfection Linger

A widespread concern that Rogan brings up is whether or not you can actually get COVID twice. According to McCullough, the answer is a hard no. You cannot. You might think you have it twice, because you've tested positive. 

After intense pressure to produce evidence of reinfection, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finally admitted they don't have a single verified case of someone getting sick with COVID twice.

To prove reinfection, McCullough says, you'd need to have a positive PCR test at a cycle threshold below 28 (not 40 or 45, as is routinely done), and a positive antigen immunoassay test to show that you actually had antibodies from the first infection, and a gene sequencing test showing you in fact have the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

What's more, dozens of studies confirm that natural immunity is robust and long-lasting. "So why is there so much resistance to the idea that people have natural immunity?" Rogan asks, to which McCullough replies, "All roads lead to the 'vaccine.'"

Dr. Robert Malone disagrees with McCullough on this issue, pointing to a December 4, 2021, study showing 12% out of a sample of 1,200 individuals experienced COVID reinfection.⁵ In a Twitter post, Malone said:⁶

"I have caught it twice, as has my wife. I was asymptomatic, she was not. This is a rapidly mutating RNA virus. Just like the common cold. The symptoms will not be as severe — but yes, people catch it more than once. Even Delta ..."

Relative Versus Absolute Risk Reduction

Now, when it comes to the efficacy of these COVID shots, the manufacturers have employed a classic strategy to mislead the masses and make the shots sound far better than they actually are. That strategy is looking at relative risk reduction rather than absolute risk reduction.

While the COVID shots boasted efficacy rates between 67% and 95% at the outset, those were the relative risk reductions. The four available COVID shots in the U.S. provide an absolute risk reduction between just 0.7% and 1.3%.⁷ ⁸

Now, compare that to the noninstitutionalized infection fatality ratio across age groups, which is 0.26%.⁹ Since the absolute risk that needs to be overcome is lower than the absolute risk reduction these injections can provide, mass vaccination simply cannot have a favorable impact. Yet here we are, being told to get used to the idea of getting booster shots at ever-increasing intervals. It just doesn't add up.

Of course, as I've reported on several occasions, research and clinical experience clearly show that the effectiveness of these shots rapidly wanes. Six months after the second dose, your protection is nil. Meanwhile, your body continues producing toxic spike protein for at least 15 months after each dose.

Efficacy Rapidly Wanes

McCullough cites a Swedish study¹⁰ published October 25, 2021, which looked at data from 842,974 pairs, where each person who had received two COVID jabs was paired and compared against an unvaccinated individual, to see if the vaccinated had fewer symptomatic cases and hospitalizations.

Early on, the double-jabbed appeared to have good protection, but that quickly changed. The Pfizer jab went from 92% effectiveness at Day 15 through 30, to 47% at Day 121 through 180, and zero from Day 201 onward. The Moderna shot had a similar trajectory, being estimated at 59% from Day 181 onward. The AstraZeneca injection had a lower effectiveness out of the gate, waned faster than the mRNA shots, and had no detectable effectiveness as of Day 121.

All the while, millions of Americans have already had COVID¹¹ and have natural immunity that doesn't wane in this manner. Yet they are being shunned and fired for not complying with COVID jab mandates. Again, it just doesn't add up. Never before has a vaccine been required for anyone with natural immunity against a disease, and there's good reason for that. It's completely illogical.

Just like you don't need a measles vaccine if you've had measles, you don't need a COVID shot if you've had COVID. In fact, you are at increased risk of adverse events if you do take it. Remember, if you already have natural immunity, you're exposing yourself to the harms of the shot with no hope of benefit.

The Most Dangerous Injections in Medical History

As explained in this interview, the COVID shots are the most dangerous, most lethal drugs ever used — and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and CDC knew this as early as mid-February, when the deaths reported to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) hit 182.

Historically, any drug with five unexplained deaths gets a black box warning. At 50 unresolved deaths, it's pulled from the market altogether. None of that happened here. To this day, the FDA and CDC claim not a single death is attributable to the COVID shots, even as the reported death toll is nearing 20,000¹² (including international reports), with half of them occurring within 48 hours of the injection. Eighty percent occur within a week post-injection.

That is simply unheard of. The temporal association is stronger than anything we've seen before. McCullough also cites research concluding that in 86% of cases, there was no other explanation for the death other than the COVID shot.

McCullough points out that in any given year, an average of 150 deaths following vaccination are reported to VAERS. That's 150 deaths from an average of 278 million vaccine doses given.

Here, we had 182 deaths at a point in time when only 27 million doses had been administered. So, you cannot blame it on the volume of shots given. The same trends can be found in other countries' databases as well, such as the U.K.'s Yellow Card scheme.

What's more, vaccine side effects are notoriously underreported, so as staggering as the VAERS data are, they're just the tip of the iceberg. Historically, only 1%¹³ to 10%¹⁴ of adverse effects are reported. For the COVID shots, the underreporting factor has been calculated to be anywhere between 31 and 100. That means that to get a more accurate range, you have to multiply the VAERS number by 31 and 100.

The absolute most-conservative estimate so far is an underreporting factor of five. That estimate came from an FDA whistleblower who used Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services data to estimate the underreporting in VAERS.¹⁵ According to that whistleblower, the number of Americans killed by the shots was at least 45,000 as of July 9, 2021. At that time, VAERS reported 9,048 deaths following COVID injection.

Who's at Greatest Risk for COVID Jab Side Effects?

As explained by McCullough, one of the reasons for this massive death toll is the fact that the COVID shot introduces an uncontrolled dose of spike protein into your body — a far greater dose than what you get when naturally infected with the virus. And the spike protein is the most lethal part of the virus. It's responsible for the most problematic symptoms of infection.

So, the shots are killing the same people that would be in dire straits were they infected by the virus. It's also killing some who would likely fare OK with the wild virus but cannot handle the excessive spike protein load produced by the COVID shot.

Consistent Data Point to Clear and Present Danger

As noted by McCullough, we have a very clear safety signal from VAERS. We also have clear biological plausibility, meaning we can explain why and how people might be harmed by these shots. The data are also internally and externally consistent, within VAERS and databases in other countries. The same patterns are seen everywhere.

Normally association does not mean causality unless very specific criteria are met, and in the case of the COVID jabs, those criteria are indeed met. "We've fulfilled what's called the Bradford Hill criteria for causality," McCullough says. In other words, we have evidence that the injuries and deaths are not accidental. The COVID shots are indeed injuring and killing people at unprecedented rates, despite what the lying CDC states.

Myocarditis Will Likely Be Widespread

Interestingly, the shots appear to harm men and women differently. Women are having far higher rates of neurological injuries, whereas boys and young men account for some 80% of myocarditis (heart inflammation). Just how bad is the myocarditis wave?

Research published in 2017¹⁶ calculated the background rate of myocarditis in children and youth, showing it occurs at a rate of four cases per million per year. Assuming there are 60 million American children, the background rate for myocarditis would be 240 cases a year.

How many cases of myocarditis have been reported to VAERS following COVID injection so far? 16,918 as of December 3, 2021,¹⁷ and it's going up by several hundred to a couple of thousand every week. We're also seeing myocarditis in adult men.

“My fear is, some of these kids who develop myocarditis will be in the 13% category where they have progressive left ventricle dysfunction and heart failure.” ~ Dr. Peter McCullough
"Doctors have never seen so many cases of myocarditis," McCullough says. "It is frequent, and it is severe." Patients require heart medication, and must remain sedentary for extended periods of time. While myocarditis is typically a nonfatal adverse event, it can shave years off your life.

Research published in 2019 showed 13% of myocarditis cases ends up with progressive heart failure. Their hearts just never fully recover from the damage. In the study, another 36% improved but never fully recovered.

"My fear is, some of these kids who develop myocarditis will be in the 13% category where they have progressive left ventricle dysfunction and heart failure," McCullough says.

While we don't yet know exactly how COVID jab myocarditis compares to naturally-occurring myocarditis, the data we currently have suggest the damage incurred by the spike protein is rather severe.

According to McCullough, 86% of youth who develop myocarditis in response to the jab are sick enough to require hospitalization. Research also shows young boys are far more likely to be hospitalized with myocarditis than they are being hospitalized with COVID-19, McCullough says.

Reject Boosters

If you've taken one or two COVID jabs months ago and nothing bad happened, count your blessings. You're among the lucky ones. If you persist in taking boosters, however, your luck is probably going to run out at some point. It's really only a matter of time before the amount of spike protein in your system overwhelms it, producing noticeable damage.

Again, evidence suggests the spike protein may remain for 15 months post-injection. McCullough believes it will last at least a year after each dose. If you start getting boosters every three to six months, you're never going to get rid of that spike protein.

You'll be adding more and more with each dose, and it's the same spike protein that causes problems in COVID-19. If you fear COVID-19, you ought to be just as fearful of the COVID shots, if not more so, as you end up with far more spike protein from the shot than you do from the natural infection.

At this point in time, the evidence is clearly weighing against the COVID shots. They're causing far more harm than good, especially among children, who are not at high risk of dying from COVID-19 in the first place.


1 American Journal of Medicine January 2021; 134(1): 16-22
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1 hour Video - presentation to scientists, Oct 4, 2021

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Presentation
AAPS Wikipedia about 5,000 members

Notes on his presentation
Very good presentation.
Has published over 700 scientific papers
He has had a lot of practice - has given presentations over 500 times in the past year
One of his presentations was broadcast to over 1 BILLION viewers Daystar June 30, 2021
Perhaps dangerous to get the vaccine if already have had an infection
He is pro-vaccine, even recently got Influenza vaccine
He has overseen trials of vaccines for previous viruses and stopped some when they were found to not be safe
Current vaccine safety is >10X worse than the ones which he had stopped.
He was the consulting editor for Patient guide to COVID treatments - Sept 2021

Previous: COVID-19 doctors not allowed to use treatments that work - Dr McCullough Video and transcript May 2021


A few of his slides


40X in VAERS reported deaths since COVID-19 vaccinations
Note: Total annual vaccinations of all types (287 million) have been more than total COVID-19 vaccinations   Vaxopedia
Perhaps 2X vaccinations, yet VAERS Deaths have incrased 40X with COVID-19

Similar infectiousnessfor symptomatic, but
1) It was found that viral load of vaccinated lasts 4X longer
2) Vaccinated people may be asymptomatic more than unvaccinated
2) Vaccinated people do not wear masks as much


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Dr. Mercola on Dr. McCullough's Oct 2 presentation - Oct 30, 2021

Winning the War Against Therapeutic Nihilism
 Download the PDF from VitaminDWiki


0:00:06.3 DM: Thank you. Thank you. I am so honored. In fact, it's my honor to find AAPS, and I've told Dr. Orient and really everyone in your circles that AAPS, far and away, is the best medical organization I've ever been involved with. And I tell you, I have a lot of credentials behind my name and I'm probably gonna sequentially drop them or have them drop from me, and I'm gonna shed a little academic baggage as I move forward, but as introduced, I'm an internist and cardiologist, but I see patients every week. I have been dedicated to focusing on the interface between heart and kidney disease. That's what I was involved with. I'm a trained epidemiologist, I went to University of Michigan and got my degree in Epidemiology later in life, and really blessed to train at some of the best places in the United States as a trainee, in two separate institutions, the Nobel Prize was awarded when I was there as a young person to see that happen, but I stepped forward in COVID-19 'cause as introduced and as so many have recognized something was going very wrong very early in 2019. I wasn't gonna stand for it.

0:01:19.4 DM: So let's jump into this. I've got about 70 slides, but a lot of pictures, just as talking points, and my slides are your slides, so you want them, email Jeremy, I worked on them up until today, have them, use them and let's win the war against therapeutic nihilism, and let's talk about this rush to replace trusted treatments with untrusted novel therapies. I have chaired data safety monitoring boards now for over two dozen different therapeutic products. I've been involved, I think in about 18 products coming to market. I know data, and I know safety, and the FDA knows I know safety. In fact, I've chaired Data and Safety Monitoring Boards for the National Institutes of Health and Big Pharma. And I have made some critical calls as a Chairman of Data and Safety Monitoring Board to shut down a program when it wasn't safe. And I can tell you that threshold is a few cases where we can't explain it. A few cases, okay? We get to five unexplained cases, we start to get very, very uncomfortable, Data and Safety Monitoring Board. We get to 50 unexplained death in a release of a new product, it's gone, it's gone, we shut it down and we figure out what went wrong?

Stopped swine flu vaccinations due to safety concerns

0:02:35.4 DM: For new biologic products, demand safety, safety is unassailable. It's unassailable. If you get up in front of a group of your peers and say, "I am concerned about safety," it's an unassailable position. It's a moral and ethical position of a higher level than those who are gonna apply it forward. It was taken in the 1976 swine flu pandemic, 25 deaths, 550 cases of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, the confidence level was gone. We had vaccinated 25% of our 220 million people in the United States, and that was it. The concern for safety was too great, deaths escalated after stopping the program up to 53. This was the standard and still should be the standard today. Still should be the standard today. I'm gonna tell you, we are far beyond that. I'll follow this outline and make a few comments with respect to each one of these. New biological products, Operation Warp Speed, COVID-19 was used as an opportunity to showcase the world's brilliance with respect to biotechnology. And there was great enthusiasm early in 2020 that this was it, this was gonna be the showcase of what we could do for biotech, but I personally became concerned easily by the summer, and I had a window to America through the hill, one of the Republican journals, and I had a large footprint in academic medicine in terms of...

He has published 650 papers

0:04:06.8 DM: And I had published in New England Journal of Medicine, had over 650 papers in the peer review literature, but I didn't have any window of talking to America, I had testified before Congress back in 2007, but fortunately, through a series of connections, I got a position with the Hill and I was a regular contributor last year all the way until the release of the vaccines, but through this opportunity I correctly predicted all the twists and turns of the pandemic, because as an epidemiologist, I was trying to study through the hubris of the reporting in the media of what was going on and how this virus was moving and it was occurring in clusters, we had a big problem with respect to test positive and deaths and not reporting the hospitalizations, but we had a great gamble with the vaccine development because of the idea that so many shortcuts were being taken, and there was a levering of all of our bets on technology that was brand new technology, and Dr. Malone told you about this, but ensured, the adenoviral vector DNA vaccines, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca use a replication incompetent variant to inject DNA into the cells and that DNA transcribes messenger RNA or the Pfizer Moderna is messenger RNA into the cell.

0:05:27.2 DM: Again, directly involved in protein synthesis, so it basically interacts with ribosomes and then we have transfer RNA that assembles amino acids into proteins, but what's the protein that's being assembled? In red here the protein is the spike protein, 1200 amino acids loaded, as correctly pointed out by so many presenters, it is a deadly protein. By itself, it is a deadly protein, it's a deadly protein, it's the first time in human medicine where we are injecting vaccines and we're asking the human body to make it potentially lethal protein. The hope is we'd make a small enough amount of it and it would create just enough of an immune test that we'd form immunity to this deadly protein. The gamble was, what if we make too much. What if we make it for too long a period of time, what if these lipid nanoparticles go to the wrong organs and don't stay in the arm, and we start to produce this lethal protein, this damaging protein is expressed on cell surfaces. It's not supposed to be there, the body immediately recognizes it, attacks it as being foreign, it breaks free in the circulation, circulates for two weeks, as shown by Ogata and colleagues from Harvard.


0:06:40.7 DM: And then damages blood vessels, probably the peri sites, maybe the endothelial cells clearly is related to thrombosis is related to what's called hemagglutination, because it attaches to sialic acid residues on red blood cells and creates an unusual form of clotting, particularly in the lungs, causing de-saturation like we've never seen in any other viral infection.

0:07:02.3 DM: This is what we're doing to the human body with these vaccines, it is unprecedented that this is being done, it's also unprecedented that millions of Americans, more than half of us have volunteered to take the injection without asking too much about how it works. People in my family did, they did it patriotically, they were asked unquestionably to take the vaccine and it didn't matter which one. It didn't matter which one. And so here we are today with over half of Americans, a smaller fraction of the world's populations have taken one of these vaccines, there's other ones, there's the Sinovac vaccine, which is a killed virus vaccine, far less effective, also has problems.

0:07:44.2 DM: There's 27 of these in development, but this idea was that the vaccine was the only way that we were gonna get out of this pandemic, it alarmed all of us. By May, this paper, 57 authors, 17 countries, Bruno and colleagues, I'm in the author block, basically said, Listen if we don't have safety mechanisms in place for the vaccine programs, shut them down, shut them down because it's safety, safety safety, our concerns was this was a dangerous mechanism of action, we had skipped all the critical testing to understand what this is gonna do long-term to the human body, we had a concerning bio-distribution study from Japan showing hyper-concentration of the lipid nanoparticles in the ovaries, Moderna separately had shown a reduced fertility study to the EMA that was concerning not to the threshold to kill the program.

No external confirmation of FDA and CDC decisions

0:08:31.3 DM: There's been no external advisory committees, no human Ethics Committee, day safety monitoring board, the FDA and the CDC are the sponsors of the program. They cannot be the adjudicators of death, they cannot. That violates every regulatory law that we know, and the CDC and FDA and the NIH work for us, they are public servants to us, they do not issue rulings to us, they don't have authorities to issue rulings to us. They should serve us, the doctor and the patient sit in the fiduciary relationship above those three entities. And we have the authority to make that claim. Very important. Authority is a very important word.

People excluded from trials are now included in authorization (Pregnant, etc)

0:09:11.2 DM: They excluded... They should have excluded patients who are excluded from the clinical trials, exclusions were agreed upon by the FDA and all the IRBs because they knew the vaccines weren't gonna work... Would cause excessive harm in pregnant women, women at childbearing potential, COVID recovered, those who were suspected COVID and positive serologies. Under no circumstances should a human being have ever taken one of these vaccines because they weren't allowed in clinical trials, full stop. Full stop. Very, very important.

0:09:42.1 DM: There was no effort to restrict these people from the vaccine program, in fact, they were encouraged to take the vaccines with no safety data, and very importantly, no efforts to risk mitigate, we can't reduce the risk until our agency tell us who's being harmed from the vaccines. We have had an overdue report card from our federal agencies, my perspective on this as a doctor and a citizen is monthly reports, monthly reports, I want these staffers up on the stage, monthly shows the data, show us the data. Monthly reports. Month after month, nothing. Nothing, just these billboards. Needle in every arm. Just take the shot. Just take the shot. Vaccine hesitancy. I don't care about that, I want safety, safety. Demand it.

Safety reviews for building, airplanes, and usually for vaccines - but not this time around

0:10:27.3 DM: Listen, there's safety inspections on the roof over your head right now, there's safety inspections of the airplane you're gonna fly on later on today. What? No safety inspections of a novel biologic therapy that's injected to each one of us, no safety reports. Well, as of January 22nd we had a problem. We had a big problem, we had 182 deaths, the expected number of deaths, all vaccines combined 158 per year, 278 million shots per year in the United States, 182, we were over the line, and if we had a data safety monitoring board, this program would have been shut down in February for excess mortality, and it would have been reviewed. We only had 27 million people vaccinated in the United States, only 27 million. What happened? Nothing, no safety review.

Malfeasance (wrongdoing)

0:11:12.5 DM: That's malfeasance, malfeasance is wrongdoing by those in positions of authority. And that's what happened. It's really, really uncomfortable to say that our CDC, our FDA, our National Institutes of Health, White House Task Force One, White House Task Force Two, President one, president two, Senate one, Senate two, Senate... House one, House two, they are all implicated in this. None of them, none of them demanded and effectuated a safety report and a stop in February. They are all culpable. What happened? Well, we now know that this early safety warning in this peer-review publication from Jessica Rose clearly failed, look how high those mortality numbers were by April, it clearly failed. We had Americans dying after vaccination, it was obvious, this is an obvious data signal, this is obvious, all experts agree, it's obvious.

Perhaps 15,937 Americans have died because of a COVID-19 vaccination

0:12:14.3 DM: Now, as of September 24th, it's raised up to 15,937 Americans have died. Over 250,000 Americans after the vaccine have been hospitalized, gone to the urgent care or office visits, you can see the temporal relationship on the bottom bar graph, you can see that sharp spike upwards. Sadly, we have over 20,000 Americans that the CDC tells us are permanently disabled after the vaccine, that's bigger than some major cancer groups, that's bigger than some major cancer groups, the disability that we are going to see due to these vaccines will go down in history as an unbelievable atrocity, I made a presentation to the Heritage Foundation in Washington that provides a lot of oversight to the House and the Senate, as well as the agencies.

0:13:07.1 DM: And I made this presentation, you could hear a pin drop when I was done, pin drop, and finally one of the former presidents of the American Medical Association said Dr. McCullough, we have the biggest biological catastrophe on our hands in human history with a medicinal product, and we've had two administrations buy into it, we've had two all the houses of legislation buy into it, we have the entire medical establish buy into it, and the whole media and no one knows how to stop it, no one knows how to stop this freight train, and we're all witnessing it right now.
The deaths,

  • 50% of them occur within 48 hours of the shot,
  • 80% occur within a week,

that's been shown in a separate analysis by Rose and McLachlan, McLachlan showed by getting the data doing a representative sample adjudicating the deaths, by separate reviewers, he found that 86% of the deaths had no other explanation outside of the vaccine, very tight temporal relationship, very tight clinical review relationship. On two occasions, the CDC, on its website in March and June, floated out a one-sentence result saying that CDC and FDA reviewers had reviewed the deaths and non were related to the vaccine.

0:14:27.6 DM: Malfeasance. I can tell you I do this work, it takes months to get all the hospital records, to get the labs, to get the death certificates, there's no way they could have reviewed these deaths.

0:14:37.3 DM: And including the CPR that was done in the vaccine center, right there, that wasn't related? When they make statements like that, they're the sponsors of the program, they actually have no position, they have no justification for them to even give us a report on what they think, they are the sponsors, they need experts, external experts to review these and to give these reports. Those statements will go down in history as malfeasance. What McLachlan showed us is sadly who's dying are the seniors, the seniors are the ones we wanna protect, but yet the vaccines are lethal in some seniors, not all.

0:15:13.0 DM: Obviously, we've had half of America take the vaccine, not everyone has died immediately, but it doesn't matter, it's too many that have died in this fraction, and we must figure out why in some individuals, the vaccines are lethal, and this analysis by cost of the relationship between deaths with the natural infection on the left, and deaths with the vaccine on the right, even though the Y-axis is different, it's the same, it's an age-related death relationship. Cost of calculated in this paper that because not everybody gets the respiratory infection and because the respiratory infection is treatable and manageable, in fact, one is more likely to die after the vaccine than just take their choice with forgoing the vaccine and potentially getting COVID-19. Statistically, in every age group, that's the case, the gamble is to gamble away from the vaccine and away from potential harm.

Jessica Rose and other looking as adverse vaccine reactions

0:16:10.2 DM: Now, Jessica Rose in her first paper showed that the non-fatal reactions tend to be cardiovascular neurologic and immunologic, they tend to occur quickly after the shot. Again, a tight temporal relationship, and with Rose, she's a really tight, tight epidemiologist, but virologist. She's made the case that we've completely fulfilled the Bradford Hill criteria for causality, we have a dangerous mechanism of action, we have a tight temporal relationship, we have internal consistency between death and the non-fatal events, we have external consistency because this is seen in the MHRA system, the Yellow Card system, and in the Eudra, the EMA system. We've basically got it, we have fulfilled Hill's tenets of causality, the vaccine is causing these events, there are new categories of diseases, this is vaccine-induced, immune thrombocytopenic purpura, look at the criteria.

Problems include: hemolytic anemia, thrombosis, hypertension

0:17:07.8 DM: These are individuals who sadly, after about two weeks, more likely with the adenoviral vaccines, develop a hemolytic anemia, they develop thrombosis at the same time, thrombosis in a whole variety of organs, including abdominal visceral venous outflow, we have... This is in the peer review literature now, so we don't have to speculate on this, this is real, this paper is from hypertension, which is one of the best papers, one of the best daughter journals of circulation research letter, stage three hypertension in patients developing the messenger RNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccination. A market... A skyrocketing of blood pressure in some individuals, which is catastrophic, we've had somebody in our circles in Dallas, a young man who's 42, who's had a [0:17:54.4] ?? dissection.

Now 5,000 cases of myocarditis

0:17:55.4 DM: Laura Ingram has had a woman in her 70s who suffered this with an Intracranial Hemorrhage, she came on and told her story, many of you have hypertension, that's who... Even when you have baseline hypertension, you take a spin with this vaccine, this is what you're risking, we don't know who's gonna have life-threatening potentially fatal hypertensive events with the vaccine. We know Myocarditis is another risk. The FDA agrees, the FDA and the CDC reviewed cases in June. They had 200 cases of younger individuals, and they showed that 90% were hospitalized. It looks serious. We now have raised up to 5000 cases of myocarditis in the United States, we heard yesterday that Gavin Newsom is just mandated mandatory vaccinations for all children in California...

Myocarditis in children

0:18:43.0 DM: With absolutely no concern regarding this effect, which will occur in many, many children as they're forced into the vaccine. What do we know? This paper from California, Tracy Hoeg just published this, that looking at multiple safety sources, and this is a very high quality paper, that the myocarditis is certainly very real, it's due to the vaccine. The chances of myocarditis and hospitalization with myocarditis for one of these children who is gonna be forced into vaccination, the chances of hospitalization for a cardiac problem is greater than being hospitalized for COVID-19. So it's much better for the children to not get vaccinated and take the risk of the respiratory infection. This analysis supports this. What did she find out? 86% of these thousands of cases of myocarditis which opponent EKG changes, a reduced left ventricular function, chest pain, early development of heart failure, require hospitalization. We know now that boys with no underlying health conditions, the chances of one of these cardiac hospitalizations is greater than taking the risk with a natural infection alone.

0:19:51.7 DM: Look at this tight temporal relationship with shot two that occurs on the upper panel. The myocarditis is explosive, and it's far more in boys than girls, and what Hoeg has analyzed from the V-safe and other data systems, is that the rates of myocarditis are much higher than what the CDC even forecasted. So this has to be abundantly clear, the FDA says, Warning, this causes myocarditis, don't do it. The FDA has told us this. The CDC agrees with all the data, that doesn't equal mandatory vaccination for children, it meant just the opposite, an unbelievable relentless and unbreakable resistance to having the children vaccinated, it is simply not safe under any conditions, period, full stop. Without protection from [0:20:40.1] ??, the vaccines will do more harm there's no doubt about it. We are in a free fall of a lawless state, a lawless state is developing the Office of Human Research protections in the US FDA right now and enforcing research protections for subjects, everybody who take a vaccine in the United States is in research.

He is not against SAFE vaccines - recently got his flu vaccination

0:21:00.0 DM: The fact that there's absolutely no protections for research subjects and we have no enforcement of pharmaceutical laws is putting us into complete free fall. The vaccines are not safe for human use on either side of the Atlantic, and the evidence-based consulting group in the UK agrees. Dr. Tesla who leads that group, that's the principal contract Consulting Group for the World Health Organization, has concluded an immediate halt to the vaccine program is required while the full and independent safety analysis undertaken to figure out what has gone wrong with these vaccines. I'm telling you, it's clear across the world that this first generation of vaccines is not safe. I'm personally not against vaccines, I just had one last week for the flu, I've had every single vaccine I'm supposed to... I've gone to India, I've gotten extra vaccines. I'm not against vaccines, but these vaccines, multiple experts agree. It's not just me, it's not just you. Multiple experts greet, they're not safe, they are not safe enough, and everyone for us to do this, there are citizen petitions from physician groups led by Linda Wedel and Peter Doshi at the British Medical Journal, as well as a nursing group to the FDA to not approve these.

0:22:09.2 DM: And when it came to FDA approval on August 23, the FDA did not approve Pfizer. They gave a continuation of the EUA and then they conditionally approved Comirnaty with BioNTech, which doesn't exist in the United States, legally distinct potentially additionally, distinct lot of postmarketing requirements including myocarditis, lots of disclaimers about no information or safety information in pregnancy that's Comirnaty it's not even here.

0:22:36.0 DM: We do not have an improved vaccine in the United States, yet a false talking point came out of that meeting all up to the President of the United States who announced that Pfizer was approved when it wasn't... Historians will record these events, this is extraordinary, the person who signed the letter, Dr. Gruber to Comirnaty resigned seven days later, that's August 23. Well, fast forward to September 17th, we were ready. We had six people from our circles presenting at the US FDA, six scientists including Dr. Rose, including Paul Alexander, including David Wiseman. We had an all-star team of people there and we present to the FDA when Pfizer came up for boosters, and you know what came out of that?

The advisory panel voted 16 to 2 AGAINST the booster

0:23:18.1 DM: Analysis showing death with the vaccine is greater than death just taking your chances with the infection, hospitalization with myocarditis is greater than being hospitalized with the respiratory infection. The vaccines aren't safe across the board, and you know what the FDA didn't disagree. And you know what, the panel voted for the Booster... The advisory panel, 16 to 2 against the booster. So I'm telling you, there is a chance for dialogue, there is a chance for scientific interchange, and we have to make our voices heard, the vaccines, not only have great concerns regarding safety, and I think at this point in time can be declared generally unsafe, the vaccines don't work well enough in everyone.

0:24:00.9 DM: And you know what? When I did a TV show with Dr. Drew many, many of you know, Dr. Drew, he's an internist, but he's pretty expert in psychiatry, I said, "No, we've been on vaccine safety for three or four months this spring, and nobody seems to be batting an eye." He said, you know what he thought... He thought that America was prepared to have unsafe vaccines, that through all this misery and suffering of COVID-19, they were willing to take on the risks of mortality and morbidity with the vaccines without much alarm. I said, where's the outrage? He says, America was prepared for this. Psychologically prepared, I think he was probably right, but the very first time I ever mentioned anything on national news that the vaccine may not work, oh my lord, it was like a nuclear button had been pushed... And it wasn't me, it was Rob Mitchell on Newsmax and Rob took the vaccine, he just happened to say that he thought maybe the vaccines wouldn't work [0:24:52.0] ??.

The 3 Vaccines are very different but are treated the same

0:24:53.9 DM: They brought Rob Mitchell on his knee. Actually, my former journal, The Hill made Rob Mitchell, formerly apologize by hinting that the vaccines may not work well. Now the CDC has data, we finally have some data flowing, this recent publication just a few days ago, shows the vaccine efficacy as calculated in community populations showing that Moderna, which is very different than Pfizer, Moderna is 100 micrograms messenger RNA, Pfizer's 30 micrograms messenger RNA, Johnson & Johnson is adenoviral particle, s American should know there's three separate products. I've been having all these secret phone calls over the last few weeks, and one of them I had was with somebody very important at the Federal Reserve, and we started talking about vaccines, and I said, "Listen, you're a data guy, I see you on CNBC, I know you like data, you have three mystery products. I can tell you right now with September, we have a winner, we have a loser, and we have somebody in between, they can't be the same. Even you admit as a person who deals with finances, you have three different products, three different mutual funds, three different bonds. They're not the same. They're not the same." This idea of, take a shot, no, if you're gonna mandate a shot, tell us which one's the best... Tell us... Well, us how to do it safely. So this idea of any, any employer is gonna mandate a vaccine, you can better say which one.

0:26:09.9 DM: Let's see, a careful review of safety of each one. We need to put the burden of proof on others, not on us. I have so many people, "Oh, Dr. McCullough if you can just prove this to me." No the burden of proof isn't on my shoulder, I didn't make these vaccines, they're not my responsibility. There's somebody else's... Now, these data don't look too bad. 92% calculated from the community against hospitalization, Pfizer 77%, Johnson & Johnson less, what's the caveat? They don't have data against Delta, the Delta variant is very different, and they did look good against the legacy variants, so these vaccines have failed in Delta, the Delta variant came out of Maharashtra, India, when we got to about 25% vaccinated with a sign of a vaccine, is the most mutated of all the forms of the virus, seven mutations in the spike protein, and an additional one called Delta plus the UK tells us is 20 more sprinkled across the spike protein and nuclear capsid, and now the CDC is telling us through their publications, I could do this whole talk just from the CDC website, by the way, Barnstable county, Massachusetts, this was mentioned previously, two-thirds in congregate settings who get sick with Delta are fully vaccinated.

CDC director "You know what, the vaccines really can't stop transmission . . .

Booster approved for elderly, but only 12 elderly were in the trial

0:27:24.9 DM: Americans ought to look at this curve over and over and over again and understand, in fact, it was about this time our CDC director got on there and said, "You know what, the vaccines really can't stop transmission. The vaccines can't stop a vaccinated person from getting the infection, the vaccines can't stop a vaccinated person from giving the infection to someone else." Okay, this is what emerged this summer data from the Mayo Clinic, 25,000 individuals, very good, they actually know the strains, Moderna holding out at 76% protection but now Pfizer at 42%. Israeli Health Minister has Pfizer at 39% protection. Remember, a vaccine that falls below 50% protection and can't last a year is not a viable product on the commercial market, Pfizer has failed as a commercial product, and I think that is really formed frost of why Pfizer is not approved for boosters. Now, it was suggested on the September 17th meeting, that people over 65 and maybe those with other conditions would take a booster based on dead reckoning, they only had 12 patients over 65 who had taken boosters.

Million of Israelis have taken the booter - no indication of help

0:28:30.6 DM: Well, Israel's got a couple million people taking boosters, no signal that it's having any impact in the Israeli Delta outbreak, the Israeli Delta outbreak is bigger than their prevaccination era outbreak, and they used exclusively Pfizer. Here are the data. You can see here, 86% of the COVID 19 cases in Israel are fully vaccinated. You don't need to be an epidemiologist to understand the vaccines have completely failed with respect to Pfizer and its use in Israel. The CDC started telling us through May that the vaccines were failing, this report came out over 10,000 vaccine breakthrough failures in the community, they had 10% were hospitalized, 2% died. That didn't look good. After this report, the CDC said, we give up. We are not gonna report vaccine failures, we wanna see psycho thresholds that are below 28, they put on their website that if you took a vaccine, don't get any more testing, but if you're unvaccinated, that you should get more testing, they started to make tables. The CDC started to do asymmetric reporting to start to craft a narrative that this was going to be a failure of the unvaccinated, the crisis of the unvaccinated, but the CDC data continued to come in showing us just the opposite.

Elderly COVID-19 deaths AFTER vaccination

0:29:48.4 DM: July 26, they had 6507 cases. And as you can see here, that we have about 19% that were hospitalized and sadly we had 19% who died. So we had a situation, wait a minute, full vaccine breakthroughs, and they have a stringent definition, you must be vaccinated fully vaccinated. Wait, two weeks, have it. This is a strict... This isn't the universe of cases, but these are solid vaccine breakthrough cases. Now we go to August 23rd, holy smokes, we have 11,050 full vaccine failure cases that the CDC is telling America about on their website, sadly, 87% of the deaths are over age 65, 70% of the hospitalizations are over 75. This is failure of the vaccine program in the group that we really wanted to protect, and nobody has been upfront with the CDC, the NIH, the FDA, White House Task Force, telling Americans, seniors that the vaccines are failing, what are we hearing about? The narrative we're hearing is vaccinate children, what about the seniors, where is the public health prioritization of what's going on in America?

Actually, 23% of veterans hospitalized for COVID-19 had been vaccinated.

0:31:01.2 DM: It is astounding, the ineptitude, the willful misconduct of the people running our public health agencies. It's astounding. Look at these data. Really, we're gonna focus on California children when we have this going on? I mean, this is unbelievable. I hope this is being recorded, you know what? Record it. Record it, I want it, they're gonna come after me, I want it, bring it on. Now, listen, on one sad day this summer, I wanna say 20 media people and different officials in the United States had an identical talking point that 99% of people in the hospital were unvaccinated on the same day, there was actually a collage, they actually showed everybody including Monta Santis disappointingly said it. Okay, really, really, how do the hospitals know who's vaccinated, how do they know? Do they check vaccine cards? How are they checking first dose. Are they checking second dose? How do they really know? The answer is they don't know, 'cause the CDC has told that they don't have any mechanism to know. They don't have a mechanism to know, it is basically by dead reckoning. Now we have two papers, one from the CDC, Havers from the COVID-Net Network, and then we have one from Filmar from the VA with large scale data through June, answer 23% of Americans hospitalized of COVID-19 have been vaccinated. This 99% was again, a propagandist, false talking point that was put out by those in positions of authority.

Effectiveness was never at the 99% needed to stop the virus

0:32:34.9 DM: False talking point, the data are not there for this 99, it's never been 99%. And as Delta, this was as Delta was shading in, as Delta continues to shade in, this number is gonna go up. This graph shows us that our Delta curve now is on the way down, and it's true. It continues to go down, but it was about two-thirds of our prevaccination peak. We knew from analysis by Brown and colleagues from Waterloo Canada, that the absolute risk reduction from the vaccines were less than 1% from clinical trials. When the absolute risk reductions are less than 1%, it is impossible for a therapy to influence a population level number like an epidemic curve. Impossible. And what Brown predicted was correct, the vaccines have had zero impact on the epidemic curve. The vaccines were not gonna be a solution to flattening these curves. Now, if you look down below, look at red, mortality has been kept low, now mortality is really a function of treatment. And this one time I was on Laura Ingraham, she goes Dr. McCullough, isn't this a more deadly virus?

"..don't vaccinate into a pandemic..."

0:33:39.3 DM: I said, "What determines whether it is deadly or not, is whether or not somebody got treatment." We have data showing that treatments markedly reduced mortality. So it's not the virus that dictates mortality, it's how we respond to it, and fortunately, the early treatment networks, you just heard a state-of-the-art lecture from Dr. Rob, that there's a lot of things now that are done to take an edge off the intensity and severity and duration of symptoms that translates to reductions in hospitalizations and in death, but by pushing mass vaccination governments have created evolutionary pressures in SARS-CoV-2 and people warned us about this, Gia Vanderburgh, Michael Yeatsian, [0:34:13.5] ?? Dr. Luke Montie they warned us about this, "Don't do this, don't vaccinate into a pandemic, because we have a high prevalence of virus."

Similar to the problem with attacking staph, which resulted in drug-resistant staph

0:34:26.3 DM: It's like having a bunch of staph infections on your ward and putting everybody on a narrow spectrum antibiotic. Don't you think you're gonna get resistant staph? They warned us on this, they said the virus is gonna figure out these vaccines and the virus will find a way. We've always had a diversity of viral strains in COVID-19 by the way, Delta has always been there, so has alpha beta, they've always been there. So we have diversity, just like we have diversity in the room here, everyone looks a little different, genetic diversity is what we're supposed to have, what Nilson and colleagues at the Mayo Clinic showed us as soon as we started vaccinating, we got to 25% vaccination the diversity started to drop, that the number of different strains that the CDC was categorizing every two weeks started to plummet because we were starting to fool with Mother Nature, and we shouldn't do that.

Vaccines make specific anti-bodies, virus mutations avoid those specific antibodies

0:35:14.9 DM: If we start to introduce a nonlethal, nonsterilizing evolutionary pressure, it makes perfect sense that the virus will figure out how to thrive in the vaccinated, and that's what Vancarna Christian told us, they said, "Listen, this spike protein is mutating. It's mutating the antibody is the big dark structure there, the antibody is looking for a little binding site, and there's a narrow library of antibodies, or maybe just a few dozen of antibodies with Pfizer and Moderna and J&J. The natural immune system is just has a monstrous library of antibodies, not high titers, but against the spike protein, the nucleocapsid, the envelope protein, polymerase. Now we have full T-cell capabilities.

Earlier this year there were 6-12 strains, now only one - Delta

0:35:58.4 DM: There's almost nothing like that with the vaccines, the vaccines are very narrow and very limited forms of immunity, but in very high titer concentrations, and look at that, it doesn't matter how high the titers are with Pfizer and Moderna, look at that conformational change. Antibodies can't touch it. So the Delta variant is exactly that, it has achieved antigenic escape. Look what the CDC tells us in orange. It's all Delta now. It's all Delta. We have 99% Delta. That is very unnatural. We should have 6-12 different strains. We have fooled with Mother Nature because we've gotten more than 25% of the US population vaccinated. Even worse, we're at 60% vaccinated, so now Delta is here to stay until the vaccines change. 'Cause why would it change? Why would another strain even get in there? Look how good Delta is thriving in the vaccinated and unvaccinated. This recent paper that just came out, shows from UC Davis in the vaccinated or unvaccinated, the viral loads are high and the same in both groups. It's clear that the vaccines do nothing to help reduce carriage of the virus, the vaccines do nothing. A vaccinated person who walks into this hotel is equally as a threat of someone who's unvaccinated and not recovered.

Vaccinated should NOT be exempted from wearing a mask

0:37:23.0 DM: I checked in at the front desk, so did you. There's a sign there that says, if you're vaccinated, you don't have to wear a mask, but if you're unvaccinated, you do. Well, we should show them these data. Look at... Those dots are... Come on. This is... It's incontrovertible that vaccines do not stop the virus from setting up camp in the nose and mouths of those who are vaccinated. So we must need a pivot to early therapy for COVID-19.

0:37:48.1 DM: Dr. Rob just gave you a state-of-the-art lecture, and I think we should be very proud of people like him and people like you in the crowds. Within 18 months, we've dropped everything in our careers and we have formulated a very solid approach to a potentially lethal disastrous problem. When we started with this, the CDC sketched out 1.7 million to 2.1 million American deaths.

"home treatment is the only thing that makes sense"

0:38:11.3 DM: And if it wasn't for your efforts... And there's about 500 doctors right now trying to take care of the whole country. And you know it 'cause your phone is blowing up every day. We have... We cut those deaths off right at about 700,000. We cut them in half. We cut them in half with 500 heroes in America, and a million doctors sitting on the sidelines, and half a million nurse practitioners sitting on the sidelines, and 500 heroes stepped in because we went on pillar number two. Early home treatment is the only thing that makes sense. With this wearing masks and contagion control, we did the best we could.

0:38:46.8 DM: We've done the best we could in the hospital. The hospital is a pretty bleak place. And I can tell you we've already covered vaccination. Early home treatment focuses on those who are sick. The bottom line is that's what it should have always been. Is just managing those who are sick. And vaccinated or not, the acute COVID-19 patients, we should demand early treatment. Okay? And under no circumstances should any one of us... And I will never do it... Is I will never discriminate according to whether or not someone took a vaccine. Never.

0:39:18.8 DM: I will never allow anybody to spew vitriol out of their mouth because someone unvaccinated is in the hospital. Because that person took a smart risk. I've already showed you the data and [0:39:31.4] ?? agrees. That person was avoiding death with the vaccine, and if they get hospitalized with COVID-19, that's fine. We get drunk drivers who get hospitalized, we take care of them. We have patients with diabetes, people... Obese and have all kinds of problems, people... Alcoholics... We take care of them.

0:39:47.2 DM: So someone made an intelligent choice, and somehow there's a pejorative statement regarding they're unvaccinated in the hospital. Shame on them. Shame on them. Doctors in my institution can't look me in the eye. They cannot look me in the eye, because they are so ashamed of what they've done through the course of this pandemic. And the bottom line is, we give a very clear, confident and joyous message that we can treat this illness. And in fact, what we do in treating this illness with our multi-dimensional approach has the largest public health impact on reducing mortality and morbidity, because we're treating the people who are at risk. Everything lower down on this slide has lesser risk because people don't have the disease.

0:40:29.4 DM: Can you imagine we're gonna lock down two people who don't have the disease. How can that possibly do anything. How about two people wearing masks and they don't have it. Right? It can't... Anybody would understand this. We have to focus on people who have the problem. So these papers... And they've been referred to. These are probably the most important papers I've ever published in my career. I'm coming up on 700 papers in the peer-reviewed literature, but to actually get these over the finish line, as the medical literature have become corrupt.

0:41:00.3 DM: The New England Journal of Medicine is corrupt, Lancet, JAMA, they're all corrupt. How this happened is gonna be a story in medicine. And to have the strength to get this over the finish line, the first papers with largely US academic and Italian colleagues, cortical network. We put together the first concepts of how we would use drugs in sequence.

0:41:19.6 DM: The second paper, I recruited a lot of you in the audience to help out. I needed firepower. The senior author is Vladimir Zelenko, one of the originators. I wanted to give credit to every single person who originated... In their practice, they innovated. They tried to help patients. They used their clinical judgment. They base their approach on signals of benefit and acceptable safety. They put drugs in a combination. They used their precautionary principles that this is a potentially fatal disease.

Randomized Controlled Trials are great if you can wait 5 years

0:41:45.7 DM: We cannot fold our arms and wait for large randomized trials five years later and let people die. No. We cannot wait another five years for the guidelines that are gonna depend on the randomized trials... Right? Oh, we gotta wait for randomized trials. Really? How many people are gonna die? We needed a trauma surgeon running this program. We needed a bunch of surgeons who just knew how to take care of business, instead of people telling us we need to wait for large randomized trials.

0:42:12.2 DM: I love large randomized trials. Believe me, I love them. I love to do it. I love the New England Journal of Medicine. I was just in the New England Journal of Medicine on a large randomized trial. I know how to do it. This is not the time for large randomized trials. This is the time for action. And this is... The diagram has been shown to many of you but in brief, we don't think everybody needs treatment.

>1,000 studies of what you can do in the home

0:42:30.7 DM: People under age 50, mild symptoms can do the nutraceuticals bundle and get through the illness. But if they're presenting with severe symptoms, or those down the middle, age over 50, medical problems, more than a 1% risk of hospitalization and death, in my view, is enough to do treatment. More than 1%, that's too high. And we use drugs in sequence, as you're shown here. I'm not gonna go through all of them since they've been carefully reviewed. But I can tell you on this slide, there are over a thousand supportive studies. A thousand.

0:43:00.8 DM: People say... When I testified in the US Senate, the minority witness said, "You know, you just don't have enough evidence." You don't have enough evidence. Well, that's a game... That's a game we play in our meetings where someone tries to propose a new approach and then the naysayers say, "Oh, you don't have enough evidence." That's an academic game. That's not appropriate to play a game with American lives.

0:43:21.0 DM: This isn't about, "I didn't have enough evidence." I had... With the American Journal of Medicine paper, I had six letters to the editor, and they came in from Duke, they came in from Monash, they came in from McGill, from Brazil, from Europe. And the letters basically said, "Dr. McCullough, you can't treat patients with COVID-19 like this."

0:43:40.9 DM: My answer is, "Yeah, I can, and I am, and I will. And why don't you join me? Why don't you overcome your fear and get in the game and help people through this illness?" I would absolutely destroy them. I destroyed them and they went away in shame. They're publicly shamed. You know what? They should be shamed. The idea is you're trying to help people compassionately. You're fulfilling your Hippocratic oath.

0:44:05.2 DM: And I remember I was on a Tucker Carlson, and I told him... I said, "Listen, I have not let a single one of my [0:44:11.1] ?? patients get slaughtered by the virus." And any doctor who has... And there's been a million doctors who have... It's immoral, it's unethical, and from a clinical and civil perspective, it's illegal. It's illegal. And I think there was gonna be a price to pay. It's gonna be years in the future, but there's gonna be a price to pay for all these patients who have died. And you look through the records and all of them, I will tell you, they were all inadequately treated. Every single one of them.

FDA allows drugs to be used off-lable for all other health contitions

0:44:38.9 DM: Why should we use drugs off-label? Because the FDA tells us we should use drugs off-label. We're supposed to do this because one reason is that there's no approved drug to treat this condition. We're supposed to do this. In cardiology, the estimates are... We're well over 60% of drugs are off-label. In cardiology it's estimated that only 6% of the time do we have guidelines that tell us exactly what to do. All day long we use our clinical judgment.

0:45:04.3 DM: If there ever was a time for clinical judgment, it was the mass casualty situation of the COVID-19 pandemic. It really separated the men from the boys, the women from the girls. It really did. And I have absolutely supreme confidence that what you have done to help your patients was the right thing. And if you used different drug combinations... I even... I talked to one doctor when he goes "Well, you can't treat patients." I said, "Well, what do you tell them?" He goes, "Well, I tell them there's no treatment." I said, "Do you give them a call the next day to see how there're doing?" He goes, "No."

0:45:38.5 DM: And the term I used is I said, "We're in a crisis of compassion." I bet if we just had a phone call system to call people each day to see how they do, that would reduce mortality. You know why? Because these seniors go home, they're in their houses or apartments, they know their families can't go by, they know they have a potentially fatal illness and they have... Their doctors have basically abandoned them. They have nobody to call until that final moment of panic, then they call. Then the virus spreads. Then they go in the hospital, and many don't make it out. This is wrong.

Patient guide to home COVID treatments

0:46:18.2 DM: So [https://aapsonline.org/covidpatientguide/this guide]... This guide is the... Probably the most important guide ever produced by a society for... In the history of medicine. This has been downloaded and utilized and passed around millions and millions of times. And it took Jane Orient and Lee Vliet and others to put this together and it's used over and over again. Because of the complete and total abject failure of our public health response, we filled a gap. People say, "Well, the CDC and WHO... And they don't recommend... " I said, "Listen, until they do, this is the standard." This is the standard.

0:47:01.3 DM: They can go forever before they recommend treatment. We are filling a gap and we are entitled to do that. We treat the viral infection, we handle the pandemic crisis. This is so important. This is the only way to manage it. It is a potentially lethal problem. And we'll never vaccinate our way out of it. It works. Erica Maldi in the treatment domiciliary group in Italy have shown it. They have gotten to zero hospitalizations in major cities in Italy.

Alternatives like Ivermectin being used around the world

0:47:27.4 DM: They use a hydroxychloroquine-based program. They got out of their fog and they are treating COVID-19. It works. In Italy, their Delta curve is less than a quarter of their pre-vaccination era curve, because they are using it. You've all been to Italy. It's pretty reasonable. Japan is front lining Ivermectin. Mexico City crushed their curves with the Ivermectin-based program. So did Peru. It keeps going, and going. India. Some of you are from India. India crushed their curve.

Can crush the curve with early treament, not vaccines

0:47:55.1 DM: They don't crush your curve with a vaccine. You crush their curve with early treatment. It works. Two good studies, Brian Procter, Vladimir Zelenko, same results. About an 85% reduction in hospitalization and death with multi-drug programs. And these are legacy programs. We even have better drugs now we can use in combination.

0:48:12.6 DM: Somebody asked me, "Dr. McCullough, what do you think about the Merck drug?" I said, "Bring it on." We'll just bring it right into our program. Maybe it can work. Maybe it's as good as Ivermectin. I don't know. It probably looks like Favipiravir. Favipiravir, has been in our program anyway. Because we can use Favipiravir in Russia and India and other countries. It's kinda like Favipiravir. But it's not a single pill is suddenly gonna save the world. That's what the news cycle look like. Oh, big pharma is gonna save us.

0:48:37.3 DM: No, this is what's been saving America all along. Paul Alexander published anything in the nursing home compared to nothing works. Even the most modest programs to have our senior citizens in nursing homes get COVID-19 and not get a milligram of treatment is mal-practice. That is malpractice. Something for the seniors.

Should not require those who have been infected to later get vaccinate (might harm them)

0:48:58.6 DM: Vaccinating people who have had COVID-19 that have natural immunity is at this point in time, it's out of bounds. And this is an important paper by Jennifer Block, who's shown 20 studies support natural immunity is robust, complete and durable. Far superior to vaccine immunity. There are now three studies that I've summarized. Six total, showing that if we vaccinate people who are COVID recovered, we harm them considerably. We harm them considerably.

0:49:32.0 DM: Spectrum Health System up in Michigan, Grand Rapids just announced those naturally immune... Mike Shirkey, who's the Senate Majority Leader, gave me my natural immunity wristband. Craig Wax has already shown the natural immunity, t-shirts, which I'm gonna probably wear running. The bottom line is naturally immune, leave them alone. And if we have a break in this vaccine cabal it's gonna be the naturally immune. As the vaccinated continue to get sick with COVID-19. The only backstop is natural immunity. Okay.

0:50:04.6 DM: And so we need to embrace it. And your grandma in the olden days... These chicken pox parties... Not a bad idea. I went to one. And you know, I got chickenpox as a kid. Did I take the vaccine? No. Because it's one and done. Am I taking the COVID vaccine? No, because I had COVID. It's one and done. We have to get back to basics because freedom is at risk. Your freedom is basically... This idea that you can win your freedom back.

0:50:29.1 DM: And there's been some brutal commentary on CNN saying, "Listen, you just... You're not gonna get your freedoms back unless you take the vaccine." Since when... Since when are we gonna lever freedom based on an ineffective and unsafe vaccine. My new friend Eric Clapton, who came to my house, great guy. This is his idea, that we have three circles, medical freedoms, social freedom and economic freedom.

0:50:54.8 DM: As soon as we break medical freedom, that we no longer have a choice to decide what goes in our bodies, it will be an instantaneous break in social freedom. And when we break our social freedom, now we have an immediate link to our economic freedom and the whole thing crumbles. But this is a real slippery slope right now. There's probably no critical six months that we're gonna see in American history than coming up right now.

0:51:17.2 DM: People are all over the world rioting. They're rioting for freedom to get medicines. Now, he can't spell Ivermectin, but he knows it's important. Okay? And you gotta give them credit. They don't have it there. They're starving them of Ivermectin, but this is in the UK, and they know something is wrong. They know people... And do you know what it's because of our efforts, the world... The world knows that this is a treatable problem.

0:51:43.0 DM: Our agencies have been fronting everybody in the world that this is not a treatable problem. Not a treatable problem. Guess what these people know because of our efforts. This woman knows that Ivermectin works in the hospital and she's suing the hospital for her husband to get Ivermectin. There's been case after case after case of inappropriate nihilistic care in the hospital. Families go to court. They get court orders and they force the hospital administrators, the chief of staff and the ICU doctors to shamefully start treating patients appropriately.

0:52:14.4 DM: Including full dose anticoagulation, which they would do for the next patient with a pulmonary embolism. Including giving Ivermectin, which they would do for the next person who had scabies. But suddenly, if you have COVID-19, you actually get harmed... Blame the victim. And this started from the very beginning. Remember the very first who people got COVID-19, the commentary was, "Well, they're super spreaders." They did something. They didn't wear their masks. This has been a game. It's a big game, and it's a game that's costing lives. It's hurting people.

0:52:44.4 DM: The public and private outrage over ineffective unsafe vaccines cannot be loud enough. In every conversation, if they don't work then they're not safe. I'm sorry, they don't. Call a spade a spade. We don't have to sugar-coat it. Now, I have given a consolation prize... I go on public TV, and say, "Listen, people in my family took the vaccine. They did it patriotically. They didn't know... They're trying to keep their jobs." And a lot of people weren't harmed by it. That's terrific. What my clinical impression is, if you took one or two shots and you're fine now six months later. That's fine. Okay, that's fine.

Censorship of scientific discourse

0:53:18.3 DM: Now, my experience is, others disagree that those who are vaccinated I think they're easier to treat. The CDC data doesn't support that. My clinical experiences as a consolation price, it may be less severe... As a consolation price. But that consolation prize is absolutely not justification at all to have another person vaccinated in our country. We are having censorship of scientific discourse, like we cannot believe.

0:53:41.7 DM: One of our modern American heroes is Ron Johnson. Okay, because of the fact that he recognized that... You know the reason why Ron Johnson's interested in this. This is a very interesting story. Ron Johnson's daughter had congenital heart disease and she had to undergo two surgeries. And my wife and I were in his chambers and he told us this story. And he said, "Listen, these doctors had to make edge decisions." They had to make decisions to save his daughter's life.

0:54:07.2 DM: They didn't wait for randomized trials. They didn't wait for a guidelines. They didn't wait for the CDC or the FDA to tell them what to do. They made some damn decisions as surgeons and they saved her life. Now she's like a ICU nurse today. He knows that doctors should be doctors. He respects that. He put together the right to life... Right to try program.

Cannot wait 5 years for RCTs

0:54:26.9 DM: And I tell you what, we need... We need 102 more of him. And we need the whole house like him. We need people to recognize doctors need to be doctors, because this is crushing the life blood of medical science right now. And if we don't... I am so activated. I'm down to about four hours of sleep at night. I am so activated because I know really, this is a turn in history. This is historic what's going on. This type of thing. Look at this type of letter I got from... This one... Suspension or revocation of my license.

0:54:57.1 DM: Well, you know what, I am not giving information today. I'm not giving misinformation today. I'm giving you the data. And as a doctor, you're gonna decide the data... This looks like a kangaroo court, if I've ever seen one. Who's gonna decide. Really? You know what I think... I just re-certified for the fourth time in medicine. I'll tell you what... What I'd tell them is, "Bring it on. I wanna talk to him about this. I wanna talk to him about it." Okay.

0:55:25.1 DM: This hunting of American doctors is gonna stop, and we're gonna put a stop to it. But we're only gonna put a stop to it, not by ducking, not by bobbing and weaving, not by hiding in the shadows, it's by assuming the authority that we have.

0:55:41.0 DM: This is very important. We have authority as physicians... As the most highly educated trained and vetted people in American society, we have authority. And we have the authority to go public and give our analysis and presentation of the data. We have the authority to do that and I will not stop. I tell you, I've... Probably, I've had close to 500 media presentations, may be a 1000. And I don't care because people are asking my opinion.

0:56:11.1 DM: I don't ask to go on these shows. I don't get... I don't ask, can I go be on somebody's TV show. They're asking my opinion and I have given it... I have given it. And I have the right to give it and you have the right to give it, and we have the right to our opinions. And it cannot be stopped. It's really important. And there's a lot of heroes involved. The heroes are not just the doctors, the heroes are the media people.

Media people are doctors are taking risks by suggesting possible vaccine problems

0:56:38.1 DM: I've met a lot of media people right now who are taking risks. They're not doctors, but they know something is wrong. They know this is a treatable illness. They know the vaccine program's going bad, and they know that we should take some action. When I was down with Tucker Carlson he started getting pretty animated, and he... About the middle of it, he started... I started telling him, "Listen... " I said, "Tucker... " I said, "It's pretty obvious that there has been a suppression of treatment to promote fear, suffering, loneliness, isolation, hospitalization and death in order to promote the vaccine."

0:57:12.3 DM: And he started gesticulating and he finally just looked at the camera and he goes... He goes, "If you don't know who his doctor is, you need to look him up because he has authority." And I said... You know what, for the first time I heard that. I said, "You know what, I'll take it." I'll take it. We do have the authority. If we will not take the authority, if we will not be bold, who will? I can tell you... People say, "Well, Dr. McCullough, what's the biggest thing you've done in the media?" I say it's this right here. Daystar. Daystar. The Christian Network has reached...

0:57:40.0 DM: My words alone have reached... And they've brought on a lot of our heroes on Daystar. Marcus and Joni Lamb have reached 1.7 billion people... Billion with a B. When I go on Laura Ingram, that's 2 million. Laura Ingram's 2 million. Joe Rogan is maybe 10 million... 1.7 billion people.

0:58:00.7 DM: The message is out there. They know I was recently on with Ben Marble. Ben Marble is a modern American hero. He founded MyFreeDoctor.com. A free service... Trying to help people get medications to get through COVID-19. Each and every one of you get out there and get out front. You have to do it. You have to do it. We came... We have 500 doctors taking care of the country. We need 500 Doctors on TV. This is getting serious. This is getting serious.

His Baylor hospital contract was canceled in Jan 2021

0:58:29.9 DM: We are being hunted. On July 28th, my former health system who effectively stopped my... Terminated my contract after perfect service. A perfect grant track record, perfect practice statistics, perfect program administration... And I had had higher positions in other health systems. In the end of January did not renew my contract and violated all due process and gave no explanation for it. At the end of January, the only thing that I had done is treated COVID-19 patients and lead some efforts in early treatment.

0:59:02.8 DM: I made not a single statement about the vaccines. Now, five days after a very public court case in central Texas, the Carol case, where a family took Baylor Scott & White to court for poor care in the ICU. And Baylor prevailed in that case and the patient was dead within two days. Four days after that case, and the same day, Baylor announced its vaccine mandate, they put a lawsuit against me saying that I violated terms of my separation agreement. That I was associating with them in the media.

0:59:42.1 DM: Okay, now, by doing this, Baylor is associating with me in the media. Obviously, if you Google Baylor and Dr. McCullough, all the top hits are the lawsuit. But my wife and I are the biggest donors of the physicians to the foundation. I was a student at Baylor when I was at Southwestern in 1986 before any of those people were even there. There is an endowed scholarship at Baylor University in my name. I'm the most published person at Baylor University Medical Center since John Fordtran in GI.

1:00:13.6 DM: And these profiles... I have 800,000 profiles on the internet. If you search me I have 16 million hits. This idea that they can do this... And what's this? This is September 16th. And who's this woman? Alicia? The temporary restraining order, which says, I'm restrained to my contract, which I've always have been. That's not new news. This has been... Somebody is behind the scenes provoking something.

1:00:38.4 DM: And this is provoked not to necessarily injure me. I think this is a message to the media. This is a message to media that this guy is damaged. This guy is tainted, don't have him come on the news. Somebody is funding this writer because there's no news from the courts. There's no news... No judgement. There's no hearing. There hasn't been any discovery. This is just what we call basically slander or defamation.

Australia: More vaccine deaths than COVID-19 deaths

1:01:05.6 DM: So Alicia gets to join a broad class of future defendants in my defamation case... If we don't act now, what people say is we are gonna be like Australia. Australia has very little COVID. On most days, they have more vaccines deaths than COVID deaths. There's something wrong going on in Australia, big time. And South Africa's next in line. Europe is next in line. It's a very disturbing place right now. We get these distress calls... Probably half my emails are from Australia.

1:01:37.2 DM: I've been there a bunch of times. It's a wonderful place. Melbourne's like San Diego. I have absolutely no problems with it. It's very American-like. But something is going on in Australia, and they're at the point where they are at a breaking point. They have restricted their freedoms... It can't be about COVID at this stage. What's going on about... In Australia it's not about COVID. It's about some type of mental contagion. It's about some type of psychosis, some type of neurosis, some type of totalitarian takeover that's occurred all over the world.

Sept 2021 book: COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are The Prey

1:02:07.6 DM: Something very dark is going on. And a lot of it is in this book COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We are The Prey Sept 2021. It previously highlighted here. Peter Breggin, and Ginger Breggin. I was honored to write one of the introductions on this. What's going on in the world actually is not really about COVID.

1:02:25.0 DM: COVID is a platform, an event that's been planned, it's been organized. The vaccines were planned and organized in some way to effect some type of very, very large change occurring worldwide. But whatever is going on, the principles are lock step. And what I mean by lock step is that everybody is in lock step.

1:02:46.8 DM: Meaning there's some guy on his knees in the Philippines, if he doesn't take the vaccine, he's not gonna get his government check. And some kid is gonna be on their knees in LA because he can't go to school if he doesn't take the vaccine. This same type of coercion and reprisal is going on worldwide. I've done some things in Clubhouse where people beam in from the rainforest of South America, and it's in their minds.

1:03:09.9 DM: And I say, "Are you on Twitter?" "No." "Do you know who Bill Gates is?" "No." "Do you know what GAVI is?" "No." It's in the minds of people. This cannot be about money. It cannot... It cannot be of a Pfizer. It's not... It can't be about... It can't be about... Bill Gates. It's not. It's something very, very big going on in the world. And in many ways, in a kind of a perverse way it's a very exciting time to be alive. All of us are charged. I can feel the charge in the room. Something is going on.

1:03:41.0 DM: This book has a thousand references. This book gives you the material transfer agreement between Moderna and the Chinese for the spike protein before COVID-19 was a problem.

1:03:53.2 DM: Okay. This was planned. This book has the Johns Hopkins Symposium, they had planned the pandemic in 2017. They planned how they were gonna get the score board up on CNN of deaths, what have you. I'm telling you right now what's going on. We feel like we're fighting a virus. And we are fighting a virus. And we are trying to help people, but we're on a small plane. There's something going on on a very big plane.

1:04:14.4 DM: So to finish and conclude COVID-19 is a global disaster. Its pathophysiology is complex. It's not amenable to a single drug. No drug is necessary nor sufficient. Don't die on the hill for hydroxychloroquine, or Ivermectin. There's a million different ways to treat this virus, and we have to be creative. The pre-hospital phase is the time for therapeutic opportunity. Hospitalization and late treatment is... Forms an inadequate safety net, unacceptably high mortality.

1:04:39.5 DM: Patients going in the hospital, get a step down in care, not a step-up in care. We gotta keep them home. Early ambulatory therapy with sequence multi-drug therapy is supported by a multiple sources of evidence. Very positive benefit to risk relationship, reduces the risk of hospitalization and death, more safely temporizes our ability to close the pandemic.

1:05:00.8 DM: Lots of people help out. Naturopathic doctors have had a huge impact. They've stepped up way bigger than the allopathic doctors.

1:05:06.5 DM: There's opportunities for creativity all over. COVID-19 genetic vaccines have an unacceptable safety profile and they're not sufficiently effective to advocate in clinical practice. Censorship and reprisal are working to crush our freedoms of speech, scientific discourse and medical progress. And now is the time. Now is our time. Thank you.

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