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Google can translate the first 9 pages of any PDF (= limit as of Oct 2010)
Google will roughly translate the PDF or web pages into more than 90 languages (April 2015)


  1. It is hard to read the translated result when a 2 column format is used in the PDF (as is typical) -
    Google translate does not properly word wrap = overlapped columns
    It might be possilbe to find a PDF editing program which would convert 2 column to 1 column
  2. No graphics - text only

To get a Google translation, you just:

  1. Copy the URL of the PDF into your clipboard
    right-click on the name of the file - such as the wiki page says CLICK HERE for PDF
  2. To go http://translate.google.com/#en|en|
  3. Paste the URL of the PDF into the Google entry field (left side)
    by Pressing cntrl-V (or selecting Edit, then "Paste" in your Browser)
  4. Select the target language
  5. Click the TRANSLATE button

To translate more than the first 9 pages you would have to have use one of the free PDF editors on-line or on your computer and make separate files

e.g. File pages1-9, File pages10-18, FIle pages 19-27 etc.
OR - use one of the many free converters to change the PDF file into say MS word, and have Google translate all of the converted file.

Note by Henry Lahore, Admin of VitaminDWiki
I would like to extract all of the PDF's for translation, but it takes 30-90 minutes for each
As of 2015 there are 10+ PDFs per day, and I do not have the time to extract them


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