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FDA raises the amount of vitamin D2 fortification in bread – Aug 2012

Update - it does NOT get into bloodstream

Vitamin D2 from bread yeast is 4 times less bioaccessible than D2 in milk – April 2016

Clipped from BakingBusiness.com

Under the ruling, bakers may use the yeast at levels not to exceed 400 international units (I.U.) of vitamin D per 100 grams in the finished foods, up from 90 I.U. previously.

FDA also recognized as GRAS Food Maximum levels/100 gram

  • Breakfast cereal 350 I.U.
  • Grain products and pasta 90 I.U.
  • Milk 42 I.U.
  • Milk products 89 I.U.

Additionally, vitamin D has been affirmed as GRAS in a wide range of additional products, including infant formula, margarine, calcium-fortified fruit juices, meal replacement and other types of bars and cheese substitutes.

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