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Dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, pet birds, etc need Vitamin D

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Animals need Vitamin D too

Pets as well

Farm Vets are paid when their "patients" are healthy,
   vs doctors who are paid only when "patients" become sick

_Cows are routinely given 30 IU per kilogram (which would be 10,000 IU for a 150 lb person)
Same information is available on Cattle need 66 IU of vitamin D per pound
The US RDA of vitamin D for cows is 13 IU per kilogram (which would be 4,300 IU for a 150 lb 'cow')
Virtually all US farmers who raise livestock use feed which is supplemented with vitamin D
Merick Vet Manual supplement if not have UV or sunlight

Be Aware

Be aware - Vets often give vitamin D recommendations as IU per pound of FEED, not per pound of BODY WEIGHT
Be aware - No consensus as to which animals can get Vitamin D thru their fur/feathers
Be aware - Many vets are concerned about dogs getting too much Vitamin D.
But recall that many doctors had also been concerned about humans getting > 2,000 IU of vitamin D

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