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COVID-19 deaths would not have been even noticed 150 years ago

Many people with poor immune systems have died of infectious diseases
   bacteria: Tuberculosis, Typhoid Fever, . . .
   viruses: Smallpox, HIV, Hepatitius, Spanish Flu, winter flu, Asian Flu, Hong Kong Flu . . . .
   both: pneumonia . . .


2.4 million deaths COVID-19 out of a population of 7.6 billion in the world

TB chart from Progress with TB or a Return to the Dark Ages?

By the way: TB appears to be both prevented and treated by Vitamin D


I just finished reading a detective thriller placed in in the UK (1859)
Prince Albert was saved from assignation
   only to die of Typhoid Fever 2 years later.
There were perhaps 20 infectious disease deaths mentioned in the book
The Darwin Affair

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