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Anti-oxidants and Long-Covid (Mg, Glutamate, Butyrate, etc) – Sept 2022

Anti-oxidants and Long Covid – Sept 2022

Patrick Chambers, MD preprint
Department of Pathology, Torrance Memorial Medical Center, Torrance, California Email: pwc at gte.net
Open Access Library Journal, 9: ****. https://dx.doi.org/10.4236/***.2022.*****

Long Covid has many symptoms that overlap with

  • ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis)/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome),
  • FM (fibromyalgia),
  • EBV (Epstein-Barr virus),
  • CMV (cytomegalovirus),
  • CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome),
  • MCAS(mast cell activation syndrome),
  • POTS(postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome), and
  • post viral fatigue syndrome.

They all portend a “long haul” with an antioxidant shortfall and elevated Ca:Mg. Oxidative stress is the root cause. Linkage between TGF (transforming growth factor)-, IFN(interferon)-y, the RAS(renin angiotensin system), and the KKS(kallikrein kinin system) is discussed. Technical explanations for the renin aldosterone paradox in POTS, the betrayal of TGF- β, and the commonality of markers for the Warburg effect are offered. The etiology of the common Long Covid symptoms of post exertional malaise, fatigue, and brain fog as well as anosmia, hair loss, and GI symptoms is technically discussed. Ca:Mg is critical to the glutamate/GABA(gamma amino butyric acid) balance. The role of GABA and butyrates from the “good” intestinal bacteria in the gut brain axis and its correlation with chronic fatigue diseases are explored. The crosstalk between the ENS(enteric nervous system) and the ANS(autonomic nervous system) and the role of the vagus in both are emphasized. HRV(heart rate variability), the fifth vital sign, points to an expanded gut-brain-heart/lung axis. A suggested approach to all of these - Long Covid, chronic fatigue diseases, post viral fatigue syndrome, and general health - is presented.
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Long Covid and ME/CFS, FM, EBV, CMV, POTS, MCAS, CIRS, and post viral fatigue syndrome are linked by antioxidant deficiency, elevated TGF-β, and the Warburg effect. “Friendly” butyrate producing intestinal bacteria are in short supply. Butyrates rectify the glutamate-GABA imbalance. These two neurotransmitters determine autonomic tone via the vagus nerve, which reflects general health through the fifth vital sign, HRV. Perhaps the gut-brain axis should be expanded to include two other vital organs under vagal control - the gut-brain-heart/lung axis.
The slowly increasing Ca:Mg in the Western diet incriminates Magnesium deficiency as a central player in the pathogenesis of most chronic fatigue diseases. With age there is a steady progression from parasympathetic to sympathetic tone, from GABAergic to glutamatergic predominance, and from a balanced Ca:Mg to a calcium predominant one, at least on a Western diet.
Improving Ca:Mg starts with knowing what it is. A comprehensive chem panel including serum calcium and Magnesium in an otherwise healthy individual without renal disease or medication should provide this information (104). Addressing excess dietary calcium (Ca:Mg>2.6) first and then increasing Magnesium intake might minimize any laxative effect. But for some, changing religion is easier than adjusting diet.

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