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TB in Wikipedia from a vitamin D perspective – Aug 2010

Phrases clipped from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tuberculosis

A third of the world's population are thought to be infected with M. tuberculosis, the absolute number of new cases is still increasing

Persons with chronic renal failure who are on hemodialysis also have an increased risk: 10—25 times greater than the general population (both extremely low on vitamin D)

Currently, there are more cases of TB on the planet than at any other time in history (there has been a vitamin D deficiency epidemic of the past 20 years)

estimated 13.7 million people had active TB disease, with 9.3 million new cases and 1.8 million deaths

Smoking more than 20 cigarettes a day also increases the risk of TB by two to four times (smoking reduces vitamin D in the blood)

The prevalence of TB in prisons is much higher than among the general population – in some countries as much as 40 times higher (prisons lack sunshine AND have crowded conditions)

Prior to the introduction of this drug, the only treatment besides sanatoria were surgical interventions (sanatoira only worked when there was no glass to block the UV)
Chart by Wagner and Hollis,  downloaded from Grassroots April 2010 – video expected June

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