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Vitamin D presentations on VitaminDWiki

Some of the vitamin D presentations are available in video on:

Presentations anticipated for VitaminDWiki include:

Presentations already available

Suggested way to browse the presentations

  1. Click on a presentation set (for example: Dubahi March 2012)
  2. Select an interesting title/presenter
  3. Click for more about the presentation: abstract, portrait, sometimes highlighted slides, comments by others
  4. Click on the PDF – to confirm your interest
  5. Optionally click and download the AUDIO
    Listen while scrolling/clicking to the next slide
      You can take notes on the PDF if use free Adobe or free Foxit Readers
    VLC free media player allows you to speedup ([[)/slowdown (]]) the audio
       Note:be sure to skip all of the add-ons during installation

How to browse the audio presentations

  1. Click on a presentation set (for example: Texas workshop)
  2. Select an interesting title/abstract
    Click to see details
    See possible comments by others
    Click on the PDF – see if you are still interested in it
  3. Click and download the MP3 (audio)
    Listen while scrolling/clicking to the next slide
    You might leave a comment about the presentation for others
      You can take notes on the PDF if you use Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader which is smaller and faster
    VLC free media player allows you to speedup ([[)/slowdown (]]) the audio
       Note:Skip all of the add-ons during installation

Very low cost to record

  • Video recording and editing appears to cost about $1600/day
  • Many hand-held digital audio recorders capable of recording >20 hours cost < $100
    Available at Radio Shack, Best Buy, Amazon has over 200 different models
    Must be sure that the digital recorder has a USB output
    It might be possible to use a smart phone, iPad, etc. for audio recording
    Photos of the presenter and any posters (in professional meetings) would be very useful

How to record

  • Try to record without getting reverberation
  • Set it near the sound source: presenter or near a speaker
  • You can leave it recording continuously during all presentations - easy to edit the audio later
  • Make a test recording ahead of time and play it back to check sound levels, sound quality, reverberation, etc.

Benefits to a conference for recording:

  1. Office-mates, bosses, friends, family, . . . can see/hear what a particular person presented
  2. A way to learn about vitamin D without the time/expensive of travel - experiencing 1, 3, 5, or perhaps all of the presentations
  3. A way to advertise the current event, so as to get more future participation
  4. Something concrete to show bosses so as to get travel money for future presentations.

Why presenter would like it to be on the web

  1. Office-mates, bosses, friends, family, . . . a way to see/hear what he/she presented
  2. Something concrete to support funding future projects or presentations
  3. Initiate communication with other people with similar interests (who could not attend the workshop)
  4. Workshop attendees send links of important/interesting presentations to others

The increase in vitamin D information vs time is starting to look like a hockey stick

see wikipage: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=2421

Vitamin D presentations on VitaminDWiki        
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