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Hypothesis – you will get the most vitamin D from sun if you do not tan

Hypothesis – can concurrently:

  1. Maximize the amount of vitamin D
  2. Minimize the risk of skin cancer / melanoma

By the admin of the VitaminDWiki, June 2011


  • Tanning is one way for the skin to reduce the damaging effect of excessive UVB
  • Sun burn is another way that the body uses to stop excessive UVB
    • A sun burned person keeps out of the sun
    • Note: people who have frequently sunburned are 6X more likely to get skin cancer
  • It appears possible to get vitamin D without much tanning
  • The darker the tan, the less vitamin D which is produced by the skin.

Also – at the end of the summer season un-tanned skin will generate much more vitamin D

which will result in significantly higher levels of vitamin D in the fall and winter


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