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Swine need sunshine or 500-2800 IU vitamin D3

Table is from article attached to this page

200 lb swine needs 500 to 2800 IU per day

50 lb swine needs 200 to 1200 IU per day


Nutrient Requirements of Swine: 10th Revised Edition (1998) 

A few quotes clipped from DSM on swine and vitamin D

“Vitamin D becomes a nutritionally important factor in the absence of sufficient sunlight.

“The colors of the skin are important in determining response to irradiation. Irradiation is less effective on dark-pigmented skin. This has been shown to be true for white and black breeds of hogs. White pigs have been shown to resist vitamin D deficiency signs about twice as long as colored pigs; an average of 45 minutes of daily exposure to January sunshine for two weeks was sufficient to cure rickets in white pigs in Minnesota (Cunha, 1977).”

  • This is interesting - humans are told that there is no vitamin D to be obtained from the Minnesota sun in January

“It was generally assumed that for all but a few species, vitamin D2 and vitamin D3 are equally potent. For poultry and other birds and a few of the rarer mammals that have been studied, including some New World monkeys, vitamin D3 is many times more potent than vitamin D2 on a weight basis. Vitamin D3 may be 30 to 40 times more effective than the D2 form for poultry;
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