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UK (NHS) now provides blood taking at home (Vitamin D, panel, etc.) – June 2019

Montor my Health

Order your own test and sample your blood at home
Get results in approximately 2 days
Results can optionally be shared with your doctor
£ 29 Vitamin D
£ 47 Panel: Diabetes, Vitamin D, Cholesterol, Thyroid
Vitamin D Reference ranges (UK)
Deficient - Less than 10 nmol/L
Insufficient - 10 - 35 nmol/L
Adequate - 36 - 60 nmol/L
Optimal - Greater than 60 nmol/L

Needs more blood than a bloodspot test – perhaps 1 teaspoon of blood

See also VtiaminDWiki

Tests for Vitamin D contains the following overview/opinion

  • Fact: Many countries no longer pay for more than 1 (some not pay for even a single Vit D test)
      They feel that Vit D testing is not needed except for a few conditions (Rickets, etc)
  • Fact: Vit D tests are not very accurate
       The best lab tests have accuracies and repeatabilities of +-5 ng
       Many lab tests have accuracies and repeatabilities of +- 10 ng - or worse
  • Fact: Low-cost office/home Vit D tests are available around the world (not US as of 2018)
       Low-cost 35 ng Y/N test by Nanospeed
       Low-cost Vitamin D testers (about 13 dollars in quantity) – Feb 2018 Nanospeed
       Smart-phone $35 test being sold outside of US Immundiagnostik.com still getting information Aug 2019
  • Fact: 3 major Vit D gene problems are not noticed by Vit D tests
       ~ 20% of people have poor Vit D genes
       Hint that Vit D not getting to cells: Vit D related diseases run in your family
       Another hint - you have one of the 40 diseases which are 2X more likely if have poor genes
  • Fact: A Vit D test will rarely (<1 in 1000) indicate that you are getting too much
  • Opinion: If only getting a single test, wait till after supplementing with Vit D
       3 months after starting a maintenance dose or 4 weeks after a loading dose


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