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Opinion: sun better than UV better than vitamin D

Opinion by the founder of VitaminDWiki

Photochemicals are generated by UV light which are not in vitamin D3. - reference = Holick
As of August 2010 we do not know what these photochemicals are or their roles in the body.

There are several diseases, such as MS, which seem to be prevented or treated better by UV and the sun than with vitamin D

The vitamin D level in the blood created by the sun and perhaps UVB seems to last much longer (longer half-life) than when it is created by vitamin D3

The body has a mechanism to deal with excessive vitamin D from UV and the sun - it is called tanning
Most people (Eskimo and Inuit are exceptions) can consume a toxic dose of vitamin D
Fortunately the toxic dose of vitamin D is not reached at 40,000 IU daily in 3+ months or 100,000 daily in a few weeks

It appears that the sun is better than ultraviolet radiation (typically sun tan beds) which is better than vitamin D
It is time consuming, and/or expensive to use the sun or UVB
It is, fortunately, very easy and very very low-cost to take vitamin D and cofactors

Personally I am getting lots of sun AND vitamin D

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Update: Health benefit of Sunlight is more than Vitamin D in the blood - many studies

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Some of my colleagues think D3 supplements are enough, Cannell says
But that supposes we know everything. I suspect that we do not know everything. Natural sunlight has to be the preferred route whenever possible