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Cognitive Decline reduced by Vitamin D

Tuesday February 28, 2012

Summary of the Overview of Cognition and Vitamin D

- FACT: Cognitive decline is associated with low vitamin D levels.
- FACT: Dementia is associated with low vitamin D levels.
- FACT: Alzheimer's Disease is associated with low vitamin D levels.
- FACT: Every single risk factor listed for Alzheimer's Disease is also a risk factor for low vitamin D levels
- FACT: Elderly have very low levels of vitamin D (at least 4 reasons)
- FACT: Elderly cognition gets worse as the elderly vitamin D levels get even lower (while in senior homes)
- OBSERVATION: Elderly who get more vitamin D increase their vitamin D levels
- OBSERVATION: Reports of increased vitamin D levels result in improved cognition
- OBSERVATION: Several studies have shown a strong association of Alzheimer's Disease with a gene mutation which reduces vitamin D effectiveness
- OBSERVATION: Alzheimer's Disease has been seen to halt when vitamin D was added. - clinical trial needed.
- OBSERVATION: Several vitamin D intervention clinical trials are underway to prove the above (double blind)
- FACT: Vitamin D is very low cost and had very very few side effects
- CONCLUSION: Everyone concerned about cognitive decline or Alzheimer's Disease should start taking vitamin D

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