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Almonds with Vitamin D

Friday December 23, 2011

I take almonds with my vitamin D

Almonds have the right type of fats as well as Magnesium to improve the vitamin D bio-availability
There have been several studies about when and with what food you should take with vitamin D

Almonds have the best ratio of monosaturated to polyunsaturated fats of popular nuts
Almonds have a good amount of Magnesium

In the winter I am taking a 50,000 IU capsule of vitamin D with a handful of almonds every 4 days.

It is on my calendar, so I do not have to remember

see wikipage http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=1903
for other fats

WikiPedia Good (more vitamin D into bloodstream)= monosaturated = BLUE

Want minimum saturated and high ratio of monostaturatedd to polysaturated
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Increasing the ratio of mono to poly fats increased Vitamin D levels by 6 ng – RCT Aug 2011