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Vitamin D Conference - Ireland Sept 2017


Schedule as of May 2017

Plenary Session 1: Dietary requirements for vitamin D

The ODIN Individual Participant Data Level analyses of vitamin D dietary requirements for adults, and consideration of adult ethnic minorites
Professor Kevin Cashman, University College Cork, Ireland
Dietary requirements for vitamin D: Children & adolescents
Professor Susan Lanham-New, University of Surrey, UK – to be confirmed
Dietary requirements for vitamin D: Pregnancy and infancy
Professor Mairead Kiely, University College Cork, Ireland
Dietary requirements for vitamin D: Consideration of sun and ethnic minorities
Professor Ann Webb, University of Manchester, UK
Short oral communication x 2 (promoted from submitted abstracts)

Plenary Session 2 (including special workshop): Evidence-base for food strategies and novel food solutions for tackling inadequacy of vitamin D intake and status

Chaired by Professor Susan Whiting and Dr Jette Jakobsen
The case for vitamin D food fortification as an approach to tackle low vitamin D intakes, including regulatory aspects
Dr Mona Calvo, USA
Vitamin D food fortification: the Finnish experience as an exemplar for Europe
Professor Christel Lamberg-Allardt, University of Helsinki, Finland
An overview of the evidence from food-based dietary intervention studies, including data from the ODIN food RCT in vulnerable adults
Dr Rikke Andersen & Ida Grønborg, Danish Technical University, Denmark
Short oral communication x 1 (promoted from submitted abstracts)

Co-jointly ODIN/EnhanceD organised Workshop on Novel Food-Based Approaches for Addressing Vitamin D Inadequacy

Chairs: Professor Manfred Eggersdorfer (DSM Nutritional Products) and Other to be confirmed

Biofortified eggs Dr Aoife Hayes, University College Cork, Ireland
Biofortified beef and pork Professor John O’Doherty, University College Dublin, Ireland
Consumer acceptability of biofortified meat and eggs Dr Maurice O’Sullivan, University College Cork, Ireland
Vitamin D-enriched dairy foods Dr Ellen van den Heuvel, FrieslandCampina, The Netherlands
Vitamin D-enriched cereals to be confirmed
UV-treatment of foods as a vitamin D enrichment approach Professor Kevin Cashman, University College Cork, Ireland
Dietary modelling of vitamin D & the importance of quality food composition data Ms Sandrine Pigat, Crème Global Nutrition, Ireland

6th September

Invited keynote presentation
Professor Paul Lips, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Plenary Session 3: Adult health

Chaired by Professor Rolf Jorde and Professor Christopher Sempos
Vitamin D and selected non-skeletal health outcomes
Professor Lars Rejnmark, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

Where to go from here with vitamin D and health interventions
Dr Guri Grimnes, Tromsø University, Norway – to be confirmed

Vitamin D on respiratory disease
Professor Adrian Martineau, Queen Mary University of London, UK
Short oral communication x 3 (promoted from submitted abstracts)

Plenary Session 4: Infant and maternal health

Chaired by Professor Mairead Kiely and to be confirmed
Vitamin D and pre-eclampsia
Professor Martin Hewison, University of Birmingham, UK
Update on vitamin D and perinatal outcomes
Professor Zulf Mughal, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital, UK
Update on vitamin D and paediatric bone and physical growth
University of Southampton, UK – speaker to be confirmed

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