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People allergic to Lanolin should not be allergic to vegan Vitamin D

Lanolin gets nod for Allergen of the Year

MDedge March 2021

  • "“From my perspective, this was a timely year to think about lanolin, as there is significant ongoing controversy about whether it is allergenic,” Dr. Jenkins said in an interview. “Numerous companies market lanolin-containing topicals as safe and effective emollients,” she said."
  • "Notably, modern wool textiles do not contain lanolin, and lanolin-allergic patients need not avoid wool, Dr. Belsito added."
  • "Current evidence suggests that the prevalence of contact allergy in the western European population is 0.4%, wrote Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Belsito."

VitaminDwiki - Vitamin D3 for Vegans

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Perhaps 1 in 300 people have allergies to the Vitamin D oil used, colors added,
   and more likely - due to lack of Magnesium or gut problems

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