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Long-distance truck drivers more likely to get COVID-19 (perhaps UVA)- July 2020

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Note that truck drivers:

  • Are older
  • Have various health problems,
    • including diabetes which is associated with increased risk of COVID-19
  • Have 16 year shorter lives
  • Encounter many people
  • Have lower level of vitamin D due to increased UVA to UVB ratio of light coming thru truck window

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Long Distance Truck Drivers and the Increasing Risk of COVID-19 Spread in Uganda

Lancet, July 16, 2020, FREE PDF

A novel COVID-19 based truck driver syndemic? Implications for public health, safety, and vital supply chains

Am J Ind Med May 27, 2020, FREE PDF
U.S. long-haul truck drivers traverse great distances and interact with numerous individuals, rendering them vulnerable to acquiring and transmitting coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Together, the unique co-occurrence of pronounced health disparities and known COVID-19 infection, morbidity, and mortality risks suggest the possibility of a novel COVID-19 based truck driver syndemic due to advanced driver age and endemic health issues. In turn, COVID-19 sequelae may perpetuate existing health disparities. The co-occurrence of afflictions may also result in compromised safety performance. To curb the likelihood of a COVID-19 based truck driver syndemic, several action stepsare needed.

  • First, key COVID-19 metrics need to be established for this population.
  • Second, relationships between long-haul trucker network attributes and COVID-19 spread need to bedelineated.
  • Third, mutually reinforcing interactions between endemic health disparities and COVID-19 vulnerability need to be elucidated.
  • Finally, grounded in the aforementioned steps, policies and interventions need to be identified and implemented.