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Let's bring back Vitamin D

For decades researchers around the world have tried to get governments to increase the vitamin D levels,
         but governments have not responded.

We need your help in getting the world to re-experience the benefits of vitamin D
This collaboration (is.gd/BringBackD)  has the goal of bringing vitamin D levels back around the world in the next decade.

We need to determine:
  Who benefits the most
  Who will be the first adopters
  Which first adopters will be more likely to spread the word?

Who Benefits the most?
Health Maintenance Organizations
Individuals with specific diseases
Individuals lacking health insurance or sick leave.
Organizations of individuals who are at high risk of suffering from low vitamin D
   obese, diabetic, MS, seniors, dark skin, far from equator, pregnant
Insurance companies

First Adopters: Of those who will benefit, who might be the high leverage early adopters?
Managers who are ambitious, (synonyms for translation: want to get-ahead, have serious competition, are desperately seeking a strategic advantage)

We will need to
Have different talents at different phases of the collaboration
Decide on which areas to focus on
Decide on which exact groups within those areas
Prepare presentation to those groups
Comment on the presentation
Need people to endorse the final presentation (researchers, doctors)
Make the presentation in person or video conference (far better than email)
Engage with the manager/group with the further steps as needed
Translate presentations into other languages

                                    Who Benefits the Most?

HMO (there are hundreds of HMOs in the US)

Benefits: Costs reduced
Fewer medical bills with same income
Prospect of more clients when word spreads
Identify HMO which need a strategic advantage 
Focus on quick ROI: surgery, pregnancy
Perhaps small trial in a single facility
Must get wavers from both doctor and patient. 


Benefit: Costs reduced
Improve productivity
Reduce cost of hiring substitutes
Keep critical employees
Reduce cost of employee turnover
Reduce Health Care Costs (after many years)
Identify interested CEO/companies 
Small trial with those at high risk
Can give the vitamin D free
Perhaps include family members


Benefits: Pain reduced
Reduce daily pain
Prevent future diseases
Treat current diseases
Must reduce many barriers
Have them feel benefits in < 2 months
Perhaps work thru high risk organizations


Senior homes
Psychiatric hospitals
TB wards


Bring back = Restore to the levels of our great grandparents - between 40 and 60 ng

Veterans Administration (US) has already found that increasing vitamin D levels decreases costs.

Coast Guard (US) has been an early vitamin D adopter - greatly reduced sick leave.

Hospitals which have fixed reimbursements per procedure should be interested
      (Procedure ==> reimbursement, no matter if there were complications)


See also VitaminDWiki

Short url = is.gd/BringBackD

Let's bring back Vitamin D        
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