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Their email of July 29, 2023

Being targeted by my own government for exercising protected speech, and especially for telling the truth about the mRNA jabs in an attempt to warn the public before their roll-out has not been easy.

From being put on digital hit lists and being defamed (at latest count, 3,400+ times) by the global media, to being de-platformed and de-banked by numerous organizations and institutions, the primary thing that has kept me and my projects going is knowing that the more people like you who are interested in learning and willing to share the truth, the more likely this dark agenda will come to an end.

I am approached by people wherever I go who thank me for my work. I don't think they fully appreciate how much their expressed appreciation, well-wishes and prayers keep me feeling both protected and lionized to continue forward, with even more determination. But I want to thank them (and you) now, because it's true.

And the fruits of our collective labor are now visible everywhere!
For example, of late, there have been an extremely encouraging surge of disclosures from anti-Censorship lawsuits, Congressional hearings, and Big Tech internal file releases, all of which vindicate the work we've done at GreenMedInfo.com and Stand For Health Freedom, showing that a vast Censorship Industrial Complex lied to the public, and as a result of their calculated actions or inactions many people were deprived of informed consent, and died as a result.

The latest disclosure concerns work I did to answer the question so many have been asking: namely, who is funding the Censorship Industrial Complex? From RFK Jr. to Elon Musk, from journalists like Matt Taibbi and Paul Thacker, to senators like Senator Josh Hawley, their question has been: who is funding the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH)? The fake grassroots (astroturfing) organization who wielded immensely suppressive power over the constitutionally-protected speech of all US citizens, puppeteering our Congressmen, State Attorneys General, our president, and a dozen or more of our government agencies. __
Next, is the breaking release of 'smoking gun documents' confirming Facebook bowed to the White House censorship demands, including targeting the "disinformation dozen" and even censoring humorous memes if they believed they would contribute to 'vaccine hesitancy.' This reminds us of what the Twitter files showed: Big Tech platforms even censored true stories of vaccine harms and injuries, knowingly

We also had the Wall Street Journal release this powerfully vindicating opinion piece titled, "Covid Censorship Proved to Be Deadly: Government and Social Media Colluded to Stifle Dissenters Disinfo Dozen Who Turned Out To Be Right." Once described as "killers," this is quite a turn around, isn't it?

This sudden narrative shift from the mainstream media indicates, as RFK Jr.'s unprecedented favorability and popular support signals (see graphic below), that the powers that be must recognize where the majority stands -- pro-health freedom, pro-informed consent, pro-parental rights — in order to stay relevant, and in failing that, the legacy media will extinguish itself, becoming both morally and financially bankrupt. |

 July 2023 survey

All this good news said, I need to be perfectly candid with you. After 4 years of non-stop attacks and suppression, we're struggling to keep GreenMedInfo.com afloat.

Our Rebuild GreenMedInfo campaign launched a month ago is only 30% towards meeting its goal of raising the required funds to keep our website strong enough to withstand all the challenges we face, as well as preparing us for another 15 years of tireless service, on a platform that has answered 250,000,000 health inquiries for free, and without advertisements.

We're also a 100% reader-supported platform, which means we don't have advertisers, or behind the scenes private funders with their own agendas, like virtually all other news and especially health media outlets that are controlled by the pharmaceutical establishment.

If you believe that natural medicine and your access to it should be preserved, along with your constitutional and medical rights to control your health destiny, please join us in this crowd-funding effort.

There are 5 easy ways to make a huge difference:


On their website July 29, 2023

We’ve experienced tremendous attention. We have more studies, articles and members than ever before but we also have lost over 2 million social media followers, and faced multiple, costly deplatformming events.
Our best estimate is that we have lost over $800,000 in revenue due to censorship.

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