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Ebola, Vitamin D, and Calcium – Sept 22, 2014

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Ebola fever - High mortality rates a matter of skin color?

In infections with Ebola or Marburg viruses black people have a significantly higher risk of death than white. The possible reasons could have implications for therapy.

The Marburg virus has killed 23 percent of patients in 1967 during his first appearance in Europe (7 of 31). At that time, a staggering figure.

The same virus has killed 1999/2000 among mine workers in Darfur in eastern Congo 83 percent (123/149) of patients and also 2004/2005 in Uige (Angola), it was 83 percent (324/388).

Apparently, the Marburg virus, like Ebola distinguishes between coloreds and whites. It is worthwhile to investigate possible reasons.

These viruses are "pantrop", which means they can basically infect all cells. Decisive is the infection of the vascular endothelial cells as well as monocytes and macrophages.

The endothelial cells are either directly by the virus or indirectly released from the macrophage tumor necrosis factor TNF and H 2 O 2 destroyed.

The destruction or retraction of endothelial cells makes the vessel walls especially the capillaries permeable, there is bleeding and then the organism reacts as any injury to the coagulation system.

It leads to the formation and intravascular thrombi or clots probably extravasculärer. The result is a consumption coagulopathy, wherein the platelets and coagulation factors I, V, VIII and fibrinogen are consumed.

High calcium consumption

The thrombi do not cause a permanent problem because of the onset of fibrinolysis soon.

But calcium in its ionized form is consumed in large quantities for blood clotting; Moreover, it is bound amplified, can be detected with histochemical stains calcium deposits in tissues.

The organism can compensate for calcium losses by increased absorption from the small intestine or if necessary by mobilization from the bone.

In the hemorrhagic fevers but much calcium is apparently consumed within a short period of time that the loss can not be compensated for quickly enough.

Approximately 750 mg of ionized calcium are in the plasma and in the extracellular fluid. If a large part of it consumed and not supplemented, then suffer major organ functions.

Finally, a "point of no return" is reached, it is irreversible multiple organ failure.

Vitamin D promotes the maturation of immune cells

To record calcium from the small intestine, is vitamin D3, actually a hormone needed. A precursor of this vitamin, 7-dehydrocholesterol is consumed in the diet and must be 290 to 320 nm are activated by UV light of wavelength in the skin.

Vitamin D is needed not only for calcium intake, it also promotes the maturation of immune cells and prevents rickets and osteomalacia.

The activation of the precursors of vitamin D through sunlight is dose-dependent, that is, the intensity and duration of sunlight but also clothing and sun protection creams have an influence on the result.

The most effective sun protection offers the melanin in the skin and so much more colored can tolerate sun than whites because they have more melanin.

Melanin but also reduces the production of vitamin D3 in the skin and therefore need Black with the same intensity Besonnungs- a 5 to 10-fold higher sun exposure in order to achieve the same effect as whites.

As paradoxical as it may sound, African people have in the rainy season, especially if they wear western clothes and hats, a lack of sunlight and thus a latent deficiency of vitamin D.

Healthy adults can live undisturbed with this deficiency and the resulting Hypocalzämie. For children, pregnant women and in case of illness this deficiency can be a problem.

In the latent deficiency with vitamin D and calcium the reason could be given why people with darker skin color compared to whites have less chance of survival if they become ill at Marburg or Ebola fever.

Supplementation of calcium and vitamin D3?

The sample for this hypothesis would be easy to make. You could use the patient as early as possible while they still can ingest liquid, give effervescent tablets with calcium and vitamin D3.

Tablets with

  • 300 mg of magnesium,
  • 600 mg calcium,
  • 10 micrograms vitamin D3 and
  • 75 micrograms of vitamin K2

are inexpensive available on the market. It could be the patient directly after the diagnosis because of the increased need to give the double dose (two tablets).

There are also other viral diseases in which there is sufficient beyond a critical phase of the disease to help the patient away to save your life.

The fact that even today in the case of filovirus infection twice the mortality of colored people to three times as high as that of whites, and that you do not even know the reason for this is hard to tolerate.

Comment by VitaminDWiki

Far too little of vitamin D to strengthen the immune system
Lacks loading dose needed to restore vitamin D levels in days - instead of months.

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Ebola, Vitamin D, and Calcium – Sept 22, 2014        
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