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The FDA Wants to Interfere in the Practice of Medicine - WSJ Jan 12, 2023

Wall Street Journal

  • "A little-noticed provision of the omnibus spending bill could give the agency power to ban off-label use of approved therapies."
  • "Secreted within the 2023 omnibus appropriations bill—4,155 pages, spending $1.7 trillion—is a 19-line section that could change the way medicine is practiced."

The information is also covered in a substack by merylnass

  • "The law that allowed for the use of off-label licensed drugs like HCQ and IVM appears to have been neutered. Also gone is the prohibition for using EUA products outside an emergency, discussed in a previous substack and confirmed by Sanjoy Mahajan’s identifying the FDA notice dated Jan. 31 that confirms it."

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