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Hypothesis: Low vitamin D is responsible for many recent increases in health problems

Want to show that how many of the increased health problems are related to vitamin D deficiency

The following is a first cut at a summary

Health problem % increase
in recent decade
Autism800 %
ADHD300 %
Food allergies260 %
Diabetes40 %
Obesity30 %
Multiple Sclerosis
Parkinson's Disease
Cancer - Melanoma80 %
Cancers - child melanoma24 %
Cancers- child brain10 %
Cancer - Breast50 %
C-Section40 %
ALS Deaths60 %
Vitamin D < 10ng Adult130 %
Vitamin D < 10ng Black270 %

Perhaps I should augment the table with the strength of the association of vitamin D with each disease.
Strengths of A, B, C: (with different than typical definitions)
   A (RCT have proven that vitamin D supplementation decreases the disease - prevent and/or treat)
   B (Many studies have found that adding vitamin D decreases the disease)
   C (Many studies have found that the disease is associated with low levels of vitamin D)

Some increases associated with elderly (Alz, Park, etc) must be adjusted for % of the population at that age

There are lots of theories as to what is causing each of the problems
- such as: pollution, injections, GMO, sugar, calories, pesticides, poorer nutrition, smoking, being indoors playing video games,

Need to avoid contracting "The Panacea Paradox".
Almost universally, people are convinced that if something is too good to be true, then it should not be believed and is treated as false. So, when we encounter a situation in nature like vitamin D, people tune out when the claims become too numerous. Even as an increasing body of evidence points to a small number of highly prevalent deficiencies being required for the expression of many of our most common disorders, this universal disbelief kicks in... invalidating the science rather than embracing it. It is because people feel safer and more protected when they are more skeptical than open-minded.

It might be possible to side step the Panacea Paradox by
Vitamin D has influences many body processes like hormones do.
or - Vitamin D is similar to hormones in acting on many body processes.
(Most people are very aware of the power of hormones) perhaps provide a link to Sunshine Superhormone - Overview 2010

But, all of the health problems in the table are assocated with low levels of vitamin D.
And, sometimes the relationship has been proven, that is, increasing vitamin D decreases the health problem (prevention and/or treatment)
See Proof that Vitamin D Works

Diabetes 40% per decade

see wikipage: http://www.vitamindwiki.com/tiki-index.php?page_id=339

ADHD 300 % per decade


Breast Cancer 50% per decade

Breast cancer incidence 3X increase.gif

Melanoma 80 % per decade

from PDF and video available at http://www.grassrootshealth.net/
also http://arizonaadvancedmedicine.com/articles/melanoma.html

Autism 800% per decade

0.5% in 2003, 4% in 2013
updated from http://autisminnb.blogspot.com/2011/01/autism-speaks-cdc-autism-prevalence.html

Obesity 30% per decade

Obesity WikiPedia.gif

Childhood Cancer Melanoma 24%, Brain 10% per decade


Hospitalizations for Food Allergy 260% per decade


C-Section 40% per decade


ALS deaths 60% per decade


Vitamin D Deficiency < 10 ng Black 270%, Adult 130%

esp dark skin Ginde

Decline in Vitamin D


Trying to make an analogy with Global Tobacco ==> Lung Cancer 100% per decade


Short url = is.gd/d_increases

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