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Vitamin D helps pets too

Tuesday May 29, 2012

People are finding the Vitamin D really helps their pets

Especially those pets at high risk of being vitamin D deficient - similar to list of humans at high risk

  • Seniors
  • Stay out of the sun
  • Do not eat organ meats or lots of fish
  • Overweight

Vitamin D for Pets items added in April and May 2012

Overview Veterinary and vitamin D

has details on vitamin D needs for animals and pets such as Reptiles, Turtles, birds, etc.


  1. Vets and the US govt consider that Vitamin D2 should not be given to any primate (we are a primate, right?)
  2. Vets give 3X as much vitamin D per pound than the US govt says is needed for animials (or humans)
    But, vets are paid to keep their customers healthy, thus they ignore recommendations which might decrease their income
    Doctors on the other hand . . . .

Vitamin D IS a rat poison Nov 2010 in VERY HIGH doses

Lethal dose which will kill half of the rats (LD-50) = 17 mg/kg of rat = 680,000 IU per kg
Thus for a 100 kg rat (weight of an human adult) the LD-50 would be 68,000,000 IU = lethal