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Zika tests for all Jamaican pregnancies - June 2016

All pregnant women to be tested for Zika virus June 6

  • 1,519 cases of “suspected Zika fever” as of May 29
  • 653 possible Zika: Kingston and St. Andrew
  • 620 possible Zika in St Catherine


  1. A zika test only is useful if done within a week or so after a bite
    Report does not indicate how many Zika tests there will be during each Jamacan pregnancy
    9 tests if done only monthly for entire pregnancy (all Zika birth defects)
    3+ tests if done only during first trimester (microcephaly)
  2. So much for the Jamacan tourist trade for this season
    "The tourism industry earns over 50 % of the country's total foreign exchange earnings and provides about 25% of all jobs in Jamaica."
  3. Jamaca is very close to Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Florida


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