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Worse COVID-19 if very low vitamin D – Jan 29, 2021

Vitamin D deficiency is associated with COVID-19 positivity and the severity of the disease

J Med Virol . 2021 Jan 29. doi: 10.1002/jmv.26832
Mustafa Demir 1, Fadime Demir 2, Hatice Aygun 3

Objective: The present study examined the relationship between PCR test positivity and clinical outcomes of vitamin D levels measured within the six months before the PCR test in COVID-19 positive patients.

Materials and methods: In this retrospective cohort study,COVID-19(227) and non-COVID-19 patients(260) were divided into four groups according to their vitamin D levels:

  • Group I (0-10 ng/ml),
  • Group II (10-20 ng/ml),
  • Group III (20-30 ng/ml),and
  • Group IV(Vitamin D >30ng/ml) .

Laboratory test results and the radiological findings were evaluated. In addition, for comparative purposes, medical records of 1200 patients who had hospital visit in 1 November 2019-1 November 2020 period for complaints due to reasons not related to COVID-19 were investigated for the availability of vitamin D measurements. This search yielded 260 patients with tested vitamin D levels.

Results: Vitamin D levels were below 30 ng/ml in 94.27% of 227 COVID-19 positive patients [average age:46.32±1.24 years (range:20-80 years) and 56.54% women] while 93.07% of 260 non-COVID-19 patients [average age:44.63±1.30 years (range:18-75years) and 59.50% women] had vitamin D levels below 30 ng/ml.
Nevertheless, very severe vitamin D deficiency (<10 ng/ml) was considerably

  • more common in COVID-19 patients (44%) [average age:44.15±1.89 years (range:23-80 years) and 57.57% women]
  • than in non-COVID-19 ones (31%) [average age:46.50±2.21 years (range:20-75) and 62.5% women].

Among COVID-19 positive patients, the group with vitamin D levels of >30 ng/ml had significantly lower D-dimer and CRP levels, number of affected lung segments and shorter hospital stays. No difference was found among the groups in terms of age and gender distribution.

Conclusion: Elevated vitamin D levels could decrease COVID-19 PCR positivity, D-dimer and CRP levels and the number of affected lung segments in COVID-19 positive patients, thereby shortening duration of hospital stays and alleviating the intensity of COVID-19.

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