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Vitamin D trials, studies, and meta-analysis - Dec 2010

On Dec 5, 2010

Searched PubMed with "Vitamin D" in title/abstract and found

141 Meta-Analysis = overview of many Random Controlled Trials

4784 Reviews

998 Random Controlled Trials

1668 Clinical Trials

38 Practice Guidelines

More PubMed articles every year with vitamin D in title or abstract

year ending 2010 - 2429; ending 2009 - 1783; ending 2008 - 1541

whereas, "vitamin A" was mentioned only 2389 times in the past 5 years

Searched US Clinical Trials database for Vitamin D

720 clinical trials

421 clinical trials updated since Jan 1, 2010


CLICK HERE to see just how much vitamin D is being considered in recent Clinical Trials

Clinical trials previously typically used doses of less than 2000 IU - which does not give much benefit

Searched WHO International Clinical Trials Database for Vitamin D

1247 clinical trials (includes US

239 clinical trials with interventions (typically supplementing with vitamin D3)

Clinical Trials for Vitamin D - Jan 2011

CLICK HERE for some Meta-analysis on VitaminDWiki

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