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Vitamin D deficiency and disease described with 3 simple graphs

Vitamin D in a nutshell

Vitamin D deceased over the past 40 years => more disease

Less vitamin D from sun
Less vitamin D from food
Less vitamin D
in the body
More Disease*

*allergies, asthma, some cancers, cognitive decline, diabetes, falls,
  hypertension, MS, obesity, pregnancy problems, rickets CLICK HERE for details
(Actually, there are 14 reasons that decreased vitamin D in the past 40 years)

Many ways to increase vitamin D: cost for 5,000 IU daily

  1. Increase vitamin D from sun - assuming your time is worth $10/hour
    $5.00 (30 minutes) if light skin, young, middle latitudes, short sleeve shirt, lying down, summer, no sunscreen
  2. Increase vitamin D from food
    Fortified Milk 50 glasses
    Wild Salmon ?? ounces
  3. Increase vitamin D from Supplements
    $0.18 = 3 cents for vitamin D + 15 cents for cofactors
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