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UK survey of vitamin D knowledge of midwives - 2011

Measuring and Improving Vitamin D Promotion and Prescribing to Prenatal and Postnatal Women within the North West portion of the UK)

Summary by VitaminDWiki:

While 40% of midwives and health visitors felt confident about providing vitamin D information, their knowledge was very limited

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Notes for translation - #6

Only half knew that Oily fish, dairy and eggs provide vitamin D
Few knew that mushrooms, fortified foods, formula milk provide vitamin D


Notes for translation - #8

only 50% were aware that dark skins could results in lower vitamin D levels
only 30% were aware that short time between pregnancies would reduce vitamin D levels
only 25% were aware that obesity decreased vitamin D levels

Notes for translation - #12

42% of Health visitors were confident about their knowledge of vitamin D
28% of midwives were confident about their knowledge of vitamin D

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