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Increase magnification

press and hold Ctrl and + keys to make everything larger
you can do it multiple times

Reduce magnification

press and hold Ctrl and - keys to zoom everything smaller
you can do it multiple times

Return magnification back to normal

press and hold Ctrl and 0 keys

Increase print size

(browsers typically print the standard, not zoomed size)
FireFox: File/Page Setup/ Scale Size
Internet Exp: Print Preview
Google Chrome: no change needed, monitor size = print size

Decrease browser clutter

Press the F11 key, then return to normal view by any of 3 methods

  1. Press the F11 key again
  2. Press the ESC key in upper left of the keyboard
  3. Move cursor (mouse pointer) to extreme upper right corner of the screen

For just TikiWiki pages

- such as Vitamin D Wiki

Can hide the left column

Click on the <> icon in the top left of this window
Click again to return to normal view (unhide)

iPad Tips

Low-vision help - beyond the use of the computer


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