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Proposed vitamin D Australia UL 3200 IU- 2007

June 2007 meeting

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Proposed Vitamin D Australia - table 2007

Confirmed 2011

Australia Doctor, April 2011
For those with no or minimal exposure to sunlight, Australian recommendations set an
adequate intake (AI) of 5µg a day for adults aged 19-50, (200 IU)
rising to 10µg a day for 51-70-year-olds and (400 IU)
15µg a day for those over 70. (600 IU)

An upper level (UL) has been set at 80µg a day. (3200 IU)
The higher levels for older people are because the efficiency of production via the skin declines with age.

The AI for adults (19-50 years) for Australia was based on the amount of vitamin D required to maintain serum vitamin D at a level of at least 27.5nmol/L with minimal exposure to sunlight. Exposure to sunlight would be expected to increase levels.
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