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Peroxynitrite – possible cause of increases in many health problems – Jan 2018

The Root Cause in the dramatic rise of Chronic Disease – draft Jan 2018

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NOTE to Readers: I am seeking one or two scientists to take the following research and paper forward. There are really two papers here. One is a paper that strengthens the scientific connection between peroxynitrite and at least forty fast-growing chronic diseases. The second paper is a translation of the science that can be offered to the American people, who remain unaware of the root cause of the dramatic increase of chronic disease and conditions in the US. More than 170 million Americans are currently suffering from diseases and conditions that can be vastly improved or even reversed by reducing levels of peroxynitrite through moderate changes in lifestyle, the immediate environment and diet plus nonprescription supplementation. While scientists recognize the pivotal role of peroxynitrite in disease, few policy makers and physicians are aware of the opportunity they have to heal a nation suffering from chronic diseases. The annual cost of just forty fast-growing diseases is more than $2.5 trillion. With increased awareness and action this cost to society can be reduced to a fraction by simply implementing the knowledge we already have.

Richard Lear, richardlear at alumni.brown.edu

Growth of Chronic Disease

There has been unprecedented growth in a new class of chronic diseases in the US since 1990. Four categories of disease have virtually exploded: autoimmune, neurological, metabolic and inflammatory. Meanwhile, there has been a similar uptick in reproductive conditions like infertility and a half dozen psychiatric disorders.
While the major health threats of the 20th century: cardiovascular disease, infectious disease and cancer, are barely growing, at least forty chronic diseases and disorders have more than doubled in the past generation. Many of these new age diseases weren’t even on our radar until the 1980’s.
In a single generation, there has been a dramatic acceleration* in the prevalence of diseases and disorders like

  • autism (2,094%),
  • Alzheimer’s (299%),
  • COPD (148%),
  • diabetes (305%),
  • sleep apnea (430%),
  • celiac disease (1,111%),
  • ADHD (819%),
  • asthma (142%),
  • depression (280%),
  • bipolar disease in youth (10,833%),
  • osteoarthritis (449%),
  • lupus (787%),
  • inflammatory bowel disease (IBD — 120%),
  • chronic fatigue syndrome (11,027%),
  • fibromyalgia (7727%),
  • multiple sclerosis (117%) and
  • hypothyroidism (702%).

The values for these increases were derived from scientific literature; that they are over- precise is a given. These generational increases in prevalence are offered to convey a clearer picture of the spectacular increase in chronic disease

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Observations by VitaminDWiki on Peroxynitrite and Vitamin D

1) Many of these diseases are also treated/prevented by Vitamin D
2) Strong interaction between Vitamin D and Peroxynitrite
3) Nitric Oxide production from the sun/UV results in peroxynitrite
The relationships appear to be


Peroxynitrite VDW 9996
Incidence of 22 health problems related to vitamin D have doubled in a decade

Increases in 25 years

(a few columns from a PDF table)

Huge increases in some diseases: peroxynitrite, Vitamin D, toxins, or what?

Disease or disorder% in 25 yearsX in 25 yearsAvg
10 years
Avg 10 year
ADHD 819% 9 X 3.7X 3.3 X
Alzheimer’s disease 299% 4 X 1.6 X1.5 X
Autism 2094% 21 X 8.4 X 3.5 X
Bipolar disease in youth 10833% 120 X 4.3 X 4.4 X
Celiac disease 11 X 4.4 X 1X
Chronic fatigue syndrome 11,027 % 111 X 44 X
Depression 280% 4 X1.5 X
Diabetes 305% 4 X 1.5 X 1.6 X
Fibromyalgia 7727% 78 X 31 X
Hypothyroidism 702% 8 X 3.2 X
Lupus 787%9X 3.5 X
Osteoarthritis 449% 5 X 2 X
Sleep apnea 430% 5 X 2 X 2 X

  • “These are the so-called diseases of civilization. None are associated with an identifiable pathogen. Root causes remain elusive.

Since genetics of humans have remained substantially unchanged over time, most believe these diseases are linked to our diet, lifestyle and/or

  • “The following five biofactors, which are all triggered by peroxynitrite emerge as common constituents of what may ultimately serve to define the chronic disease state (see Table 1):
    • Oxidative Stress (OS)
    • Nitrative stress (NS)
    • Chronic Inflammatory State (CI)
    • Mitochondrial Dysfunction (MD)
    • Autonomic Dysfunction (AD)

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