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Normalize vitamin D safely within 1-2 weeks – June 2014

A Clinical Protocol Demonstrating Rapid, Safe, and Effective Treatment of Vitamin D Deficiency, A Potential Role in Oncology Alongside Conventional Treatment

Integr Cancer Ther Sept 2014 vol. 13 no. 5 411-416 (originally June 2014)
Ira Cantor, MD, Steiner Medical and Therapeutic Center, 1220 Valley Forge Road, #35/36, Phoenixville, PA 19460, isc at steinermed.com

VitaminDWiki Summary

Liquid vitamin D loading dose for Cancer patients
Followed by 4,000 IU daily
Blood levels measured at week 1 and week 2

Initial vitamin D level 1 day, divided
into 3 doses
< 15 ng 300,000 IU
15-50 ng 150,000

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Both deficient and insufficient generally got above 40 nanograms

Rise of about 1 nanogram per 10,000 IU loading dose
e.g. 300,000 IU raised blood level by 30 nanograms
Vitamin D status has importance in the prevention and treatment of many malignancies. Patients with breast, colon, and lung malignancies with higher vitamin D status at the onset of treatment have an improved prognosis compared with those patients with a lower vitamin D status. Methods to improve vitamin D status are often unreliable and take time, often months, to be successful. A method that improves and normalizes the vitamin D status safely, quickly (within 1-2 weeks), and reliably is described herein. The use of this method will allow testing of the hypothesis that improving the vitamin D status of patients with various malignancies before treatment is initiated will improve their outcome.

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