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Many problems with Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine – Nov 9, 2020

Claims a 90% success rate in placebo controlled trial, based on 164 people getting COVID-19
This apparently means that of those getting injected who got infected

  • 16 (10% of 164) of the infected people had gotten the vaccine
  • 145 (90% of 164) of the infected people had gotten the placebo


  1. Vaccine requires 2nd shot 3 weeks after the first
  2. Trial only considered people who got symptoms and then tested positive for COVID-19
    • A vaccinated person could perhaps be more likely to have asymptomatic infection and spread to other people
  3. Do Not know if vaccine reduces COVID-19 severity or death
  4. Vaccine must be stored at extremely cold temperatures (-94 degrees)
  5. Many of the people excluded by the trial had conditions associated with low vitamin D
    • expect that the results can be different when the vaccines are injected into people with low vitamin D levels
  6. People getting vaccination might have more serious infections than people getting placebo
  7. No indication how many of the COVId-19 strains it protects against
    • Example: Vaccination might provide protection against strains A, B, C but much less protction against D, E, or F


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