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International Conference on Vitamin D Deficiency – 8th Abu Dhabi – April 2019

Schedule for April 12 2019

“The World’s largest conference on Vitamin D”

  1. Vitamin D and Adolescents’ Health
  2. Low Protein Diet and Vitamin D Supplements in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients
  3. Vitamin D and Liver Diseases: Update and Overview
  4. New Insights into the Role of Vitamin D in the Immune System
  5. Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets in Children: Not a Disease from the Past
  6. Difficult Diagnoses in Rickets
  7. Vitamin D Deficiency in Riyadh: A Decade of an Epidemic (2008-2018)
  8. Fortification with 600 I.U. or 800 I.U. Vitamin D.
       What is more promising Strategy to Reduce Vitamin D Deficiency?
  9. Vitamin D Activation by Magnesium and their Function In Human Health
  10. Vitamin D and Lungs Health - What's the link?
  11. Vitamin D in ICU Setting
  12. Post Test and Activity Evaluation Time

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