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Hip fractures worse if very low on vitamin D – Mar 2011

Hypovitaminosis D as a risk factor of hip fracture severity.

Osteoporos Int. 2011 Mar 11.
Larrosa M, Gomez A, Casado E, Moreno M, Vázquez I, Orellana C, Berlanga E, Ramon J, Gratacos J.
Rheumatology Department, University Institute Parc Taulí (UAB), Parc Tauli s/n, 08208, Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain, mlarrosa at tauli.cat.

In a cross-sectional study including 324 patients older than 65 years admitted to our hospital for osteoporotic hip fracture, we found that those patients with a more severe vitamin D deficiency had more severe osteoporotic hip fractures (Garden grades III-IV and Kyle III-IV).

INTRODUCTION: To identify possible differences in baseline characteristics of patients with different types of osteoporotic hip fracture.

METHODS: Cross-sectional study including consecutive individuals over 65 admitted to our hospital for osteoporotic hip fracture over a year. Demographic data, fracture type, comorbidities, history of osteoporosis, functional capacity, nutritional status and vitamin D storage were evaluated.

RESULTS: We included 324 patients (83?±?7 years, 80% women). Two hundred sixteen patients (67%) had vitamin D deficiency (25OHD3 <25 ng/ml). In patients with severe femoral neck or intertrochanteric fractures (Garden III-IV and Kyle III-IV), vitamin D deficiency was more frequent (74%) and severe (25OHD3 20?±?15 ng/ml) than in patients with less severe fractures (57%, 25OHD3 26?±?21 ng/ml). Forty-three percent of patients had previous fractures. Only 15% of patients had been previously diagnosed with osteoporosis and 10% were receiving treatment. Patients receiving vitamin D supplements have higher 20OHD3 levels and less severe fractures.

CONCLUSIONS: Although vitamin D levels are not different between patients with intracapsular or extracapsular hip fractures, a more severe vitamin D deficiency seems to be associated to more severe osteoporotic hip fractures. A prior vitamin D supplementation could avoid a higher severity of these fractures.

PMID: 21394494
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Hip fractures worse if very low on vitamin D – Mar 2011        
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