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Gates funding Vitamin D studies during pregnancy to improve growth– Dec 2012

Update - study did not find a benefit when starting at 17th week

A Grand Challenge: Can Vitamin D Improve Growth During Pregnancy?

Gates Foundation ==> Impatientoptimists


Daniel Roth and colleagues at the Hospital for Sick Kids in Canada will test the role of Vitamin D in improving growth during pregnancy.
We’ve known for a long time that Vitamin D is important for bone growth, but we know surprisingly little about its role in fetal growth.

Parathyroid-Vitamin D Axis Dysregulation in Early-Onset Infant Stunting in Resource-Poor Primary

Investigator: Daniel Roth, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - CA

Challenge: Discover New Ways to Achieve Healthy Birth, Growth, and Development
Daniel Roth of the Hospital for Sick Kids in Canada and colleagues will test whether endocrine factors cause stunting in early infancy.
They will analyze parathyroid hyperactivity in a cohort of infants from Bangladesh, where stunting is estimated to affect almost half of all children under the age of 5. To uncover the mechanisms responsible for this hyperactivity, they will conduct a vitamin D supplementation trial and analyze maternal, cord, and infant plasma specimens for evidence of dysregulation of the parathyroid-vitamin D axis. Their goal is to understand the cause of widespread vitamin D deficiency in the region, which is under-appreciated, and its linkage to early growth retardation.

45% of children in Bangladesh are stunted – due to malnutrition and low levels of vitamin D

See also VitaminDwiki

IU Cumulative Benefit Blood level CofactorsCalcium $*/year
400 Less Rickets (but not zero with 400 IU)
3X less adolescent Schizophrenia
Fewer child seizures
20-30 ng/ml Not needed No effect $3
2000 2X More likely to get pregnant naturally/IVF
2X Fewer dental problems with pregnancy
8X less diabetes
4X fewer C-sections (>37 ng)
4X less preeclampsia (40 ng vs 10 ng)
5X less child asthma
2X fewer language problems age 5
42 ng/ml Desirable < 750 mg $15
4000 2X fewer pregnancy complications
2X fewer pre-term births
49 ng/ml Must have
< 750 mg $75
6000 Probable: larger benefits for above items
Perhaps prevent 2nd autistic child
   clinical trials underway
Just enough D for breastfed infant
Must have
< 750 mg $85

Image Image

  • How often should I take 50000 IU (1.25 mg) of vitamin D
    take a tablet once a month (on average) during pregnancy for a retail cost of less than 1 cent per day
    infant/child can take the tablet (which would be 1/2 the dose that the infants in Finland got)
    see below - fortification would dramatically reduce the cost of vitamin D

Hope that this study will consider vitamin D intervention, and fortification

  • Clinical Trials for Infant Growth with vitamin D INTERVENTION 79 as of Nov 2014
  • Probably can fortify foods with vitamin D: such as spices, cooking oil (mustard oil, ground nut oil), ghee (clarfied butter), etc.
    The cost such Vitamin D fortification appears to be 12 cents per person per YEAR (parents and children would all be fortified)

Overview Fortification of Vitamin D

Comment left at the Gates website by VitaminDWiki
Vitamin D has been proven to provide excellent benefits to health of both child and mother.
You can now buy vitamin D in tablets which just cost 1 cent a day which will reduce stunted growth.
There are, for example, 59 clinical trials listed for infant growth after vitamin D INTERVENTION.
Vitamin D fortification of food such as spices would reduce the cost per day to under 1/10 cent

About $100 more income during woking life for every $1 spent on nutrition to prevent stunting

focus on age 0-2 years, no mention of vitamin D
Every dollar spent on childhood nutrition can save up to $166 Nov 2014

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