Toggle Health Problems and D

Far more lobbyists will OPPOSE Vitamin D than PROMOTE Vitamin D

"Lobbying' (also 'lobby') is a form of advocacy with the intention of influencing decisions made by the government by individuals or more usually by lobby groups; it includes all attempts to influence legislators and officials, whether by other legislators, constituents, or organized groups."

Stand to LOSE if Vitamin D is used
Doctors, medical professionalslose jobs
Hospitals fewer customers, less growth
Drug companiesfewer sales
Govt health agencies lose jobs, reduced size,
reduced funding
Medical schoolsreduction in size
Health groups
(like woman against breast cancer)
reduction in size
Stand to GAIN in vitamin D is used
People healthier, fewer taxes
Employers lower cost insurance,
increased productivity

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  • Top spending US lobbying groups
    3rd: American Medical Assn
    5th: American Hospital Assn
    6th: Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America
    7th Blue Cross/Shield
       12th Exxon Mobil