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Calcium intake of 500 mg is typically enough – Jan 2014

Calcium supplements: do they help or harm?.

Menopause. 21(1):106-108, January 2014, Clinical Corner: NAMS Practice Pearl, AN: 00042192-201401000-00018.
Manson, JoAnn E. MD, DrPH, NCMP; Bassuk, Shari S. ScD

Current recommendations for calcium intake call for 1,000 mg per day for women ages 19-50 and 1,200 mg per day for women over age 50 to ensure bone health. Given recent concerns that calcium supplements may raise risk for cardiovascular disease and kidney stones, women should aim to meet this recommendation primarily by eating a calcium-rich diet and taking calcium supplements only if needed to reach the RDA goal (often only ~500 mg per day in supplements is required).

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