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COVID vaccines may occasionaly cause functional neurologic disorders - April 2021

COVID vaccine ‘side effect’ or functional neurologic disorder? MDedge

  • "The development of unusual movements after COVID-19 vaccination may be a result of functional neurologic disorder rather than being a direct adverse effect of the vaccine, it has been suggested. Writing in an article published online in JAMA Neurology on April 9, 2021, two neurologists and a psychiatrist report the recent circulation of videos on social media about major neurologic adverse events, including continuous movements of the trunk and limbs or walking difficulties after administration of the COVID-19 vaccine. Some of these videos have been viewed millions of times by the public, they noted."

FND Symptoms are sometimes just due to low vitamin D or vitamin B-12 1  2

Functional Neurological Disorder rare disease Database

FND Action.org has the following word cloud

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Outcome Measures for Functional Neurological Disorder: A Review of the Theoretical Complexities Dec 2019

Vaccines and functional neurological disorder: A complex story, say experts Mass General Hospital, April 9, 2021

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