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CDC v-safe vaccination data is finally on-line - Oct 5, 2022

  • The CDC created v-safe, a smartphone-based program, to collect health assessments after Covid-19 vaccination.
  • Approximately 10 million people signed-up and submitted health reports after Covid-19 vaccination.
  • To make this data public, ICAN activated its legal team. After suing the CDC twice, the CDC capitulated in a court order requiring release of the data. ICAN has taken the CDC’s official raw data and created a visual dashboard interface for ease of use. This custom-generated dashboard will allow users to graphically view the 144+ million lines of health data


V-Safe Database Confirms COVID Jab Hazards Mercola. Oct 18, 2022

Story at-a-glance

  • V-Safe, a database managed and monitored by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, is a voluntary “after vaccination health checker” deployed to collect data on those who got the COVID jab. For the past 15 months, the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) have fought a legal battle to get the CDC to release the V-Safe data
  • The V-Safe data confirms suspicions that the COVID jabs are dangerous in the extreme
  • Of the 10 million people enrolled in V-Safe, 7.7% (770,000 people) required medical care after getting the shot and 25% (2.5 million people) missed work or school or suffered a serious side effect that affected their day-to-day life
  • The V-Safe data also shows a massive immune reaction signal. Four million people — 40% — reported joint pain. Two million, or 20%, reported “moderate” joint pain and 400,000, 4%, classified the pain as “severe”
  • The formula the CDC uses to trigger a safety signal is seriously flawed, as the more dangerous a vaccine is, the less likely it is that a safety signal will be triggered. Still, even using that flawed formula, “death” meets all three safety signal criteria and should have been flagged, yet the CDC has taken no action. Congress has a duty to investigate the CDC’s failure to monitor safety


This means that even using the CDCs own erroneous ... formula, all three criteria were satisfied:
1. PRR>2 [PRR greater than 2]: It was 3.32
2. Chi-square>2 [Chi-square greater than 2]: It was 18,549
3. 3 or more reports (of death): There were over 31,214 death reports received by VAERS ... which is more than 3

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