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Brainstorm ways to support vitamin D

Met with Carole Baggerly - of Grassrootshealth Oct 2010
It appears that money would help them convey the benefits of vitamin D
Also, Vitamin D Council's future at risk — please help

Example: Doctors are very reluctant to have to pay for Continuing Medical Education (CME)
60% of CME is now paid for by commercial interests - reference White Coats, Black Hats Amazon - excellent book
Would be nice to be able to educate medical professionals about vitamin D without having to charge them.

So, trying to think of organizations that might underwrite Vitamin D CME – if not now, perhaps near future

  • not Big Pharma,
  • not a vitamin supplement company (other vitamin companies were getting a free ride)
  • perhaps one of the vitamin supplement trade groups such as The Council for Responsible Nutrition
  • perhaps a disease group – breast cancer, MS . . . for which there is extremely strong documentation of the benefits of vitamin D
    • Vitamin D is the #1 supplement taken by people with MS
    • some people in these disease groups are very wealthy angels
  • perhaps an at-risk group – seniors (AARP), blacks, ….also, some of whom have very wealthy angels

Suspect that large funding would only result after a wealthy angel sees the results for themselves.

Along those lines, I have been putting together information on blacks

a packet of information for Oprah (the wealthiest woman in the US)

3 immediate members of Oprah’s family died due to what I suspect was a lack of vitamin D – in blacks.
That information at this point is still on my computer, and not on this wiki
Oprah Magazine has a nice 2 page summary of vitamin D
Dr. Oz, the doctor for the Oprah show, has said several times that everyone needs to have blood level of at least 50ng Video Dec 2009 and AARP April 2010

There is a similar, but not as strong a case for the Obama's

" only" one member of the family died due to lack of vitamin D MS

The Obama's manage to have an annual winter trip to Hawaii - with lots of vitamin D and sun.
Mr Obama, until his election, regularly played basketball out-doors - getting a lot of vitamin D

The Surgeon General of the US, Dr. Regina M. Benjamin, is a black woman who is overweight

Have not yet looked into her family health record

Surgeon General oversees the operations of the 6,500-member Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service
Appears to be working closely with M Obama on Childhood Overweight and Obesity Prevention Initiative

If you have ideas, please register and comment on this web page or e-mail me: hlahore at gmail.com


Christian Churches

Who has the worldwide mission to help people?
Who has little monetary gain from healing (no disclosures)?
Who has large auditoriums widely available?
Who has large memberships?
Who has worldwide media publications regularly?
What group/s have many written sources from their leadership to heal mankind?

One answer… Christian Churches.

Christian churches are rooted in “grassroots” and “local”, while being instructed to heal from God.
Vitamin D education heals the sick among them, it is a low cost message and churches represent a TREMENDOUS worldwide network.
Start with the leadership of: United Church of Christ (US), United Church of Canada (Canada), The Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, The Evangelical church hierarchy
Throw a stone in that pool and the ripples will be felt around the globe.
Might produce a 30-40 minute educational video that could run instead of a sermom, that the priest or minister could lead his congregation into and you have mobilized a vast population. You want the information to go “viral” and there are ways to do that.
The sun is simply one of God’s local mirrors, shining blessings down upon us daily.

Teens and 20's

Some of the near-term benefits they might relate to which might be supported by research (not prioritized order)
- Less weight gain for about 30% of women
- Far fewer flues/colds in the winter
- More fertile
- Healthful glow ==> be more attractive (recall how much women spend on make-up)
- - - Is it possible to have a "healthy glow" from vitamin D without an "unhealthy tan" from UV?
- Less likely to break bones when involved in impact sports (football, skiing, hockey,
- Less likely to get stress fractures
- - - something like 30% of women recruits now get stress fractures
- Excel in school sports
- - UV/vitamin D has been used by Olympics contestants since 1935
- Fewer allergies
- Not feel as guilty about being indoors and addicted to video games if take vitamin S
- Here is a stretch - get better grades
- - - There are many studies of vitamin D and cognition in the elderly, but unaware of any studies of vitamin D and cognition for youths)

Brainstorm ways to support vitamin D        
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