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Appendicitis probably not associated with low vitamin D

A person was speculating that appendicitis might be caused by vitamin D deficiency June 2012

The phrase "appendicitis season" was used in a Jan 1914 Newspaper - but the article did not state when the season was.

Reasons that appendicitis is probably not due to vitamin D deficiency

  1. while vitamin D was decreasing appendicitis was also decreasing
  2. peaks in summer, not spring
    But, perhaps the appendicitis started as a result of:
    Spring ==> low vitamin D ==> Excess Calcium ==> Block appendix

Pain of appendicitis, like other pains might be relieved with vitamin D

No data, just speculation based on analogies

Air Pollution May Raise Appendicitis RiskNY Times July 2013

For each 16 parts per billion increase in ozone concentration the scientists found an 11 to 22 percent increase in ruptured appendix cases.
The short term reduction of vitamin D due to the pollution is probably not the cause of the ruptured appendix.
But the lower vitamin D could be a risk factor in the long term
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