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A few people can order their own blood test – Dec 2011

Clipped from: Now several blood testing facilities allow you to order your own blood test

Insurance generally pays only for lab tests that are ordered by a physician, so direct-access programs tend to be self-pay.

With some health plans, self-referral can be cheaper than going through a doctor because facility fees aren't charged.

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They let you order 17 types of blood tests – including vitamin D
Very few patients do so: 1,700 of the 7 million lab tests at one location – an increase of 25% from 2010 to 2011
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This nicely eliminates one of the barriers to trying vitamin D – getting to the doctor and then often need to convince him that you need a vitamin D test.

Alternately, you can order a vitamin D test on-line and have it done at a lab or done at home – and you mail in a dried sample of blood

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