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It takes more than just Vitamin D to build bones

Monday March 26, 2012

Calcium (alone) does not reduce risk of bone fracture: CLICK HERE for details

There are many studies which have found that just adding vitamin D does not always build bones

One study specifically showed that co-factors are required

While vitamin D is needed to build bones, also required are the following co-factors:

  1. Calcium: 500 mg daily
  2. Magnesium: 500 mg daily
  3. Vitamin K2: 5-10 mg daily
  4. Boron: 5-10 mg daily
  5. Silicon: 2 mg daily
  6. Strontium: 10 - 100 mg daily - confusion

CLICK HERE for details about the low-cost co-factors

The co-factors cost as little as 30 cents per day - in solid and liquid form

The Vitamin D, which is stored in the body, can be taken daily, weekly, and perhaps monthly

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The co-factors appear to be needed daily. There are hints that less frequent is OK

Two common errors when taking > 3000 IU of vitamin D daily (average)

  1. Too much Calcium can be deposited in the Kidneys (stones), Arteries, etc.
    should have a maximum of 500 mg Calcium element from all sources
    Vitamin D makes Calcium much more bio-available - perhaps 3X more
  2. Take too little Magnesium
    Need about a 1 to 1 balance between Calcium and Magnesium
    The old rule of thumb of 2 to 1 balance was based on bodies lacking vitamin D
    Must balance co-factors page has the following graph
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Even the US made the mistake on not considering the interactions between Calcium and Vitamin D see following graph
released Nov 30, 2010

Co-factors also aid

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