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Majority of those living in the ozone hole lack vitamin D

Thursday March 15, 2012

Australia and New Zealand adopted the Slip-Slop-Slap campaign about 30 years ago.

They have been “protecting” themselves with sun screen at all times of the day, not just the middle of the day.
As a result, they have gotten very little vitamin D from the sun.

In Dec 2011 Australia reported 73% of population had less than 30 nanograms of vitamin D based on a study made in 2000

In March 2012 New Zealand reported 32% of population had less than 20 nanograms of vitamin D based on a study made in 2009

Based on many studies from many other countries around the world we can expect that in 2012

80% of Australia and New Zealand will have < 30 nanograms of vitamin D

Even higher percentage (probably >90%) of certain groups will be vitamin D deficient:

Australia has not changed their recommendations since 2008 - still have 200 IU daily

New Zealand has made a small step in the right direction with 1,600 IU daily (50,000 IU monthly)

However: UVB (vitamin D) has not increased, though UVA did increase

UVB still does not get thru
Would have been nice to have had a sunscreen which blocked just UVA,
Unfortunately, most suncreens block both UVA and UVB
Some sunscreens block UVB more than UVA - the exact opposite of what is wanted
Sunscreen wanted

Sunscreen in some pills may block UVA but not UVB - which would be GREAT!!

These pills might provide more of the wanted spectrum (UVB) instead of the actual sunscreen spectrum (UVA)

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Perspective: The Middle East has even less Vitamin D

Many people in the Middle East now have less than 10 nanograms

They managed to become deficient without applying sunscreen cream

  • Dark skin (natural sunscreen)
  • concealing clothes (wearable sunscreen)
  • very hot sun
  • air conditioning, etc.