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Costs of vitamin D tests are dropping

Wednesday March 7, 2012

Up until now the lowest cost for a commercial vitamin D test through a lab or the mail was about $50.

In March 2012 a British company started selling internationally an at-home vitamin D test for $46 (30 pounds).

They have been providing vitamin D testing since the middle of 2011.
As of March 2012 the company only accepts telephone orders.
Note that the British consider a test result of just 20 ng to be adequate.
Many others consider 30 to be adequate and 40 or 50 to be optimal
That same reference shows differences around the world in the recommended amounts of vitamin D to take.

Vitamin D testing is predicted to increase at 30% per year for the next several years with the price dropping to $20

CLICK HERE for a free non-quantitative vitamin D deficiency test.
The free test will correctly tell you (96% of the time) that you are deficient – which appears to be somewhere between 10 and 20 nanograms of vitamin D

Vitamin D testing is only needed to confirm that you are getting enough vitamin D (from sun/uv/supplements).
The amount of vitamin D from sun/uv/supplements varies almost 4 to 1 between similar individuals (same age, weight, skin color, etc).
It is extremely rare to have too much vitamin D, so testing is not used to check for toxicity.

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