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Diabetes Rising

Book by Dan Hurley – a medical reporter who has Type I diabetes Jan 2010
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Forward by the Editor of the Journal of Diabetes. Following notes by Henry Lahore March 2010
Part two of his book explores possible reasons that Diabetes is occurring more often in recent decades.
(The increase can be due to more than a single cause)
Hypothesis: weight gain
Hypothesis: cow’s milk
Hypothesis: persistent organic pollutants
Hypothesis: Too little sunshine
Hypothesis: Too clean

Most of these notes are from the chapter “The Sunshine Hypothesis” which spans pages 145 to 159.

Excellent history of how the Garland brothers first started learning about sunshine and health back in their 20’s.
They have been collaborators on that topic for the next 35 years
By 1989 the Garland brothers tested 25,260 people for vitamin D.
The people with the lowest levels have five times the risk of developing colon cancer.
Cedric Garland pointed out that there is a sixfold difference in incidence of type I diabetes between the Northern and Southern states.

12,055 women who gave birth in Finland in 1966 were surveyed about how much vitamin D they gave to their children.
The subsequent 30 year olds who had gotten no vitamin D were 8X more likely to have gotten type I diabetes.
Those 30 year olds who had gotten 2000 IU were 5X less likely to have gotten diabetes than those who had gotten less vitamin D. This was published in Lancet 2001

There is currently no drug on the market which has ever been shown to reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes over a 20 year period. Let alone reduce the risk of type I.

Drop in vitamin D levels: 30 ng/ml around 1990 to 24 ng/ml around year 2000

The author, Dan Hurley writes on page 155
“I have two excellent, personal reasons for violently rejecting the sunshine hypothesis.
First, I am a survivor of the most lethal type of skin cancer, melanoma.
Second, my previous book, Natural Causes, was about the lack of proven benefits, and evidence of multiple health risks, associated with all kinds of dietary supplements and vitamins”.

On the next page he quotes from his previous book, Natural Causes,
“Almost drowned out amid the white noise of unsubstantiated claims comes, sotto voice, the case for vitamin D,
which may just be the only vitamin that the average American needs more of.”

Another quote from keynote lecture at the American Association for Cancer Research 2005 meeting.
“I would challenge anyone to find an area or nutrient or any factor that has such anti-cancer benefits as vitamin D”.

Vitamin D can even help if you have just been diagnosed with diabetes.
Quote from Cedric Garland
“Many children and adults have a honeymoon period immediately after their diagnosis, where they still have beat cells and don’t need to take much insulin”.

The author has a detailed set of references in the appendix.

Clippings about the book from the web are also on this site

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